DEAR READERS: Is Toner Necessary For You?

I've been getting a couple of requests about my DEAR READERS segment, which I started about a year or two ago; Reason being is apart from my answers, a lot of readers loved gaining insights and discovering recommendations from fellow readers, thus widening their options. I agree with them so I'm bringing it back--I'm easy! :D

My question for today is inspired by my current favorite skin care product: TONERS. I don't know why, but I'm so addicted to them lately; it's like I wanna try all toners in the world and even if I still have about 8 back- ups from various brands, I'm still yearning for more. :p

Dear readers, do you think toner is necessary? Why or why not?

For me, Toner is GREAT because as an avid user, I really noticed how it has improved my skin by giving it that second round of clean and at the same time, preparing my skin to receive the benefits of my succeeding skin care products. Also, Toners are in liquid form and are absorbed much quicker by the skin than any other skin care product, therefore you can benefit more from its skin caring properties.

However, Toning is not as necessary as exfoliation and cleansing so maybe that's why Toner has always been that extra step for a lot of people. Yes, Toner is just that extra step, but it has brought me closer to my ideal skin.

Here's my top 6:

1. Kiehl's Blue Herbal Astringent
2. Etude House Collagen Moistfull Facial Freshener
3. Antipodes Ananda Toner
4. Snoe Awesome Poresome Toner
5. Clinique Clarifying Lotion 3
6. Shiseido Ibuki Softening Concentrate

So that's my opinion with toner. How about you? Share your thoughts. Share your favorite toners too!

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16 Lovely Thoughts

  1. Okay so when I saw your new layout I literally said "woah" to my computer and needed to use the Ctrl F to find where the add comment button is. Great layout :)

    Anyway, I actually think that Toner IS a necessary step. Toners are not only in liquid form but some come in a lotion-like consistency. What the Koreans call as freshner or skin is toner. Before I got into makeup, Toner is ink for me XD Like the ones in photocopying machines. I read before that some toners bring back the correct pH level of the skin preparing the skin for moisturizer.

  2. HI MS. Martha!I personally think toner is an essential step in my regimen.I haactually have 3-4 the products that I use daily, namely :facial foam,toner then last is a basic moisturizer. That is all.So toner is really important since it preps my skin for the slap of moisturizer or I even skip on the moisturizer since my toner is hydrating enough for my skin.BTW I love rosewater toners and I am currently in love with Mamonde 's rosewater toner.Very gentle and it is perfect for my oily combination skin.:-)

  3. I am sorry I used the mail section instead of the comment section. I didn't notice the add comment part when I opened your blog an hour ago.
    Anyway, I think toners are helpful in removing dirt and oil that facial washes leave behind.Some toners are moisturizing, too. I stopped using toners when I got pregnant but decided to use one again because I noticed that pores were very obvious and I oil up a lot. I bought a toner from Belo thinking it would complement the Belo moisturizer that I am using. It helps to thorougly clean my skin. I also like the refreshing feel when I use it. I bet the toners that you mentioned were even more effective and has more benefits.

  4. Pretty blog! 😍

    Yes, using a toner is important as it helps clean the smallest areas of the skin that a cleanser cannot. I like how my skin really feels clean and cool afterwards. I have tried Kiehls too and it's nice but expensive.

  5. hi ms. m! :) yes i think toner is necessary. it gives your skin that extra freshness and hydration..and yes extra clean! i mostly love korean toners or i think they also call that emulsion. i've had great experience with japanese toners too(sorry dont remember the name,mostly are given by my cousin) but yeah i think if you have a skincare regimen, toner should not be missed. but for first timers, one must use an alcohol-free to avoid the sting! just to be on the safe

  6. Shiseido Benefiance Skin Softener is my absolute fave! Next level skin talaga!!

  7. I love your blog's new look! So posh! (^-^)

    To answer your question Miss M, I only have recently appreciated the benefit of using toners (like less than a year ago)- that it cleans my skin and helps shrink my pores. I have tried some local and Korean brand but my fave at the moment would be Etude House Wonder Pore. How I wish I can afford to purchase those toners you have on your list too! Cheers!

  8. As someone with dry skin, I only use toner when I feel like my face is really dirty--as in the super deep-into-my-pores-because-pollution-is-everywhere-even-on-my-face kind of dirty. Otherwise, most toners tend to strip my face of the natural moisture and oils. Most of the time, my trusty facial cleansers (oil or wash) are able to get the job done, so I only use toner on dirty days and when I do my full-blown skin care routine twice a week. BUT I also do use toner (the super astringent kind, like Eskinol) for those really red and angry pimples. It minimizes the swelling, plus causes the pimple to "pop" and disinfects the area so that it heals without leaving pimple marks. So I'd say having a toner on your vanity is a must but not for everyday use if you're a dry skin gal like me!

  9. Whoa! Total blog makeover :) I agree that toner is important in your skin care regimen because it makes your skin extra clean. I feel incomplete when I dont use my toner. Im currently using Nivea's toners and Im loving it.

  10. Ahh. I can comment now! Yey! I use toner everyday. It's an essential for me. It takes of any remaining residue from my cleanser and it feels refreshing for me. I feel incomplete without toners. My favorite is the Dickinson's Witch Hazel toner. Have been using that for years. Just need a tiny amount for my whole face and it comes in such a big bottle it lasts for more than a year! Thanks for this post. :)

  11. Great new layout! Definitely a step up from your previous one. This new one looks mature and classy, loveit!

    As for toning, yes, I agree that it is a great addition to your skin care regimen. It's like an extra step to cleansing your face and making sure that you don't have any makeup residue.

  12. I agree that toner is necessary, I currently use Celeteque (Facial wash, toner, moisturizer)

  13. I love toners. I'm loving to see those dirts on the cotton:) I feel so clean. I almost tried many local toners but nivea will always be my fave. I'm enjoying your new layout!!;)

  14. Like most of the commenters here, I do think that toners are really necessary, especially if you like to put makeup everyday. It cleans our face more and prepare it our skin to absorb that we will be using next, moisturizers, sunscreen,serum, etc. As a commuter, toner helps my skin to be healthier despite the dirt and dust that I am encountering. :)

  15. Trisha: Thank you!; Precisely one of the reasons why I love toners. :D

    abegaill: So true! I rarely commute, but I still get really dirty skin everyday that's why toner is really important because it just cleans your skin thoroughly!

    Jeremy: Thanks :D

    Jennifer: Hello and welcome to my blog! Thanks for sharing :)

    Anne_22: Not to mention, this layout looks classier and more modern haha. :D

    Donna: I have tried Dickinson's in the past too. I agree that it's great, but I just couldn't stand its smell. :p

    Dessa: Thanks for sharing. :D

    Jessy: Ah, yes, you're on the right path. I even won't recommend everyday toning to my dry- skinned readers, not even mild toners because any form of liquid can dry out a dry surface even more.

    Mommy Charm: Glad you like the new layout :D I've heard wonderful stuff about Wonder Pore, but unfortunately, it's always out of stock!

    Beauty By Tellie: Haha! Dyosa level na ba?

    Pbhie: Thanks for sharing your regimen. I would love to try that rose toner! :D

    Jhake: No worries! :D Belo is a good brand. I like their Acne Pro toner. :)

    CJ: Agree! Thanks for the awesome tip. :)

  16. Toners, i never thought it was important part of the basic skincare i havent tried shiseido toner, but i found cheaper ones like Celeteque here are list of toners that i have tried
    (1.) Ponds (2.) Celeteque (3.) Nivea (4.) Philosophy Total Matteness -- deluxe sample and (5.) Mary Kay i want to try Olay and Etude House brands


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