Why You Should Go To The Shiseido International Beauty Fair 2015 + New Shiseido Products For Summer

Last year, Shiseido held the first International Beauty Fair and I heard from friends that it was a success as it was highly educational and interactive-Shiseido had equipped women with the proper skin care and makeup know- how to help them achieve beautiful skin.

So this year, I just couldn't miss it. Shiseido International Beauty Fair is happening again this year and it's happening all March long. I went to SM Megamall last week for it together with Sample Room and my fellow Beauty Bloggers for a beauty immersion.

What should you expect in this year's fair? Click READ MORE to find out and you should see Shiseido's MASSIVE and INTRIGUING new products for Summer. ;)

The goal of Shiseido IBF is to "empower women through beauty" (Love it! It's aligned with my blog's mission!) through a series of makeup and skin care consultations, demos, and trials. In this fair, you will learn all about the latest technologies in skin care, beauty trends according to the brand, and the art of beautification, the Shiseido way-you will get to experience what makes the brand a global leader in beauty.

At the product trial station, you can swatch away and get a feel of Shiseido's tried and tested makeup and skin care products.

Care for a makeover? Go ahead and ask for one from Shiseido's Japan- trained makeup artists who all went to Shiseido Japan to learn the brand's signature makeup techniques. You can also choose a look and have the artist recreate it on you like this look called 'Glamorous'.

For this year's fair, Shiseido flew in makeup artist Naka Maeda, a seasoned beauty consultant from Osaka, Japan. In the fair, she demonstrated "Glowing Beauty", Shiseido's makeup trend for Spring-Summer 2015. Lucky Rowena of Animetric's World got to experience Naka's beauty expertise! 

Naka's version of the "Glowing Beauty" look on Rowena using Shiseido's Shimmer Eye Cream, Glow Enhancing Primer, and Veiled Rouge Lipstick. 

Naka will also hold a masterclass together with Carmel Villongco, Chief Makeup Artist for Shiseido Philippines in the fair.

And we haven't even touched skin care yet-this is just a preview of what's in store for you at Shiseido IBF 2015. There will be a skin consultation and analysis using Skin Visiom and Skin Sensor, a machine that measures your skin's age versus your real age, Beauty Simulator, quick facials, promos, and much, much more. Schedule of Shiseido IBF 2015 will be revealed to you in a bit. Let's check out first this mega intriguing set of new products by the brand:

Luminous, white, well- protected, and glowing skin-this is how I would summarize Shiseido's new Beauty and makeup products for this season.

Shiseido Vital-Perfection White Circulator Serum (P6,998.00 (40ml); P10,250.00 (80ml)): Put an end to hyper pigmentation and age spots

Scientists at Shiseido have discovered that recurring age spots are due to Inner Melano Collapse, a natural skin condition that occurs as we age. It is characterized by the breakdown of the Inner Melano Shield, the barrier that controls and inhibits spots from appearing on the epidermis-when the shield is compromised, Spots proliferation happens and manifests on the skin surface-this is the reason why spots, whether old or new, don't seem to disappear no matter what kind of whitening products you use or how religious you are with your whitening regimen.

Shiseido breaks boundaries in skin whitening with Vital-Perfection White Circulator Serum, an advanced whitening serum that rebuilds the Inner Melano Shield. It features Shield Builder WT, a complex of Beach Bud, White Lily, and Glucosamine Hydrochloride to revive the Inner Melano Shield, 4MSK, a highly- effective whitening ingredient, and Western Hawthorne extract and Vitamin E Derivative, ingredients that promote deep microcirculation and get activated when the serum is massaged onto the skin. It's time to put an end to the seemingly endless age spots cycle and pave the way to total skin whitening.

Shiseido Ibuki Multi-Solution Gel (P1,998.00): On-The-Go Powerful breakout solution

Ibuki, Shiseido's skin care line for Millenials, introduces a new product that perfectly compliments a hectic and oftentimes stressful lifestyle: Ibuki Multi Solution Gel. This pocket spot treatment comes in a bouncy gel texture that suits all skin types and in a tote-able jar so you can heal spots anytime and anywhere. You can use this product on clear skin or on top of makeup so you can bounce back quickly from skin troubles-just pull, pop, apply, and you're done!

Shiseido Bio Performance Glow Revival Serum (P4,998.00)- A different approach to reviving your skin's glow

Dullness as well as redness, large pores, and roughness are not just caused by dead skin cells, stress, or hormones alone-they can be greatly caused by broken capillaries. Capillaries are an intricate network of blood vessels that transport nutrients and blood to the skin-once they're broken, thinned, and weakened due to aging, skin problems arise. Shiseido addresses this skin problem with Bio Performance Glow Revival Serum. Featuring patented Multi-Capisolve 1124, a skin care technology with Keihi and Super Bio-Yeast extracts, this serum reinforces Capillaries to revive your skin's health and true glow, with instant effects after just one use. Now bare skin is enough for you to make an impression. ;)

Shiseido White Lucent All Day Brightener SPF 36 PA+++ (P2,750.00)- All- day protection, all- day whitening

Shiseido's best- selling whitening range, White Lucent, unveils a whitening moisturizer to beat called All Day Brightener SPF 36. It whitens skin continuously, rain or shine, sun up to sun down with Timed Release Capsules, protects skin with SPF 36 PA+++, delivers lasting moisture with Super Hydro-Synergy Complex, and imparts a brightening effect to the skin with Light- Transform Powder. It's more than just a whitening moisturizer-it's a skin savior!

