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Here's a review on Etude House Beauty Shot Face Blur.

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I think the ever famous SELFIE will cement itself as one of the most popular types of photography in history. First, it was registered as a formal term and now, it has spawned a new kind of makeup product called Blur Cream; I can't imagine what it will inspire next!

Blur Cream was invented to act as real life filter for glorious selfies because tweaking photos and finding the right filters take loads of time: just apply it, set it, and take your selfie. Even if you're not buying into this trend, you will still benefit from Blur Cream because it gives you smoother- looking skin by concealing pores and roughness. Etude House has one and it's Beauty Shot Face Blur; aside from being a blurring cream, it acts as a good primer too. Cool!


Claims to act as a 'filter' for your skin and make it selfie- ready, this blur cream contains Baby Pixel Powder/Blur Powder that make skin smooth by covering pores. Cover Powder hides skin imperfections and diffuses light on the skin. Airy Skin Powder controls sebum. It comes in one shade only.


Product comes with a pump dispenser; it pumps out the cream erratically though. Would advise that you hold it away from your clothes when using because the pump spouts the product out!

Consistency is a creamy liquid with a slight powdery scent; it smells nice, actually. It has a white-pink tint, which makes it a corrector as well on top of being a blur cream and primer. Coverage is sheer to light and it sets into a demi-matte finish.


Bare Face

Face with Shiseido Perfect Stick Concealer and a layer of Face Blur

Once it sets (which will only take about a few seconds), it feels semi- matte, but leaves a radiant payoff. This payoff projects through any face base, surprisingly and that's a good thing; you can skip highlighter with this product. It really does smooth the skin and make it appear plump and even. My minor issues with it are payoff is streaky and it tends to highlight dry patches.

Here's a close- up of my face with Face Blur to give you an idea of its blurring promise. It does blur out a few imperfections, but not all. I find that it works really well in filling up enlarged pores. Look at the tip of my nose-it's almost poreless! :D

You can treat Face Blur as a base or as a primer, whichever floats your boat. Personally, I treat it as a standalone base because its consistency may feel a bit thick at times for my combination skin; I just pair it off with a heavy duty powder foundation to get that liquid foundation finish. Look how smooth my skin is in this photo! :)

I got even more impressed with this product because of its staying power: it kept my T-Zone oil- free for about 5 hours and sebum only gradually seeped through by the 6th hour; it kept the rest of my face fresh and normal.

Overall, this is a pretty cool product: blurs imperfections, keeps you practically oil- free, and makes skin look a bit radiant. It's basically a Selfie secret. I'm not so much into selfies, but I'd love to have this in my stash as one of my primers because it's got good oil control!


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16 Lovely Thoughts

  1. I saw this at Etude House before, but didn't give some attention because I was busy buying their Drawing Eye Brow pencil. Hahaha. I love their Cotton Fit BB cream. I bought it last year, Dec. 31, and I still got a lot of product left. It's soo sulit, and I love that I bought it at a discounted price. Maybe I'll check this Blur Face shot next time I go to their store. Thanks for the review, Ms. Martha!

  2. You look so flawless Mr. Matha. :)

    Btw, I'm in a search for my HG primer and your post helped me to choose which one I will try.
    Thank you for sharing! More power to your blog!

  3. I used this a while ago but I used it alone so after 8 hours my face is not that fresh looking anymore, I guess I really need to use pressed powder over this product. But it looks great in your skin though :)

  4. I'm planning on buying this! I had two samples of this and I really enjoyed it. I like brightening bases. I don't use too much else I'll have a ghost face! Whenever I use this, there's something about it that makes my face look radiant and fresh. I thinj this is definitely worth the splurge!

  5. i have tried EH base/primer and it does what is says ms m and i think EH is a good buy cosmetics without making you feel guilt for the price

  6. I'm really impressed with Etude House's face bases, they seem really good and I've been looking for something for my combo skin. Though I was a bitthrown off when you said it highlights the dry patches of your face. :/ ah what a shame! Maybe nest time you could review their Dust Cut finishing cream and spray, it's been advertised as an effective barrier for your face against pollution and so far. it looks promising. But I would really want to read your opinion on it! Thank you so much miss Martha! Another insightful post!

  7. So even if it's one shade, does it mean that it will still suit all other skin types?

  8. it really looks good on you ms. m! it can make the skin look makinis. :) and i think the product is perfect because it can keep you oil free for long hours. :)

  9. Max factor creme puff looks good on you Ms.Martha

  10. Amazing transformation from sweet bare face to final vampy look! Love the lipstick.

    I haven't tried any etude house product because i feel like it does not suit my morena skin. But this product looks too promising to not try.

  11. Thought it looks too white on the skin, I guess you just have to offset with a darker foundation or bronzer. But the finished look is great!

  12. I've been planning to buy this since it launched :D Currently though, I have two bases so I am working hard on finishing one of them to buy this :) I feel like if I get this, I don't have to apply foundation or BB cream anymore since my pimple scars/hyper pigmentation is covered by my bangs XD

  13. How I wish etude will open branch here too. So many products that I wanted to try. This is impressive! I agree, it makes your skin so smooth on the final photo plus it has good oil control too. Btw, your motd is so gorgeous! Oh I wish I can pull off that kind of look one day:)

  14. Woah. That's so smooooth. I didn't get this because it's too light, but it looks great when color corrected!

  15. Once again, I am starstruck with your photo! You look radiant. I am giving this a try. I am currently using Benefit's Pore Minimizer which has successfully covered my pores. But I want to look radiant too, so I am greatly considering it. Thanks for the review, Ms. Martha!!!

  16. I love it's oil-free property! Mukhang I would want to try this soon. I want to use this as a primer. I hope it's as good as the porefessional. The staying power is impressive too. :)


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