HOW TO: DIY Hydrating Foot Scrub

This experimental mask came about right after getting home from Thailand. I arrived in the country at around 7 in the evening and wanted to have a foot spa as I did a lot of walking in my vacation, but I was too tired to even think about which foot spa to go to. I thought that a foot scrub is a good alternative so when I got home, I made one! I made a hydrating foot scrub because I noticed that my feet looked dull and felt dry, and thought that hydration will bring it back to life. The best part here is everything can be found in your kitchen! :)

Sharing the recipe below!

2 Tbsp. Rolled Oats
1 Tsp. Olive Oil
2 Tbsp. Muscovado (alternative: Brown Sugar)
2 Tbsp. Cosmetic Aloe Vera Gel (alternative: Pure Aloe Vera Gel; Petroleum Jelly)

STEP 1: Mix the rolled oats and muscovado in a dry bowl. Oats will promote exfoliation and moisture while Muscovado's smaller- sized particles will provide a more targeted exfoliation.

STEP 2: Add Olive Oil and mix the ingredients into a paste.

STEP 4: Add Aloe Vera Gel. Aloe Vera Gel is a great skin hydrator and it will also provide a gentle, moisturizing base.

 We're done! It looks like porridge, eh?

P.S. Please don't eat it!

This is how it looks like on the skin. It's hydrating, easy to make and use, and super affordable. I left the concoction on my feet for 10 minutes and after rinsing it off, my feet felt really smooth and looked refreshed!

If you're interested to purchase cosmetic Aloe Vera, which I think you should because this multipurpose product is a wonder salve for the skin, you can try these products that I swear by: Aloe Derma Pure Aloe Vera Gel, Nature Republic Aloe Vera 92%, and Tony Moly Pure Aloe Gel, which is not included in the photo.

Let me know what you think about this foot scrub recipe of mine when you try it. :)

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11 Lovely Thoughts

  1. i have that gel (in tube) which i got from the company itself after answering their survey i think it was october-november last year and it was pretty good and that gel in tub is the TFS best seller item it is always out of stock!

    thank you for this awesome diy tutorial ms m!

  2. Cool! What a way to spice up a DIY foot scrub. I only every use baking soda but that's abrasive and not really hydrating. Haha. Will definitely try this. Thanks for this post! :)

  3. I love the aloe vera gel used in this tutorial too.On it's own it's already good at providing hydration and I can expect that this will be more beneficial with the addition of natural ingredients.I love oatmeal by the way.I will try this recipe Ms.Martha for my feet who will also love some hydration.Thanks

  4. omg! thank you so much for sharing this Ms. M! i just need it in time! we had an out of town last weekend and my feet needed the foot scrub. good thing i have the ingredients on my pantry. the aloe vera gel is surely a great addition to this. this mixing is superb!

  5. I have the nature republic aloe vera gel. I think I bought it on sale. :) And I'm super glad I bought it. I super love this DIY foot scrub. Will definitely try this one once I have emptied my foot scrub. :) I so love doing things at home. It's less expensive pa.

  6. Thanks for posting this Ms. Martha. I used to watch Cory Aquino's show, ( a late night show) and it's there I saw her recommending a natural way to exfoliate using a kitchen staple: sugar ( brown sugar I think). She did a demo, and she scrubbed the sugar over her elbow. I also use oatmeal as well. Then I am not sure if you read Teen Magazine (US), there they also feature DIY facial masks, I think in that article, they blended strawberries and used it as a mask( I forgot the ingredients used already, so sorry!!)

  7. Thanks for sharing this. I really love DIYs and to learn it's for foot spa. This is just amazing! Can't get over your posts, got to share them. More power!

  8. I love this post, Martha!! :)

  9. THIS IS JUST IN TIME. Great I've found your blog in IG, got interested in giveaways and i never thought i'll find the solution to my boyfie's problem. Haha. He's doing a lot of standing in his work, i recommend him getting a foot spa but has no time. And yay! All the recipes can be found at home. For short, we'll definitely try this. :)

  10. Yes to foot scrubs! My feet really need some extra loving because of my fast-paced jogs. I love binge reading your previous posts. <3


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