Shiseido Perfect UV Protector SPF 50+ PA+++ Wet Force (P2,100.00)- A Sunscreen that loves water, just like you!

We all know that sunscreen comes off gradually when exposed to perspiration and water, but not this sunscreen! The first of its kind, Shiseido UV Protector Wet Force is a sunscreen that gets stronger when it comes into contact with water. The secret to this sunscreen's revolutionary formula is stabilized Ionic Mineral Sensor, a complex of negative ions that bond with positively- charged ions in minerals in water and perspiration to create a water repellent layer. Not only that, it is also formulated to sink into each bump, crease, line, and dip on your skin to give you true, even coverage. Shiseido UV Protector Wet Force offers unprecedented, unmatched sun protection so you can have worry- free fun under the sun.

Shiseido Spring-Summer 2015 Makeup Collection

Shiseido's idea of a Summer- ready beauty is skin that is bright and transparent, but with a little color intervention-this is "Glowing Beauty", the brand's signature look for the season. Highlight your natural beauty with Shiseido's latest makeup collection.

Shiseido Glow Enhancing Primer (P1,750.00)- A versatile primer that provides a silky base for makeup and a glowing effect to the skin and various foundation formulas. The result is skin that looks naturally radiant, soft, and healthy.

Shiseido Perfect Stick Concealer (P1,350.00)- A heavy duty concealer that features the Bind And Fit Wax that creates an even, skin- like coverage.

Shiseido Veiled Rouge Lipstick (P1,350.00)- A new lipstick range that features a new and exclusive technology called Veiling Formula-this formula is infused with Veiling Pearl that creates a lustrous finish, as if covered by a veil of liquid pearls-this technology promotes hydration, true color coverage, unique shine and texture, and coverage that does not fade easily due to the Oil-Pigment separation technique that locks in color within the lips. Veiled Rouge Lipstick comes in 12 stunning shades.

Don't you just love it? There's a new Shiseido product for every skin and beauty concern you have. These products will be released from March to May in all Shiseido stores and counters nationwide. Do tell me which product you're interested in. :)

As for the whereabouts of Shiseido IBF 2015, check out the schedule below:

SM Mega Fashion Hall- March 13- 19, 2015
Podium Activity Center- March 23-28, 2015
SM Mall Of Asia Atrium- March 29-31, 2015


Be sure to attend this year's IBF-lots of beautiful surprises are in store for everyone! ;)

Visit SHISEIDO PHILIPPINES for more information about these products and updates on IBF 2015.

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  1. So excited to try their ibuki multi solution gel. 😊

  2. this is an interesting article martha!! :) thank you! i saw you in one of your friend's video, looks like you had fun! and congrats for having a "Star" on that event... :)

  3. I went to the fair last Saturday and it sure was informative. I like how Naka demonstrated the skincare application up to the makeup. There were trivias too. :) I love Shiseido products, yun nga lang, you really need to invest as the prices are a bit expensive. I'm super interested with the Ibuki multi-solution gel and the UV protector. :) We also tried the uniwue application from Shiseido, the one that will automatically virtually put makeup on your face, base on their category. :)

  4. I bet it looks like a beauty wonderland right now... I find the Shiseido range so varied in their product lines, though the available colors for their colored makeup feel a little limited. The skincare looks so premium, because the packaging embodies the simplistic elegance of the brand.

  5. I've always wanted to try shiseido. haha! mahal nga lang, i saw you on Say's blog, congrats for winning! such a lucky woman! :-)

  6. i've been in a shiseido workshop (japanese way) when i was invited my ms rowena (two years ago) and i was so delighted that i learn how japanese do their skincare routine before applying makeup.

    the instructor told us if you're not into makeup, you should rather invest on skincare and yes i would admit, having a beautiful skin even without makeup is beautiful

    if i would be given a chance to hoard from their store, i will pick eye cream and their moisturizers, every drop of their product is really worth the money you're gonna pay

    ang cute ng last pic wacky pose po ito ms m =)

  7. Ever since I can remember, shiseido was one of the most talked about beauty product in the Philippines and other countries. I want to try shiseido but the products are too expensive for me. Hays

  8. Hanna es: Oh me too! I love the fact that it can be used even on top of makeup. :)

    Rhain: Yes, agree. You have to do something, anything to have good skin-doesn't matter if it's putting on makeup or indulging in skin care. Shiseido has really good skin care, and you've got nice choices! ;)

    Kikaysimaria: Thank you! :D I have yet to see the video. :)

    Matromao: According to Shiseido, when it comes to makeup, they only stick with what they believe is apt and suitable for the image of the brand-I believe this is the reason behind your concern with their makeup. It's nice that they're owning a certain category though!

    Julienne: That's probably Say's video. I'll go watch. Thank you! :)


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