TBJ Cooks: Lemon Square Cool Cake Parfait Recipe + Win Baking Sets and Lemon Square Goodies!

Orange Juice, a fruit, and a Lemon Square Cupcake. These were the regular inhabitants of my favorite pink Sky Dancers lunchbox of my grade school years. I grew up on cake snacks such as Lemon Square and loved them a lot because they’re affordable, convenient, and very tasty.

There are some things that you really can’t leave behind. Until now, my family and I would still buy Lemon Square snacks and bring them to work, in our bags, or in the car so we can snack on something anytime we feel hungry. It’s also nice to know that Lemon Square has expanded their varieties over the years and one of my favorites is Lemon Square Inipit. Inipit is a famous delicacy in Bulacan and it’s made with two soft sponge cakes that sandwich a light layer of sweet cream. Local bakeshop Eurobake has invented Inipit, but Lemon Square made the snack more accessible and handy by introducing their very own foil-packed, take- away version.

The great thing about Lemon Square Inipit and most of their snacks in general is they can serve as bases for your recipes. Last Sunday, I decided to prepare lunch for my family, but the only thing we lacked in the menu was dessert. I didn’t get the time anymore to go out and buy something because everybody was on the dining table already and were only waiting for me! Then I saw Lemon Square Inipit - I grabbed one, stared at it, remembered that we had ice cream in the fridge, and my head, all of a sudden, went “ding ding ding!” We already had dessert! :D

The dessert I made was Lemon Square Cool Cake Parfait and it can be prepared in less than 10 minutes only. Let’s just call it a cake and ice cream lover’s ultimate fantasy. This textured dessert is fun and easy to do, and I guarantee you’ll have a grand time digging through those layers of fluff and cream once you eat it. I’ll share with everyone how to do it and I’m also giving away Lemon Square goodies and Baking Tools worth up to P5,000.00! Click READ MORE now!

You will need the following ingredients and materials to create this dessert:

1. Mason Jars (You can substitute with a tall glass and even wine glass for a twist)
2. Lemon Square Inipit, 4-6 pcs. (Quantity depends on the depth, width, and size of the 3. glass. Choose from the following flavors: Quezo, Lemon, Ube Pastillas De Leche, Custard, Pandan, and Chocolate variants)
3. Ice Cream (Flavor is your choice. You can also combine different flavors)
4. Tablespoon w/ long handle (regular tablespoon will do)
5. Ice Cream scooper or a bigger spoon or tablespoon

Optional: Chocolate/Caramel/Strawberry sauce; Toppings

Let's begin!

 STEP 1: Unwrap Lemon Square Inipit bars and crush them on a plate.

STEP 2: Spoon the crushed Inipit and put some in a glass. Scoop some ice cream and put it on top of the previous ingredient.

STEP 3: Continuously repeat step 2 until you reach the top portion of the glass.

STEP 5: If you wish, put some toppings. I chose to re-use the leftover crushed Inipit by using it as the topping. ;)

Voila! We’re done! Now that wasn’t so hard, right? Pardon the melting ice cream-it was around 39 degrees when I made this recipe! :p

Now it’s your turn! It’s time to bring out your cooking skills and tricks, and whip up your very own recipe using Lemon Square products because you might just win my contest! Here are the mechanics:


1. Create your own recipe using Lemon Square products. Blog about it like what I did. Be sure to show the step-by-step to your readers.

3. Post publicly the blog link to your Lemon Square- inspired recipe on your Facebook accounts. You can write your own caption, but be sure to include the following: Tag my FB fan page, @The Beauty Junkee; Include a link of this blog post in your FB post and say “Join The Beauty Junkee X Lemon Square giveaway!”

4. Comment the following on this blog post:

Email Address:
Link to Blog Post:
Link to FB Post:

5. Lastly, submit your blog entry URL at: blog.nuffnang.com.ph/2015/05/07/blog-contest-no-limit-with-inipit


1. Create your own recipe using Lemon Square products.

3. Create a step-by-step collage of your Lemon Square- inspired recipe and post it publicly on your Facebook accounts. If the step-by-step is too long, just post the final outcome and write down the recipe as a caption. Be sure to include the following in the caption: Tag my FB fan page, @The Beauty Junkee; Include a link of this blog post in your FB post and say “Join The Beauty Junkee X Lemon Square giveaway!”

4. Comment the following on this blog post:

Email Address:
Link to FB Post:

5. Lastly, submit your blog entry URL at: blog.nuffnang.com.ph/2015/05/07/blog-contest-no-limit-with-inipit

Giveaway starts today and ends on May 29, 2015. Contestants with the most creative recipe will win. There will be a total of 15 winners (Bloggers and Non- Bloggers) from various social media channels and each will receive Lemon Square products and baking sets worth up to P5,000.00. Winners will be chosen and notified via email by Nuffnang Philippines.

Good luck to all the participants! I can’t wait to see your recipes and try ‘em out for myself. :D  You’ll sure find out that there’s just #NoLimitwithInipit!

Visit LEMON SQUARE on Facebook for more information about their products.

Disclosure: This post is brought to you by Lemon Square and The Beauty Junkee.

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  1. Wow! This is such a good recipe. I'm gonna try this sometime. :)

  2. This is cool! I want to try it too.

  3. Lemon square is a part of my everyday snack when i was in highschool. Up to now, i still love Lemon square and so does my husband and daughter. I am glad that they keep on coming up with new flavors. But i noticed that as time goes by, their cupcake keeps on getting smaller. Still, they are one of my favorite all-time snack.

  4. Cool dessert! Lemon Square products are my kid's favorite baon for school.

  5. Awww diet nako eh!i like how inipit was leveled up with this!!!i mean you can easily serve this in a resto!ang susyal!!!!

  6. Thanks for the recipe. Will do this tomorrow for my son, surely he will love it because he likes inipit and loves ice cream☺ perfect combo of his favorites!

  7. i am so excited some recipes with inipit. especially, my little one's baptism is coming and now im thinking of some recipes to make. inipit will definitely on my diy dessert table! :)

  8. My son loves Lemon Square Inipit so I'll surely be trying this recipe come my rest day. If I can think of a unique and delicious recipe with the Inipit twist, I'll join the giveaway too! =)

  9. Cool and easy to make recipe! :) Just want to ask a question though, where can I buy those cute Mason jars? :) Thanks!

    Please do drop by my blog hihi :> pawprintstamped.blogspot.com

  10. wow! this is cool and looks yummy!

  11. Wow naman! Ice cream parfait! It's also yummy if it is made like an ice cake box or your parfait plus a hot fudge sauce like chocolate! hahaha.. (^...^)

  12. I love inipit too! And that recipe is superb. Ang sarap. Bagay na bagay sa summer. :) Color pati super cute. Sayang di ako mahilig gumawa ng ganyan. Ganda pa naman ng prizes. :)

  13. Woooow. :) One of my favorite posts of yours. A recipe! A very easy one to do. I'll definitely to do this with my Mom and we'll treat is as our bonding time. Thanks for sharing! :) I can't help but appreciate your versatility towards this blog.

  14. Thanks girls! Glad you liked the recipe.

    Roby D: Hi there and welcome to my blog. They're gifts, but you can find Mason Jars in True Value. :)


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