Sumptuous Sundays: Vyne Tapas Bar and Restaurant, BGC

When I am craving for artsy, fusion food and out-of-this world fare, I go to W Global Building in The Fort High Street and go all the way up to the roof deck for Vyne by Chef Rob Pengson and Jerome Orpiano.

PRICE RANGE: Tapas starts at P190.00; Soup starts at P190.00; Salad starts at P290.00; Main Course starts at P390.00; Dessert starts at P230.00; Tonic and Alcohol prices are available upon request

Vyne is popularly known as a Tapas Bar and drinking lounge, but they've got a lovely and tasty selection of main courses too.

Vyne is a go-to place for anyone and any group who's looking to unwind and revel in good food and drinks. It has an al fresco area that offers a breathtaking view of BGC's skyline where friends and individuals can sit down and have great real- life conversations like pondering on the real meaning of life LOL-I mean look at the place--it just calls for that!

Drool over Vyne's dishes when you click READ MORE!

East Asian Salad

- A salad that has a true- blue Asian flavor, thanks to Kimchi! It's a bit spicy and more than opening up your palate (which is the job of Salad), it enhances your appetite as well. My Gastroenteritis don't allow me to enjoy spicy dishes, but my BF enjoyed it so much 'cuz he loves Salad and Kimchi.

Truffle Chicharon

- Succulent, juicy deep fried Pork skin strips laced with Truffle Oil and caramelized with Honey-ah, this is the most beautiful way to die. Kidding! This dish is the reason why I can't go to Vyne often (even if I want to!) because I will not stop ordering this thing-I can eat it nonstop lol! It's super good and definitely a must- try!

Ramen Carbonara

- This out-of-this world combination seems like caused by a kitchen disaster, but it was a disaster that had to happen because if it didn't, no one will ever find out that Ramen and Carbonara make great music together. This carbonara reminds me of soup-y Japanese Spaghetti dishes and Vyne's version is creamy-tangy goodness!

Pan Fried Sole with Pine Nut Risotto

- The only rice dish in Vyne. I ordered it because I remembered it tasted really good, but it wasn't at its best that night: Sole fillet tasted 'bleh' and the Risotto, even if it was perfectly creamy and fresh, lacked in seasoning. Minus 2 points for consistency. :/

Vyne Burger

- This Burger made it up to us after that not-so-savory experience with the Pan Fried Sole plate. This Vyne best- seller and signature dish is a tasty mess! I love the artsy way of serving Ketchup and Mustard, and glad that they were mindful enough of their customer's cholesterol levels by serving the right portion of Bacon and Foie Gras. :p

Lemon Cheesecake Citrus and Basil

- Your good ol' cheesecake has gotten a bit more playful and...savory! Vyne's deviant cheesecake is more savory-citrusy than sweet-citrusy and despite that, it unexpectedly performs as dessert and doesn't enhance all that 'umay' from our previous meals. It's an 'acquired taste' kind of dish to me and it can be bad or/and good, depending on the person. As for me, I don't know-I have to eat it again to give my final verdict. :p I appreciate the reinvention though!

Despite my Cheesecake and Pan Fried Sole experience, I still give Vyne a thumbs up for coming up with these whimsical, daring recipes that are still edible-I've tried fusion food in other restaurants before and they all sucked, and this is what makes Vyne one of my go- to restaurants in BGC! I'm thinking of treating myself to Truffle Chicharon this week haha! :D

Must- Try in Vyne:

1. Truffle Chicharon
2. Vyne Burger
3. Ramen Carbonara
4. Thai Scallops (We didn't order that, but I tried it during Nuffnang Philippines' Country Manager's Dinner and it was awesome! It's Vyne's best- seller too!)

Vyne is located in 8/F W Global Bldg. 9th Ave. Cor. 30th St., Bonifacio Global City. Give them a call at +63917-553-0197 or (02) 808-9430.

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10 Lovely Thoughts

  1. I thinks hubs will enjoy that kind of salad (honestly it was my first tume to hear salad with kimchi on it) but for sure we will love that chicharon (beer please!) And i wont let pass that ramen carbonara for i love those two! My fave ramen was from ryoma which is seafood ramen (it was their best seller!) And i love carbonara (better than spagetti) so i think i will love that combo (though it isnt a seafood ramen hihi)

  2. Waahhh truffle chicharon!!! I can eat that in 1 minute LOL :D

  3. Wow! I'm speechless! I want to try them all! I just want to eat right now. :)

  4. I am inlove with the vibe and ambience of the place.
    This is perfect for a night out with friends. I am planning to meet my highschool friends and this would be perfect!!

    I like how honest you are about the foods. No wonder why you are my fave! You are so honest in your reviews whether it's a makeup or resto review.

    I wanna try the ramen carbonara though cause i am a fan of pasta.
    The Vyne burger looks delish.

    Thanks for the food review:)

  5. Unfortunately, it's kinda hard for us to reach BGC. So when we go there, there must be something really important to be done, dahil sobrang effort talagang puntahan. SInce my bf and I are foodies like you and your boyfriend Ms. Martha, I think I would go the extra mile just to try this resto. The truffle chicharon looks pretty fantastic. I'm drooling over it right now. Haha. And the view is superb. Nakakarelax

  6. That Truffle Chicharon looks very yummy !!! Nakakagutom :)

  7. After reading your description, Vyne reminds me of another bar restaurant in Gramercy Residences.
    Except that they don't specialize in tapa, but the skyline view and the ambience of the place is almost the same. And no this is not 71Gramercy. Hehe!

    Vyne looks more relaxing though and I heard one of their chefs also work for another restaurant in BGC. I'm no fan of tapa their specialty maybe because I haven't tried it or just cause di talaga ako mahilig sa tapa but I was hoping to taste their food there one time for a corporate event of Creative media - that's how I found out about this restaurant and was looking for reviews when I came across your blog, Martha! I didn't get the chance to attend that event though due to prior commitment but definitely I will try Vyne this month esp sa BGC lang naman sya and lagi lang naman ako sa BGC 😂😄🍷

  8. In the last two years, I've probably been to BGC three times. If not for Liz's event last Saturday, it would've been down to two. :)) That's why I got so surprised at all the new developments that I honestly got a little lost "touring" the place post-event.

    I had to idea this resto existed, but it looks chic and quirky at the same time. Even the food pushes the envelope with its fusion concept.

  9. Hindi lang sa beauty and product post magaling, even in food and restaurants! A big round of applause for you Martha. You're the kind of blogger who can blog with almost all the topics under the sun and you did it so well! :)

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