The Beauty Junkee's 6th Anniversary Meet-And-Greet

The nice thing about Meet-And-Greet events is I get to verify at least to myself that I still have my people skills. LOL! :D

Kidding aside, the nicest thing about such events is I get to personally thank all those who made The Beauty Junkee possible and here are some of them.

Last week, I held a very intimate meet-and-greet with some of the winners of my 6th Anniversary Giveaway. We talked, ate, laughed, and reveled in beauty products-how I wish we could've extended the fun, but we met on a Sunday and all had other stuff to accomplish, too! Still, I'm thankful for the chance, though quick, to meet more TBJ heads. :)

Why these ladies, just like the previous winners, deserve an introduction as well! Click READ MORE and get to know them more.

Abegaill Villacruz is probably one of my most diligent commenters-EVER. She never gets tired of sharing her thoughts and experiences on my blog posts, and I appreciate that a lot because most of the time, I pick up new things from her as well. 

Elaine Mendoza goes by the quirky moniker, BrownOso in the comments section-she's been a reader since 2013, I believe.

Rovie Calonge, one of my readers since 2012, is the sister of Abegaill Bautista, one of the first- ever supporters of my blog. It's a pleasure to have the two of you as my most avid readers. :D

Blogger and new mommy Jacq Paraguya blogs at jacqwritesworld.blogspot.com. I met Jacq and her hubby in an out-of-town event that I attended last year, and I remember that she's so pleasant to talk with. :)

Marielle Ong is Matromao and sometimes foodworldme in the comments section. She's a Blogger as well and blogs at foodworldme.wordpress.com. I always love reading and responding to Marielle's insightful comments, plus I love how keen she is when it comes to scrutinizing product features, payoff, quality, and whatnots, thus I learn something new from her every time too!

Ana Liza Benetua has been around, reading my blog and commenting mostly on my Facebook posts for the last one or two years already. I like how enthusiastic she is when it comes to makeup!

Donna Bautista has been a reader since 2012 and she said that what got her hooked on my blog was my review on Aztec Healing Clay, which, according to her, she tried after reading my review and ended up loving. She came with her sister, Agnes, who's one of my readers as well. The two lovely sisters are planning to start a blog soon-looking forward to that. ;)

Here's Janeen Ferreria, Beauty Blogger at beautycolada.com. She's been reading my blog since 2012, I believe. Woot! :D I met her separately because she couldn't make it to the meet-and-greet due to work and mommy duties. Still, thanks for making time and I hope you'll enjoy the products. :D

And here's another winner whom I met separately as well because she had to go back home to Tuguegarao before the meet-and-greet: Stacie Noelle Chan. She's been a reader since 2013, I believe. She's really good at drawing and was so kind to gift me with my own sketch! Such a darling! Thank you for that lovely gift, Stacie. Enjoy your prizes. :)

Other winners were Ayessa Tolentino who lives in Davao, Jhessica Recto who could not meet me because she had to help transfer their home stuff to their new house, and Jenisse Encanto, a Pinay who's now based in Dubai.

Look who dropped by: Rovie's cutie pie! What a precious moment. :)

And that's a wrap! Thank you all for allowing me to share a piece of me and be a blessing to others. You guys rock! I hope to see you all very soon. :)

I can't wait to meet more readers in my upcoming 7th Anniversary! :D

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17 Lovely Thoughts

  1. After reading this, I must say that they all deserve it. Congratulations ladies. There's nothing much pleasuring than meeting the person you've been following.

  2. As soon as I got back to my grandma's place in Manila, my aunt who's taking care of my grandma, my sister and I, asked me what I got and I said "madami, mabigat" XD I took what I wanted the most, then she took what she wanted, the rest, she took a picture of and sent it to their "sisters" group chat :D So my mom and my five other aunts each got something :D

    I went with Micah and I gave her the Dashing Diva Mani-Pedi coupon which she enjoyed, she traveled back to the US the next day :) Then the two other coupons, I gave out to my friends since I didn't have time to use it anymore, but at least those made them happy :D

    I am now enjoying the Happy Skin eyeliner which I use to practice and the orange blush. I loooooooove orange and I was so happy to get it :) It goes well with my orange lip colors :D

  3. So that's what happens after the giveaway! The reward is not just the bunch of products but meeting you as well..awww thats so nice. I hope to win next year!! :(

  4. Thanks again, Miss Martha! Meeting you is always a memorable experience! More power to you! :)

  5. Ang gaganda ng ngiti nila ^_^ Congrats everyone...

  6. Thanks so much Martha!!! :) and thanks naaalala mo pa kami from last year's Nestle
    Event. :) Na-touch ako :) God bless you and more power to your blog :)

  7. Congratulations everyone!! All of you looked stunning!

  8. At nakasali pa ang makulit na bata. hahaha.

    Thanks again Ms. Martha! It was a pleasure meeting and knowing you! Hope to see you again soon! BTW My Mother-in-law Followed you in FB! hihi.

  9. Elaine pala ang real name ni BrownOso, ang cute ng username nya! Ang ganda rin ng real name nya. I'm sure you had lots of fun during the meet and greet. Haay kainggit! Congrats to the winners!

  10. Happy 6th, Martha! It's nice to see some familiar faces here. I think it's a great idea to do a meet and greet alongside prize distribution!

  11. This is a priceless moment:) congrats everyone!!:)

  12. Omg super fun day! It was like a dream. Thank you! :)

  13. Again, congratulations to all the winners. Indeed some of the winners were familiar as I have read their comments not only here but in other blogs as well. And yet again, Happy 6th TBJ!

  14. You made every girl very happy Ms. Martha with all those bag full of awesome prizes and most important the opportunity to meet you. I will be very happy too if I was one of the chosen winner but it's okay! I bet it's a super fun day for you and for them, as well! :D

  15. Had an amazing time! There's no other place to release the inner beauty junkee than with like-minded gals. No judgement, lots of support, and tons of sharing. Happy 6th again and happy birthday! <3

  16. Enjoy your products, ladies! Hoping to meet more winners next year! :)

    Beauty By Tellie: Thank you! I prefer to do this because aside from I want to meet my readers, ma-effort magbalot ng prizes haha!

  17. It was a pleasure meeting you Ms. Martha! And it was so nice to meet my fellow readers too! Naging friends kami lahat in an instant. :) Sobrang saya ko pati sa prizes! I shared it with my mom and sisters too! And my dad got the perfume for men. I never really expected winning, so thank you again! Marami ka pang blog anniversary na dadating for sure. :D


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