Sumptuous Sundays: Dean And Deluca

Did you guys miss my Sumptuous Sundays posts? I did, too. It's just that I got so, so, so busy. :( I always look forward to writing for this segment of mine because it lets me celebrate one of my biggest passions and that is Food.

Actually, I still don't have time yet to write for Sumptuous Sundays, but I squeezed this one in my tight schedule because I could not wait to share with everyone this new favorite restaurant of mine: Dean And DeLuca.

Dean And DeLuca is a ritzy grocery and eatery that was established 35 years ago in SoHo, lower Manhattan with a mission to provide tasty treats, memorable feasts, be a venue for people who love gathering over fine food and drink, and a one-stop shop for cooked meals and fresh, raw ingredients; It became one of New York's must- visit food destinations both for locals and tourists who share a burning love for Food.

The first Dean And DeLuca branch I saw was in Bangkok, Thailand. I wanted to try it, but didn't get to for a lot of reasons and I'm sure the main one is I was always stuffed like a Turkey. :p Dean And Deluca recently opened in the Philippines at Edades, Rockwell, Makati City-I only found out about this recently. Can't believe it's now here in my own backyard. My sumptuous Dean And DeLuca dreams have come to life. :)

From what I observed, they feature Italian-American fusion cuisine, which is perhaps inspired by the owners' roots. They have pastries, pasta, pizza, sandwiches, cakes, bread, and salad. The flagship store in here has a cozy atmosphere and is perfectly situated in an area with relaxing, inspiring greenery. There are foods for sale, but I could not say that the branch here stayed true to the grocery concept of the company.
PRICE RANGE: Soup and Salad start at P280; Pizza starts at P800.00; Mains start at P650.00; Pasta starts at P460.00; Dessert starts at P160.00; Pastries and Bread start at P80.00
For my first visit, here are the food that my BF and I ordered:

Dean And Deluca's Lemon Ice Tea is bursting with citrusy freshness. They're well- known for coffee, soda, and drink mixes so don't miss out on them. I made the mistake of sipping this drink right away without observing it at first and it was too late already when I realized that I swallowed pure syrup. The tea is sweetened with flavored sugar syrup so mix it thoroughly before drinking. It's not the healthiest drink, but who cares? It's delish! LOL #Yolo #ThisIsWhyIWorkOut

To stimulate my appetite, I had a light and savory bowl of Cream Of Mushroom Soup (P280.00). It's the lightest COMS I have tried and thank God for that. 

Arugula Salad (P380.00) is my fave Dean And DeLuca dish and perhaps, my most favorite salad dish! It's pure Arugula drizzled with Balsamic Reduction and accompanied by Beets, Orange slices, cheese shavings, and Pine Nuts. Two, buttery grilled bread sticks rest atop the salad to make it a little more filling. Arugula is my most favorite salad green and if possible, I want to have only this green in my salad bowl. That dream came true at Dean and DeLuca!

Spaghetti With Bacon (P410.00). It's plain ol' Carbonara. How brilliant of them to include a soft boiled yolk on it-it's a key ingredient that a lot of Carbonara recipes in the Philippines miss. The chefs in here are thinking. PEOPLE, YOU HAVE TO KNOW THAT CARBONARA IS NEVER WITHOUT AN EGG YOLK.

Smoked Turkey (P460.00) was my BF's order. I am not the biggest sandwich fan, but I appreciated this one so much. The sandwiches here are nicely prepared and very tasty.

There were so many nice- looking desserts, but my tummy could only accommodate one, sadly. I decided to go for NY Style Cheesecake with Seasonal Jam and Whipped Cream (P220.00). It has the perfect size for one person and has a very yummy sour-sweet-savory taste. It's good cheesecake, I must say.

Carrot Cake (P180.00) was my BF's meal ender. It's soft, moist, lightly sweet, and has a very interesting texture due to the stuffings in it.

Serving sizes at Dean And DeLuca are good for 1 to 2 persons. This restaurant instantly became my favorite not only because of their satisfying and pretty tasty meals, but also the fab location it is in. Food here tastes fresh as well and it's probably the biggest factor why I ended up loving this restaurant after my first try. I can't wait to bring my foodie friends and mom in here! :)

Dean And DeLuca is located at Edades, Rockwell, Makati City. Give them a call at 246-9069.

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  1. The food presentation looks so nice. It reminds me of a resto I've been before but I forgot already. :/ Not so fan of carbonara but if it tasted extraordinary, I will definitely eat that. :) I'm drooling over the salad, I'm a salad lover too. I can eat just salad if I'm challenged to. But I will never eat a carrot cake. Haha. Just not my type

  2. The foods looks delicious!! Smoked turkey and spaghetti with bacon makes me excited the most:) yumyum!! Like the place too:)

    1. Yup! You should visit it when you visit Manila. :D

  3. yesss!we miss sumptuous sundays!i have been wondering and was about to ask.haha.the carbonara looks yummy and good thing they added the yolk because i wouldn't have been oriented!!!lol.hope they will have a branch here in davao soon.

    1. Yes! I hope they'll have a branch in BGC soon too! :)

  4. Dessert lover here! So I was more interested with the desserts. They look so yummy especially the cheesecake with jam and whipped cream.

  5. sumptuous sundays posts makes me feels like already full just by seeing and reading your reviews makes me feel that i was with you during your sumptuous treats!

  6. Was binge-reading and lurking when I saw this! YUMMM. I just saw this recently on Kris TV and I'm seriously hoping they come to Cebu. Gahhh


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