Happy Socks 100 Happy Acts + 5 Easy Ways To Spread Happiness

Ever since I saw the movie 'Pay It Forward', I've always fantasized about starting a movement where the participants will pledge to do at least three good deeds everyday for one whole year and see how it will change their lives.

And that fantasy just came true in Happy Socks' 100 Happy Acts event.

Founded by Mikael Söderlindh and Viktor Tell, Happy Socks is a Swedish inner wear brand that has recently landed in the Philippines. Apart from 100% combed cotton socks for the young and not-so-young, they have boxers and under wears, too. Their mission? Simple. To spread joy with their fancy, colorful, ultra edgy, and bright designs.

Adult pairs are at P649.00 each and Kids pairs are at P799.00/set of two.

Looks like a lot of people share my sentiments in making the world a happier place, three good deeds at a time! Here's Liz who attended the event with me-she's changing into her chosen pair because the event was also a sock party! :D

More about this brand and I'll share with you five easy peasy ways to become a beacon of happiness after the break!

Have you ever seen a sock brand with sizing? Happy Socks could very well be the first, at least for me! Happy Socks adults has sizes ranging from 31-36, 36-40, and 41-46. As for kids, sizes depend on age range (e.g. 2-4 yrs. old; 4-6 yrs. old). I've always thought that socks are supposed to be a "one size fits all" kind of inner wear, but Happy Socks just made me realize that it's not because it's supposed to fit you perfectly, just like the rest of your outfit.

Happy Socks' designs are some of the quirkiest I've ever seen, not to mention there's a buffet of patterns to choose from: Would you like some stripes to go with your dots? How about a serving of argyle and color blocks? Whatever playful, inspiring design you have in mind, I'm pretty sure Happy Socks has one for you! ;)

Before the event ended, we were all given a box that contained three Happy Socks items. The box had instructions and here are what I got:

1. Give away the boxers
2. Give away a pair of socks
3. Spend time with a friend in a coffee shop

I think there were about a hundred boxes that were given away and each had three happy acts that everyone has to accomplish. So that makes 300 Happy Acts! *Happy dance

So these are the happy tools to help me launch my happy acts: The boxers, I am giving away to a dear friend who has helped me put up my business. The dark blue socks with orange polka dots, I will give to my ever loving and supportive boyfriend. The third long sock is mine-I wore it in the first photo. Now all I have to do is just find time to have coffee with a friend-it's on my list!

Happy Socks is a simple reminder that happiness is present even in something as mundane as a sock and it's just a matter of seeing that it's there! :)

So how can you spread happiness and cheer in an easy way? Here are some of my suggestions:

1. Greet People- Never underestimate the power of a simple "Hello!" or "I hope you're having a great day." Who knows? The people you greet could be in dire need of a happy greeting at that moment and you might just have saved their day or even their life.

2. Call People By Their Names- One time, I greeted a security guard by his name (and his name is Michael) upon entering a building and then I had to stop for bag inspection. After inspecting, Michael told me "Buti pa si ma'm tinawag pangalan ko" (At least 'ma'm' called me by my name). That moment had an impression on me that's why I've been addressing security guards, waiters, baristas, receptionists, sales assistants, and cashier people by their names ever since. To call someone by their name is to acknowledge that they exist.

3. Gift Someone For No Reason- Gift giving is a common practice, but only when the day is special. How about if it's just an ordinary day? It only takes YOU to make it special. Try giving a gift to someone you admire or love even if the day isn't special. When they ask why you're gifting them, just make up stuff like "Today is Awesomeness Appreciation Day and I acknowledge your awesomeness." Your gift doesn't have to be super grand or expensive-a pair of Happy Socks will do. ;)

4. Spread Positivity- If you've come across my personal FB page, you probably saw a ton of reposted quotes about positivity, enlightenment, cat photos and vids, and such. That's because they made me feel good and I always want to share what makes me feel good to everyone. Use Social Media to spread good, always. :)

5. Pray For Someone Everyday- A prayer is the cheapest, most effective way to change someone else's life so do pray for at least one person every single day. Pray for your parents, your siblings, your family, your friends, you countrymen, your politicians, and also, yourself. ;)

Hmmm...I think you can do all these in one day! How about expanding this list to 100? I'd love to read your suggestions and your own Happy Acts list in the comments section!

You can purchase Happy Socks in Dream Lab Lifestyle's Website. For the full list of distributors, please visit HAPPY SOCKS PHILIPPINES on Facebook.

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7 Lovely Thoughts

  1. It's easy to spread hapiness to everyone basta ba you are happy and love yourself also and everything will follow. Start spreading hapiness in your home, family and so on.
    I'll make sure to tell I Love you to my family everyday kahit sa anong paraan talaga.hehe. Nung una akala nila binibiro ko lang sila pero nasanay na sila and I feel great doing it everyday☺promise once you started doing this, it brings too much joy in your heart☺

  2. I love the theme! And gusto ko rin ng socks party. Haha. Anyway, I really admire people who are almost selfless and always think of other people before themselves. But I believe that that isn't necessary to be great. You also need to be good to yourself. :) I admit I am not super charitable but I do give whenever I can. :) I also pray, that's the most important thing for me

  3. Awww that is nice and refreshing- a busines with a cause hindi lang puro capitalism! That is nice dahil sa sobrang init ng panahon nakaka badtrip talaga. My bf is as manly as it gets pero his goal is to help the poor. Haha i might give him a pair of these though i have yet to see kung may super big size sila like i think size 13 american.

    Me i remember one time i was waiting in line for a cab with my pushcart for groceries. There was this couple behind me with like a 100 shopping bags at walang trolley. I shared my trolley with them. At fjrst hiya oa sila pero in the end pumayag din. Simple pero memorable :)

  4. I do greet people with compliments pa minsan and sadly I'm not really good with remembering names. With regard to sharing positive vibes, I do that a lot everyday. Nakaka-gaan ng feeling when you're able to do something good to others.

  5. I just realized miss m your blog id a perfec5 example of paying it forward. U have inspired women and generally your followers. Also with your generous give aways. Haha kung ako siguro yan i would have hoarded all the products and just gave the few others away. Pero with you you always share premium products with us. Granted it is how blogging world works. Pero my point is hindi mo tinitipid followers mo. More power to you and your blog.

    Ps im excited and intrigued kung ano man ang new business venture na yan.


    1. Make someone happy by giving them random and genuine compliments. Example, if you like the shade of lippie they are wearing today, say it. :)

    2. Have a deep talk with someone and try to understand where they are coming from. You could tell some sage advices afterwards.

    3. Was there a song that reminds you of someone? Let them know by finding that song on YouTube, link it to that person and let him/her read your comment on how special he/she is to you. :)

  7. Miz Eloise: Wow! Thanks! And also, I agree with your insights! So nice of you to help out the couple. :)

    They size 41-46 so maybe that will do?

    Mickey: no worries! :) Thanks for sharing your piece. :)

    Mommy Charm: So true. It's like you make the world a better place slowly but surely whenever you do something so simple yet benevolent. :)

    Abegaill: So true. You can never be good to others if you can't be good to yourself. You have to experience goodness first in order to impart goodness to others. :)

    Jeremy: what's weird is, people find it odd to say "I love you" to their family. Before, I was like that, but I trained myself to just say it, most esp. to my mom. You'll never know when it will be your last so better tell those you love how much they mean to you. :)


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