OPPO Launches Three New Lust-Worthy Smartphones

I like keeping up with makeup and fashion trends, but there's one item that I like keeping up with, too, although I don't seem to be the type: Mobile Phones. I'm not super techie, but I know how to distinguish a good gadget from a bad one and most of all, I like staying updated. There was a time when I was able to keep up with various, new mobile phone releases from premium brands until they started churning 'em out like butter and alas, I lagged behind. It also did not help that they've gotten more and more expensive over the years and keeping up became such an impractical thing!

I think these reasons paved the way for the entry level smartphone brands' almost overnight fame: they're pretty affordable, they offer lots of great options, they can do what all premium smartphones can do, gone are the days when they looked like toys (have you seen the latest ones? They're so sleek 'n gorgeous, you wouldn't think they're from the entry level category, ha), and most of all, they give consumers a chance to finally keep up and try out different models and experience different features.

That retrospect was running in my head as I awaited the reveal of OPPO's three new smartphones.

The #OPPONewTrio is a trio of OPPO's newest smartphones-there's one for the frugal, one for the slight spender, and one for the generous. The launch was held in Valkyrie Super Club-I just had to take this photo and show it to you guys because it was my first time to visit the place, and I was amazed at how huge it is. (Sorry, I'm a #TitaOfManila now haha!)

But first, what is OPPO? It's my first time to hear about the brand and here's what I've learned about them: OPPO is an electronics and mobile technology service provider that was launched in the Philippines last 2014, but is already available in 20 countries. OPPO's goal is to offer a worthwhile mobile experience at an affordable price but without sacrificing quality, design, and convenience. The brand has captivated the Philippine market with its range of unique, groundbreaking mobile phones such as the N3 and its swivel cam, Mirror 3 and its capacity to serve as a remote control for general appliances, and R5, the slimmest smartphone in the market today.

May marks a new milestone for OPPO as they launch three drool- worth smartphones that are priced just right for the frugal yet tech- savvy Pinoy. Are you ready to meet the #OPPONewTrio? Click READ MORE and check them out!

Presenting the three new phones to join OPPO's versatile smartphone roster:

OPPO Joy Plus
OPPO Neo 5

OPPO JOY PLUS (P4,990.00)

Joy Plus is the most affordable among the three, but it has very decent features. It features a 3MP camera, dual SIM slots, 4GB internal storage, and 1GB of RAM. It's a great extra phone for you or starter phone for your young siblings or cousins. It comes in White and Blue.

Display: 4.00 inch
Processor: 1.3 GHz
Rear Camera: 3-MP
Front Camera: 0.3-MP
Resolution: 480x800 pixels
OS: Color OS 2.0 (based on Android 4.4)
Storage: 4GB
Battery Capacity: 1700mAh
Key Selling Points: Color O.S. 2.0, PI 2.0+, Softer Appearance, Upgraded RAM, Beautify Mode, Double-exposure, Memory Cleanup, Super Power-saving Mode, Network Speed Notice, Guest Mode 

 OPPO Neo 5 (P7,990.00)

Neo 5 is for you if you feel that you have to move on to a new phone with a couple of better features, but with decent pricing, you want an extra phone that offers a bit more cool features, or your young sibling/cousin is ready for a new, more advanced smartphone. This model is available in the colors White and Blue as well.

Display: 4.50 inch  
Processor: 1.3 GHz 
Rear Camera: 8-MP 
Front Camera: 2-MP 
Resolution: 480x854 pixels 
OS: Color OS 2.0 (based on Android 4.4) 
Storage: 8GB 
Battery Capacity: 1700mAh 
Key Selling Points: Color O.S. 2.0, PI 2.0+, Fashionable design, Upgraded RAM, Beautify Mode, Double-exposure, GIF, Audio Photo, Panorama, HDR, Memory Cleanup, Super Power-saving Mode, Network Speed Notice, OTG

 OPPO R1x (P15,990.00)

Finally, here's the Queen Bee of the trio, OPPO R1x. Now here's your new primary mobile phone and it looks chic and is big on cool features. Also, if you want to pull a Good Samaritan act, you can give this to your young sibling/niece as their back-to-school phone. This model is available in White and Black. ;)

