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Hey guys! Let's talk about fashion today. Do you have your preferred fashion brands/boutiques? For me, yes due to sizing matters. I have a huge arse and it always gives me a hard time finding clothes that don't only fit, but fit nicely as well so when I find a brand that offers clothes for my booty type (haha), I stick with that!

If you can relate to my story or your body type is lean, voluptuous, and muscular (like mine), you will find nice- fitting clothes from these brands-they're my favorite brands as well. Thank you, Wilma, for this question!

Hi Martha, 
I noticed that we both have the same body type and that is curvaceous and I'd like to know, where  do you buy your fashionable clothes? You seem to know where to find all these curvy body- friendly clothes. I would appreciate your recommendations. 

Hey Wilma!

First and foremost, I salute you for embracing your body type! Now I digress. If you only knew what it took me to find brands with clothes that fit my body type. It took me thousands of pesos wasted on ill- fitting clothes and how I wish I knew before what I know now--how I wish, too someone told me that these current favorite brands of mine offer the best clothes for my body type-I could've saved a lot of money and time, but there's no use crying over spilled milk so I just charged that to experience. :p

Here's my simple rule when it comes to settling for a fashion label: The clothes should not only fit-they should fit like a glove, too. I find that this principle narrows down the search for me, always, and it saves me a whole lotta' time and money. I can actually find a couple of good clothes from a lot of brands, but these are my go- to fashion brands at the moment because they generally offer better sizing plus their styles are right up my alley. Revealing these fashion brands to you after the cut.


- Just because...Basics. You all know that I'm a basic gal when it comes to fashion, thus Uniqlo tops my list. Also, Japan- made clothing have really good quality and they're really worth the purchase. Uniqlo is my go- to denim brand because of their stretchy jeans.


- I like F21 for the variety and affordability, although quality of the clothes ain't that good, to be honest. But if I need something affordable and trendy, it always seals the deal for me. I personally like F21 for their super cute tops and shorts.


- I support this brand just because most of the labels are proudly Pinoy. And when it comes to trendy styles, the brands at The Ramp are right up there with F21, too.


- I'm always in collared shirts because fyi, this is my most favorite article of clothing. My preferred brand is Lacoste because by far they have the best body-hugging polo shirts. I collect Lacoste shirts, too! :)


- For my exercising gear, my go- to brand at the moment is Under Armour because their clothes are perfect for high impact exercises, my kind of exercise, and the sizes are friendly to curvy and muscular ladies. My favorite brand for workout gear used to be Nike until their sizes got smaller and weirder. :p


- Promod has the chicest tops I've ever seen and I love how they elevate casual dressing to a more stylish level. That, plus their clothes fit me really well, too. :D


- I go for Mango for my corporate wear needs. I need a lot at the moment since I already launched my biz and I've meetings here and there, left and right almost every day. Mango's clothes have superb quality and they last for a while, and I like the timelessness of the designs.

My secondary favorites: Wisdom at Archaeology, Powerplant Mall, Apartment 8, Details, and SM GTW.

Any curvy ladies out there who can contribute to the list? Let's grow this list and help out each other. :)

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17 Lovely Thoughts

  1. I like to buy shirts from Uniqlo for their sizing, comfort, and quirky designs. I'm always at the PHP 290 bin looking for something on sale. It's a bit of a guilty pleasure. :p

  2. So helpful! I'm having a hard time finding exercising and sports gear. I've already noticed the way you dress sexy and sophisticated.

  3. Aww!first of all mabuhay mids m. All body types are beautiful. Curvy or skinny as long as healthy its good. Hehe im naturally skinny so i guess baligtad tayo ng concern. Ako naman i dont care about the brand as long as it looks ok. Very cheap lang ang clothes ko. I only invest in hair products.

    I love your blog cause you promote embracing individuality. You are the only pinoy blogger that i know who embraves her morena skin amd isnt afraid of enhancimg or showing it. You embrace your curves . You embrace your hair! Thank you for being an inspiration.

    Paabot ng tissue naiiyak ako haha

  4. Great choices,! f21 is one of my fav brand. I also like Cotton on, Mango, American Eagle for Tees JAG for jeans-- maganda fit nakakasexy lol. Apt8- gusto ko mga dress nila. elegant and d masakit sa mata. Nagagandahan kasi ako sa mga plain dress..

  5. This was your ootd last Sunday, right? During the Kiss Me Heroine Make event? You're so stunning in this dress! You rocked color yellow so well. :)

    Too shy to approach but happy to see you there. <3


  6. I agree with the Nike sizes, their sizes are too small. Their XL is like Medium size only.. :/
    If you're on a budget, you can also shop at Surplus Shop in SM.. :)

  7. Ako naman I have a petite body size so I can't really relate. But my mom is somewhat curvy too! Now I know where to buy her clothes. :) Since I'm petite, I'm having a hard time looking for pieces that would actually fit me without altering them. Before kasi, what I do is, get the smallest size and if it still don't fit, I send them to alter station. Now I have found clothes from Nike, SM Woman, GTW by SM, H&M, Zara. If everything else fails, I got to the teens section. haha

  8. I used to love Mango t-shirts but after giving birth, i gained weight and the tummy bulge just keeps on getting bigger. I guess it is time for me to look for another brand to replace my Mango shirts that i gave away or i will exercise to trim down my waistline. No! I think i should focus more on the latter, haha!

  9. I think we have the same body (specifically booty!) type as I like the same brands! I would also like to add ForMe because they have different cuts also for different body types. :)

  10. When I was in college, I used to buy clothes from YRYS/Gozum, Petite Monde, Kamiseta & Mango - perky. After giving birth, I enjoy clothes from Plains and Prints, Top Shop, and some from SM Dept Store - plains. Denims I buy from Lee ever since.

    I like styles from F21 but I heard quality is compromised so I looked for other options.

  11. I am also on the curvy side and i love how uniqlo's basic clothes allows me to play around since they carry bigger sizes.:) my fave brand though is dorothy perkins. I find its the brand that allows me to enjoy my curves rather than despise it.:) specially when it comes to pants. For bottom heavy me, i find it soooooo hard to find bottoms that fit like a glove. Im glad i found it in uniqlo and DP:)

  12. Thank you for posting this Martha.I too am having difficulties looking for clothes that fit, it's either the buttons won't close over bust area, or a poor fit. I checked out Uniqlo and they have awesome selection of basic shirts. Thanks for your recommendations. Will use this as future reference.

  13. Mine is Promod! I just want to buy all their clothes except pants. When I try on their pants nagmumuka akong suman! I never thought crossings has good clothes for curvy body types, I always thought their for petite sizes. Will definitely check them out :D

  14. This post is really helpful! My butt certainly appreciates this. So hard to find clothes that easily fit me as well. Never thought promod had good stuff. Will check it out.

  15. When it comes to sartorial brands, I don't keep an eye to the prices as long as it passes to my taste and comfortability gauge. If my Mom likes it too, we would buy it. Hahaha. But for some trendsetter pieces, F21 is my go-to brand. Oh well, you're right, the quality of their clothes ain't good sometimes. For basics and sweater-weather clothes, UNIQLO forevs. :) I also do shop at IG stores and thrift shops sometimes. Do you do too, Ms. Martha?

  16. Thanks for sharing your picks, ladies! :)


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