OOTD: Easy

Obviously, this soft, loose high- waisted shorts from Kamiseta is my flavor of the month and obviously, I'm into casual outfits lately. It's summer, what can I say?

This is what I wore to yesterday's Girl Stuff event-I'll be blogging about that soon. For now, click READ MORE for more details on these pieces!

TOP: Pink Manila
ACCESSORIES: Given as gift

BOTTOM: Kamiseta

Nothing can be more summer- ready than this breezy top from Pink Manila-it has a built- in air- conditioning at the back LOL.

BAG: Prada

Holy Week is here. What are you up to this week?

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9 Lovely Thoughts

  1. Hi Ms M.. is this the bottom you used together with the white top you wear on ms liz meet and greet last time =) i thought it would be hard to find a match for a red/maroon shorts and the only safe color you could match is just the plain white i was so wrong =) you gave me another fashion-ready idea of mixing plains =) i love this one =) (sexy back!)

  2. You're wearing something blue and red recently. :) And it's pretty. Anyway, we're planning to visit our relativs in Bicol this coming holy week. Also, we'll visit the church there. Swimming in the beach after! So excited to read your girl stuff event post. I super love their nail polishes. I also bought for my nieces kasi nainggit sila sa nails ko. Buti na lang meron sila nung washable. :)

  3. love your Ootd! you so pretty. thanks for giving me an idea on what to wear. love all your OOTD! :)

  4. I love your top with built in air conditioning haha
    I normally don't wear blue and red combine pero bagay din naman pala.
    I love that the color of your sandals matches the color of your bag!

  5. What a pretty outfit and I just love tops like that. I have an open back top I just love and with the weather it is a nice thing to wear.

    Jackie | fashionxfairytale | bloglovin' |

  6. love the color combination! I don't think I can wear red shorts as it's hard to find a matching shirt - my fashion choices is boring like that, but you worked it with your blue top. :)

  7. Rhain and Anne_22: The color combination was an accident too. I was just throwing some pieces together on my bed and the blue top, I accidentally placed on top of the red shorts and it struck me: Wow! These two colors actually look great together, hence the outfit. :)

    Jackie: Agree. :)

    Josie: Yes! These air-con tops are really awesome-I'd love to have more. :)

    Abegaill: Awesome! Hope you enjoyed your vacation. :)

    Hanna: Thank you. :)

  8. Hi. May I know your height? I'm thinking of getting of the same bag but is wondering if it might overwhelm my 5 foot frame


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