Display: 5.00 inch 
Processor: 1.5 GHz 
Rear Camera: 13-MP 
Front Camera: 5-MP 
Resolution: 720x1280 pixels 
OS: Color OS 2.0 (based on Android 4.4) 
Storage: 16GB 
Battery Capacity: 2420mAh 
Key Selling Points: Color O.S. 2.0, PI 2.0+, Smooth Appearance, Upgraded RAM, Ultra HD, Slow Shutter Mode, RAW, Beautify Mode, Expert Mode, Flash Shot, After Focus, Double-exposure, Memory Cleanup, Super Power-saving Mode, Network Speed Notice, OTG

OPPO R1x is a beaute! This stunner has a streamlined design and a diamond pattern at the back, which reflects light and gives the phone a glowing effect-it's almost ethereal!

Another interesting feature of R1x is it can apparently capture photos up to 50 megapixels. Here's a shot of the model taken using R1x and I'm liking the vividness of the photograph and how decent it looks overall. Now who says you need to spend a fortune just to have a smartphone with a decent camera?!

I had fun exploring these new devices by OPPO with Geoff and Dianne of Nuffnang, and Rhan of OPPO Philippines. Btw, we're all school mates in College! :D

OPPO has just made affordable smartphones a bit more interesting with #OPPONewTrio. The realm of entry-level smartphones, in general, is getting stronger and more and more exciting with the release of very competitive smartphones like this bunch so this is something that I'd like to observe in the coming months and years-this should be fun. Popcorn, please! :)

You can find these new phones in all OPPO stores and dealers. For the complete list of their authorized distributors, please click HERE. Visit OPPO'S OFFICIAL WEBSITE for more information about the brand and OPPO PHILIPPINES on Facebook for more updates and information on these products.

Which one of the new OPPO smartphones would you like to have? :)

Disclosure: This post was brought to you by OPPO Philippines and The Beauty Junkee.

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9 Lovely Thoughts

  1. I'd love to have my hands on that OPPO R1X but my budget won't let me since I have just purchased an OPPO Neo 3 two months back. So far I am loving it still. LOL. Proud and happy Oppo user here! =)

    Oh by the way Miss Martha, did they give you one of the phones for free? Yey!

  2. Oppo R1x is amazing :) really like the unique faceted design! And the camera? Wow! Perfect for more selfies/taking pictures/capturing moments! :)

  3. WOW. :) How versatile your blog is. Hahaha. You suddenly became 'the techie' with this post. :) Oppo kinda sounds new to some but that brand definitely offers some steal with their selfie phones not having a high price. I discovered OPpo first in a commercial with their revolving camera. That was pretty creative cause you'll have the same megapixels as the main cam for your selfies. :)

  4. ikaw na fresh throughout the event! hehe..

    I love Oppo's twistable smartphone, the one that uses the same front and back camera, you just have to twist the camera part.

  5. this is so random, but you make up is on point! looks expensive and flawless!!! wow!

    1. I would agree. OPPO phones are good choice. My very first smart phone. What make up by th e way are you using here? :-)

  6. Any Oppo phone model will do as long as it has a big internal memory....and expandable. I love storing my music and e-books in my phone where it's handy. Is there any way to know that? Thanks for the post, Martha

  7. I've seen Oppo's stall in Megamall and their phones are surely stunning. The phones are sleek and classy. I like that their phones are thin and light. It has decent camera too. I just don't know about the battery life. But regarding the performance, they can keep up with the leading brands. :)

  8. Mommy Charm: No they did not and that's okay. :)

    Abegaill: Yes, especially the look-the entry level smartphones nowadays look stunning! :)

    Ana: Hi dear! You can check it out online by searching for the specs of your preferred OPPO mobile phone or inquiring via their FB fan page. :)

    Mickey: Really? Hahaha. I don't see myself as techie lol, but I try my best so thank you for the compliment! :)

    Anne_22: Thank you, Estee Lauder Illuminating primer. :)

    The OPPO phone you're talking about is N3 and its swivel cam. :)

    Cristine: Thank you! :D


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