No To No Cross Dressing

I am not pleased with Valkyrie's 'No Cross Dressing Policy' and dehumanizing treatment of the LGBT community. Some of you may be wondering why I'm affected given that it is not an issue that concerns me, but let me just say that this individualistic mindset that most Filipinos possess is what stunts our progress.

By now, I bet you already know about the issue between the LGBT Community and Valkyrie, this new club in Taguig City. It's saddening and maddening, to say the least, and baffling at the same time because I could not believe why the "No Cross Dressing Policy", a policy that directly affects LGBTs, exists in a club that's supposed to be a bastion of modernity and considering that some of its shareholders are from the LGBT Community. Is this some kind of joke? Indeed it is and it's not funny.

The "No Cross Dressing" policy is problematic and ambiguous in itself and this is why it should be removed not only from Valkyrie, but from any establishment that uses it.

1. Cross Dressing and Transgender are not the same.

- The problem with the term Cross Dressing is people immediately think about the LGBT community when they hear or read it-this explains why Transgender women are directly affected by No Cross Dressing policies 99% of the time. By definition, Cross Dressing means to wear clothing typical of the opposite sex and Transgender means identified with a gender other than the biological one. They may be connected, but they do not have the same meaning. Unfortunately, these terms are often confused and misused.

2. Simply put, it's DISCRIMINATION.

- Transgender women are banned from such clubs just because they don't dress "normally". But what is normal anyway? Normal is relative. If we insist on this standard of "normal", I am a cross dresser, too because I like wearing jeans and shorts most of the time...and so is Jesus Christ.

3. It promotes discord.

- Rigid policies like this create more gaps between humanity. Is this what we want our children to grow up in? And by the way, how does cross dressing endanger humanity for certain institutions to ban it?!

4. Gender is an idea, not a piece of clothing.

- Because it's 2015 and the holier-than-thou approach to gender is obsolete already.

Another key player in discriminatory practices against the LGBT community is Hypocrisy. Everyone is for freedom, unless money talks. When fame, privilege, and fortune are on the line, the others get thrown under the bus. Oh, this is another story.

There is more to this "No Cross Dressing" policy. To say that one should not cross dress is to take away their freedom and identity. It is a subtle way of subscribing to suppression and all forms of human cruelty. Nothing is more demeaning to an individual than to ignore their existence.

Your thoughts?

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10 Lovely Thoughts

  1. I only heard one side of this issue so I can't really say anything about this for now. But I feel you Ms. Martha. I think we should be more open about the Transgenders and quit discriminating them and just live our own lives. :))

  2. I couldn't agree more! I was so pissed the first time I knew the issue, I was like "Really now?" I expected more acceptance from the club since some share holders are actually members of the LGBT Community but it turned my expectations wrong.
    And one more thing I'm so pissed about are the shallow people who are rooting for Valkyrie saying, "It's their Policy just respect that!Simple" or "It's just a Policy it's not discrimination" and " Edi lumipat nalang kayo ng ibang club marami pa nman dyan, pinagpipilitan nyo sarili nyo tapos magagalit kayo pag napahiya kayo!" Ugh! Poor people! I know we all have the freedom to express ourselves and opinion but pls try harder guys!

    Thanks Ms. Martha for this article it made a good outlet for me. :)

  3. Watched this topic on A&A last night. Yes, I hate the fact that at some point there is a discriminating issue to our transgender fellowmen. But in my opinion, the valkyrie has the rights also to implements policy they want so just accept it na lang, sila din naman ang mababawasan ng customers. Soon they will realize the disadvantages of their policy. I think there are more clubs naman na does not have that kind of policy so it's better to support them para maging successful naman club nila;)

  4. I lol'ed at the Jesus Christ analogy. It's saddening that a lot of people are still very much ignorant about gender sensitivity, let alone respecting others.

  5. i agree with this 100%! You cant be judged just by what you prefer to wear. I thought most of us are in the modern age already, and that the LBGT community is already a part of our "community". I guess there are still some who are insensitive and judgemental. such a disappointment.

  6. I'm honestly guilty of confusing transgenders and cross dressers, I feel like they're the same to me. I'll research more on this.

    As to the issue, what bothers me most is their inconsistency to that rule. I see celebs (both cross-dressers and trannies) partying there, so why are the others not allowed? Is it because they're "celebrities" or "VIPs"? Is it because they have connections? Obviously, yes. Which leads me to ask, so para saan ang no cross dressing policy? What do you want to achieve?
    This issue frustrates me because I don't think they have issues with the LGBT community because some of the shareholders are part of that community, what I really don't understand and I hope Valkyrie answers this is, why the discrimination? Why let other clients in and others don't? And please don't give me that "baka mabastos sila" answer I read somewhere!

    Great post, Martha. Nailabas ko ang sama ng loob ko sa issue na to.

  7. I know a blogger who was first handedly affected by the situation and it was so sick to know that a club can do that. There's no other explanation but they are discriminating people. It was a horror news talaga. I didn't know there are establishments that embrace discrimination. They don't even know what a transgender is

  8. This is not rant worthy. Let her fight her own battle. Lgbt should focus sa mga naghihirap at walang makain na gays. Funny why big deal di lang napapasok.

    1. While I understand where you're coming from, with all due respect, I personally think it's a topic that still needs to be discussed. Rich or poor, discrimination is still discrimination.

  9. I think they should just do away with that anti-cross dressing policy. It shames people. Imagine your friends are waiting for you and you can't come in at all because of some policy that divides people from each. It's frustrating.


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