Ever Bilena EB Advance Supreme Lipsticks Review + Swatches

Here's a review on Ever Bilena EB Advance Supreme Lipsticks.

Price: P195.00
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Hello, ladies! Hope Monday's not too manic for you. :) When the going gets tough, just remember to breathe--close your eyes, count your breath 3- 5 times, and slowly open your eyes. That should get your focus back. Always works for me!

I'm sharing my latest, cool discovery from Ever Bilena called EB Advance Supreme Lipsticks. EB Advance is a sub- brand under Ever Bilena and judging from the quality and pricing of the products, this feels like EB's premium makeup range; P195 doesn't seem like premium for most, but in marketing, it's premium for a certain target market. But I won't discuss marketing here.

In all honesty, I never liked Ever Bilena's color range just because...But things change and glad to know that Ever Bilena changed for the better with EB Advance Supreme Lipsticks, one of the brand's nicest, richest lipstick products. Swatchfest in a few!


EB Advance Supreme Lipsticks come in two variants: Matte and Creme. They feature rich pigments, a moisture- infusing formula, and comes in 6 shades, respectively.

Aside from being one of the nicest and richest, I think this is the EB lipstick that has the chicest packaging.


Creme has a light cream texture and light to medium coverage while Matte has a demi- matte finish and medium to heavy coverage. Both variants have a uniform light, floral fragrance. Upon swatching, I was surprised at how nice these lipsticks are considering the price. They're 70% close to the quality of Avon's lipsticks already, but definitely more affordable. I can summarize my experience with these products when I tried 'em on in one word: "In fairness!"


Jackie O.

- A warm pink shade

Jackie O., to me, is the MLBB shade in this range.


- A light pink shade with a hint of Beige. 

Despite its paleness, Twiggy, surprisingly, looks good on Morenas. I would never expect a good pale pink shade in drugstore brands so good job on this shade, Ever Bilena.


- A bright red shade.

Hmmm...Okay, what happened here. This doesn't look quite red to me and I hope they chose another hue.


- A hot pink shade.

Venus is a shade that will give your face a wearable pop of color. The hint of gloss in it made it fresh, thus even more wearable in my opinion.


- A brick pink shade with silver foiling.

Audrey is a pretty shade and this is my most favorite amongst the five. It's an earthy Pink that could be my go- to shade for meetings.

Summer Berry

- A tropical Pink shade.

Summer Berry is a lovely weekend shade. EB Advance's Supreme Matte lipstick is good, but it's the kind of matte lipstick for young girls. I have a certain preference of matte and it's 99% shine- free and bold.

Staying power is so-so since these lipsticks have a pretty creamy finish, most especially the Creme variants. EB Advance Supreme Lipsticks are actually good in terms of quality--it's a far cry from their lipsticks before and inexpensive. My tiny problem with it is the shade selection: I just find it too Pink, but this would not be a problem if you like Pink lipsticks. Nonetheless, this is a good one from EB Advance!


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22 Lovely Thoughts

  1. I've always had this certain bias when it comes to Ever Bilena products. They just don't stand out to me. But there was this one time I was waiting for my dad to finish his groceries and to kill time, I go browse the makeup/skin care section and I see the EB kiosk. I mentally told myself "Why the heck not?" so I went there and these lipsticks were the first ones I saw and I was actually impressed! I also had the same reaction as you did. Not bad for Ever Bilena, eh? I was very tempted to buy one but I didn't because I have other lipsticks I need to use up. My problem with Ever Bilena is that their shade range is so limited and not very morena friendly. Their face powders are so pink toned it might as well be blush! Yikes. But that's just me. Thanks for this post! :)

  2. i already had the Twiggy ms m and it doesnt fit my skintone well (pero i saw it on ms Sunshine Cruz and Francine Prieto it was so adorable! nah.. not on me hehe) i also had the Pink Punch and it was pretty pink shade at least medyo bumagay sa akin.. i am planning to buy Jackie O and Venus. (they were favorite shade of ms sunshine too - - i saw on their IG account ms m) i love that most of them were matte and who wont be tempted to buy for a lippie that costs less than 200php? Im sold. (minsan kailangan ko talagang umiwas sa watsons at cosmetics area haha lalo na pag may sale)

    Finally, you reviewed them ms m, im waiting for your swatches hihi.. from the six shades and swatches above i love Venus and Jackie O on you (ayan mas convinced na rin ako na sila na ang next purchase ko hehe)

    Happy Monday Ms M!

