Tony Moly Intense Care Premium Snail Set Review

Here's a review on Tony Moly Intense Care Premium Snail Cream And Eye Cream Set.

Price: P2,098.00
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And my affair with Snail Secretion continues. The only Snail Secretion- infused products I prefer using are the ones by Tony Moly because they're effective and don't feel like Snail goo at all haha. :D

A month ago, I emptied this best- selling set called Tony Moly Intense Care Premium Snail Set, a skin care set that the owner of the company that distributes Tony Moly in the Philippines swears by. According to her, this set helps her maintain good skin and those whom she recommended this set to ended up swearing by it, most especially the cream. I'm one of them! :D


Intense Care Premium Snail Set features the best- selling Snail Cream and Eye Cream that contain a high concentration of Snail Secretion Filtrate. This is just one of the sets of the Premium Snail line.


Inside the Golden box, you'll find a jar of Intense Care Snail Cream, a spatula, a tube of Intense Care Snail Eye Cream, and a product pamphlet.

Intense Care Snail Cream

- Has anti- wrinkle, whitening, reparative, and skin- nourishing properties.

Consistency is light cream, but you can build it up for intense hydration and moisture. I used this as a night cream as I found it too heavy for daytime use. It has an energizing Mandarin scent. It does not settle onto the skin quickly so I made the right decision of using it as a night cream. I found its consistency friendly to my combination oily-normal skin--it protects my skin from the cold and I always wake up with moisturized- looking skin.

Tony Moly Intense Care Snail Eye Cream

- Has whitening, hydrating, and firming properties.

This is a fairly generous size for an eye cream, but first of all, it's a gel. Consistency is gel. It's refreshing and soothing, but it does not get absorbed quickly and it stung my eyes real bad too. Just like the cream, it has a Mandarin scent. I noticed that it firmed up the skin on my under eyes, but I only used it halfway because I was fed up at the stinging sensation.


Left: Before. Right: After
After two months of usage

I grabbed these photos from my Safeguard Dermasense review because about the same time, I was using the cream and eye cream. Notice that my skin tone had evened out, looked brighter, more nourished, and even if Snail Secretion does not claim to do it, I felt that it helped keep Acne at bay simply because it's a highly moisturizing, hydrating, and fortifying ingredient. Compare my under eyes in the two photos. Notice that in the After photo, my under eyes look firmer. Btw, I did not break out during usage.

I'm pretty satisfied with this set--thank God the cream worked so well on me that I did not mind if I ended up disliking the eye cream. However, I just feel that price is steep for a mass boutique skin care brand and I wish there would be trial sizes because not everyone will react positively to the products, and it would suck to know that they spent 2k just to break out.

Tony Moly Intense Care Snail Cream is my ticket to firmer, brighter, healthier- looking skin. It's best for combination oily-normal, normal, and slightly dry skin types; I see myself repurchasing it. The only problem is the cream, if I'm not mistaken, isn't sold separately (boo-hoo!). There's an individual snail cream sold at Tony Moly called Intense Care Gold Snail Cream, but is much more expensive than this and I don't know if both have the same formula. 

If you're thinking that this set is not worth it because of my not-so-favorable verdict on the eye cream, I'll tell you that it's actually good and effective if not for the stinging formula so it's not a total waste. Besides, it's the only way to get the cream and based on experience, it's worth the purchase!


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13 Lovely Thoughts

  1. I feel like after reading your review, this cream is calling my name! I love Mandarin scents and I am always on the hunt for a good night cream. My only problem is that it is in a tub but I think I can make an exception if it works that good! Wow. I'll definitely check this out. Thanks for this post! :)

    1. Welcome. Let me know how you like it when you get to try it. :)

  2. I'm looking for an eye cream that can lighten up my dark circles and Tony Moly's Intense Care Snail Eye Cream seems pretty much effective on you, Miss Martha. I hope it can be bought separately (and not sting my eyes!)

    1. Eye creams that helped minimize my dark circles are new peptin, nivea coq10 and laura mercier. :)

  3. woot i saw this from ms jirbie's post too and i really want to achieve eventoned skin + moisturized skin

  4. If only it's cheaper! I love Mizon's Snail Recovery Gel Cream, I think that's the name. I used it up so fast and it's just really good.I have a couple of friends who use it too and it's pure goodness! I want to repurchase soon, actually :)

  5. Your face did look brighter and more even-toned, Miss Martha! I loved the fact that the set came with a spatula so that's one big YAY since it's very unhygienic if you have to dip your fingers every single use. The only snail product that I have tried was a face mask from another brand and I also liked it! Had this set been a bit cheaper... (T_T) Oh well... Thanks for this review!

    1. Agree on the spatula. Hope you can try it soon. :)

  6. It's amazing how Korean brands set the trend. I first saw products with snail-secretion at Skin Food but they were very pricey. For this set, this was also pricey but I hope they make ones in sample sizes. Amazing yung effect ng Snail Cream, ang laki ng nagawang difference sa skin tone, pati rin sa puffiness ng eye bags. Too unfortunate nga lang na hindi siya sold separately. Now I'm curious to try on a Snail Face Mask as what a fellow commenter has said.

    1. I'm using a face mask with snail secretion too and I think it's the cheaper alternative to this one, although it's not environmentally friendly. Hope they'll sell the cream in this set separately!

  7. I'm also curious if they are sold separately. But it seems better to have them both, to see the full results. Ganda nga, nakalighten and even out ng skin tone. But I still have a snail product currently. I'm still halfway. haha. marami pang uubusin

    1. I have a Tony Moly snail secretion gel in a tub too so maybe I should finish that as well before moving on to a new product. :p


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