FAN MAIL FRIDAYS: If I weren't a Beauty Blogger, I'd probably be...

Happy Friday! Thank God it's getting cooler nowadays because I finally wouldn't have to worry if my dogs will die of heatstroke plus the plants in our front lawn will get to live longer. :D

I got this contemplative question in my Blogger Contact Form from one of my readers, Leane. She asked me if I weren't a Beauty Blogger, what would I be/be doing instead?

So hi, Leane!

Wonderful question! It's just in time for #FlashbackFridays. :D

Like you, I've been wondering as well where I'd be and what I'd be doing if I did not become The Beauty Junkee. There are actually a lot of options for me because I'm not that picky with work as long as it pays really well, but I've whittled down the list and chosen the top 4 professions that I'd probably be in if I weren't a freelancer/Blogger. I'll share them with you after the cut. :)

 I probably would have pursued my acting career

- If I never realized that I wanted to write, write, and write some more, I would have continued with my acting career, auditioning for roles in the Theatre, film, and T.V., and doing commercials.

I could've been a teacher

- Teaching is such a natural thing for me that I wouldn't think twice of becoming a teacher if I didn't have this blog or if I did not continue with my acting career.

I would probably join the corporate world

- An obvious strategy.

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I'd start my own business

- I've always been the entrepreneurial kind ever since I was a kid and I firmly believe, with or without the blog, I'd still end up putting up my own business. :)

Just for fun, I'd like to ask you guys the same question: What would you be doing instead if you're not doing what you're doing now? Answer away! :)

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15 Lovely Thoughts

  1. I've always wanted to do a lot of things. If it's my passion, I'd go chasing it. Currently, I'm the Marketing and Communications head of an NGO; however if I'm not doing it as a fulltime job, I might have become a writer (which I do parttime), an entrepreneur (and gladly I'm starting up a business right now), would have wanted to be college professor too (will try to pursue this as well. I can do it parttime naman)... I guess those could be my other possible options. :)


  2. i know acting will be included here ms m! hahaha sana makikita ka namin madalas nyan sa tv hehe..

    kung hindi po ako office clerk.. (if my parents can afford schooling) lawyer sana ako ngayon hehe lapit na birthday nyo ms m! oops natin pala hihi

  3. Actually I think that all of these will suit you :) After meeting you the other day, I can imagine you as a teacher or someone in a corporate setting the most.

  4. i think i just found my answer for your mega giveaway next year :) i love this blog post.. truthful and sincere..for your last caption on this blog post.. well i am still working on my thesis now to become an engineer but i do freelance hosting.. so if i wouldn't be an engineering student i might have become a brodcaster or a journalist.. i wanted to pursue com arts before but my dad didnt want me to take on that path.. kaya siguro antagal ko na sa engineering kasi its not really my first love.. but anyway, i love this post..and whatever business you'll be having ms. M ill be your loyal customer!!! :)

  5. Wow, cool answers. Bagay ka ngang maging actress. :) And teacher too. Ako naman if I'm not in the corporate world, I think I'll be a teacher too, a rappel instructor or travel blogger! Haha. Teacher just because I can do that. Rappel instructor since I was once an instructor during my college years. And lastly, gustong gusto ko kasing magtravel around the world or in the Philippines then share it with other people.

  6. Awww. This is the same question I sent on your fb page and gmail last may 15. Hihi. Actually I have 3 questions, this is just like my #2 question. Akala ko nga question ko na nafeature mo kaya ang saya ko. Hehe. Anyway, i love your answers:) maybe I'm a teacher too:) that's my answer always during elementary days:D

  7. I'm a beauty blogger as well and this question struck me "beneath the skin". For real, this question keeps echoing in my mind what would I be if I'm not a blogger. We'll one answer I only have in mind that is I'll be a gym instructor. lol

  8. I surely think you'll be efficient in any career path you had chosen.. But I can imagine you as a teacher :)

  9. i was lucky enough to have watched one of your plays!

  10. Thanks Ms. Martha :) Grabe. I am so Happy that you featured my question on your FMF. Super saya ko ng malaman ko.. Well, kahit di mo naman po mafeatured to masaya padin ako bcoz of u are always updated sa lahat ng readers na nag memessage sau kahit ma pa Twitter pa yan, Instagram, Gmail or Facebook lagi kang nag reresponse.. Thank you Thank you Ms. Martha. I think super bagay sayong maging actress and BTW i liiike your dress. It looks Sexy on you :)

    Hmm. Ako siguro kung hndi ako Networker, I might be a Travel Blogger. I reallly really want to travel the Woooorld.

  11. Your picture at the stsge play (I suppose?) looks familiar to me. If I'm not mistaken, you graduated from UP with the course of Cultural Arts right? That's amazing. Do you happen to act at Villa Teatro? Waa, I badly wanna see you act.

    For me, you could've been a great actress if you weren't a beauty blogger. I would love to see you in TVCs and TV shows since I'm kinda fond of watching TV. :) Regarding you question, I am currently a student right now but if I'm not, I would've been a Commercial Model or a Ramp Model. Hahaha. However, in the future I would like to be a lifestyle and beauty blogger slash stewardess. It has been my dream since ages and may it come true someday.

  12. If I'm not an Economics student now, I'll be an Architecture student I guess. I'm designing my own buildings since I was a kid. I have this huge sketch pad where all my works are piled. But I followed my Father's dream to me. He wanted me to be an Economist someday so I go for it. And yes, I'm starting to love it though it is really out of my comfort zone and its math is squeezing my brain so hard. Haha. Oh, and I also want to be a professional make-up artist.

    You'll be a great actress Ms. M :)

  13. Hi ladies, thanks for the nice words and thanks for sharing your answers-had fun learning more things about my readers. :)

  14. This question made me think for days! I wasn't even planning on commenting since I don't know what i want.
    I just realized today that I think I am where I really wanna be - in a corporate world. A bit boring, yeah but I really love what i'm doing even though there are stressful days.
    Well, okay, i also want to be a flight attendant pero kulang ako sa height so hanggang "dream career" na lang sya.

  15. It's funny, because I seemed to be in denial about a lot of things. I actually wanted to take up creative writing/literature, but went for something else out of practicality's sake. In the end, I ended up in publishing anyway. If not that, I would've gone with translator? Hahaha. I also wanted to take up International Studies Major in French, but maybe that's because I just really, really wanted to learn French. :)) I had a hard time saying I wanted to do "this" just for the sake of it. I always tried to rationalize too much, I guess...

    Just curious: If someone approaches you to do a play for old time's sake, would you be interested to act again?


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