  3. Ever Bilena has special place in my heart Ms.Martha. During the time when I was first tying makeup eb talaga yung affordable hehe. I love their matte lipsticks. This lipstick line is nice since it has moisturizing ingredient perfect for our rainy weather. It also surprise me because all the shades suit your morena skin! Perfect for filipina talaga!

    1. Same! my first fave brow liner is by EB! :D

  4. In fairness, improving ang Ever Bilena! Didn't like them before too since I disn't have a good experience with their lipstick (too patchy for me), but these range got me curious. Would probably get one when I visit the mall. :)

  5. Can you do a makeup tutorial on your look on this blog post po? It look so pretty and everyday appropriate kasi :)

    1. Hi there! thank you. Just did and it's this post: FMF: You only need 5 makeup products for your everyday makeup. :)

  6. I find the formula of EB lipsticks to be fine, but what I don't like is their limited shade range. Except for the matte lipsticks, the rest are common reds and pinks.

  7. Sweet. Ever Bilena has stepped up their game!

  8. In terms of finish, these lipsticks are great. But like everyone else, I also agree, their lipsticks are too pink (or sometimes red). I really hope they offer nude shades for that MLBB look. That would be such a steal considering their price range.

  9. I never liked Ever Bilena (sorry!) But a couple of my friends use their lip and cheek stain, it looks good on them :) Ever Bilena used to have this certain finish or color that I don't know, I just don't like. I still prefer Korean products because my overall appearance and skintone is more similar to theirs :D Good job for Ever Bilena though as these lippies didn't have that certain ever bilena feel to me.

    1. Same here, but these lippies are changing my mind. :D

  10. I have audrey too:) my sister have hot pink shade from matte line. I prefer the creme one because I find a bit hard to apply the matte one on the inner part of the lips. But still this worth to buy, it's affordable. btw, I love Mondays!:)

    1. That's the spirit! We should all love Monday's because it's basically new beginning for everyone! :D

      Thanks for sharing your faves from EB. :)

  11. Twiggy and Jackie O look good on you Miss M. I'd love to have Twiggy too although I still have a lot of lipsticks unused in my stash. Hopefully EB would still work on their products and come up with lipsticks that would stay longer on the lips.

  12. Thanks for reviewing this Ms. Martha. I am glad that EB has improved their color selection. Yeah, I was a bit skeptical too because Ever Bilena has a whole corner at this supermarket in my place, and they have this testers for the lipstick and the foundation. Their foundations are a bit orangey looking for me . I only tried the red looking ones from their tester lipsticks, as they are the only ones from their color selections that look good on me.

    Your rating on the EB lip stick's staying power is just right. It doesn't last long when you put them on. Anyway, what I liked about this post is that the color selections look better and have improved. All the colors looked good on you, though I liked Twiggy and Audrey on your lips. Wish EB could improve on the lipstick's staying power.

  13. I actually have the Venus and Elizabeth shades and I super love them! Talagang worth trying. Plus, I can hoard lots of shades since super affordable. I sometimes don't like EB lipsticks because some that I've tried before smells bad. Pero ngayon that they improved the formula, magttry na ko ulit from the brand. :) I don't mind reapplying since halos lahat ng lipstick sakin di talaga tumatagal dahil lagi akong kumakain at umiinom. :)

    1. My friend also loves the same shades you mentioned. :)

  14. I just bought their matte variant in Dusky Rose. I likedit so far. But for longevity. It can survive 4 hours without eating. But I kinda disliked its white tube. It looks cheaper than the eb matte in black tube. But overall, their 2016 shades focused on brown and nude shades so it looks like they're pretty catching up with the latest fab colors.


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