How To: Create A Blogger Media Kit

The ber months are here and that means influx of work for Bloggers in forms of advertorials, advertisements, ambassadorships, and whatnots must be expected. Do you have your Media Kit ready?

What's a Media Kit?

Now this is the question that you might not want to reply to agencies and clients who request for your Media Kit because it's a sign that: 1.) You're very new, therefore you need more experience before being given a bigger task (aka Better luck next time). 2.) It makes you look unprofessional especially if you've been Blogging for quite a while now.

A Media Kit is basically your portfolio as a Blogger; This is what you send to Clients who request for your profile, blog statistics, clientele, list of services, and published works. A Media Kit is YOU presenting yourself on paper/PDF; It's also a sign that you're professional and you give off the impression that you know how this whole Blogging thing works-formally.

There's no golden rule in creating a Media Kit, but there are a few important things that should go into it. I will teach you guys, most especially the budding Bloggers out there, how to create a Blogger Media Kit.

A Media Kit should contain the following elements:

1. Introduction

- This is where the basic info about you and your blog goes. Detail here a brief info on your blog and yourself, things you love writing about and don't like writing about, and blog conditions. Get creative with your intro, but don't craft a novel out of it.

TIP: Tell your Clients what's in it for them when they work with you. See the line in my intro: "Working with this blog will not only guarantee your brand maximum exposure, but valuable, well- written PR Articles as well." Make them want to turn to the next page.


- Of course, you shouldn't miss out on this one because this is what Clients want to see 99% of the time. Collect your latest blog statistics from trusted traffic measuring tools such as Alexa and Google Analytics; I use Nuffnang too for more reference. Also, put here your latest follower count for your Social Media Platforms (Instagram, FB, Youtube, and Twitter).


- This is your Media Kit so you can brag all you want, alright? :) 


- Being featured in magazines, broadsheets, and leading lifestyle sources is credibility so take advantage of any feature that comes your way, but still, make sure that it won't put you in bad light!


- Just like Media Features, Endorsement is credibility.


- This is the second one that Clients will look for, next to your Statistics. Write about the services you offer, corresponding prices, and USP (unique selling proposition) for each of your offered services.

Here's another service that I offer at The Beauty Junkee.

Some do's before sending out your Media Kit:

2. Validate all your information.
3. Get creative with your Media Kit, but don't make it too long and the file, too heavy.
4. Do not invent information and blow up numbers. Marketers will eventually find out you're lying anyway and you'll be burning bridges in no time.
5. MAKE SURE IT'S IN PDF. My pet peeve is when Bloggers send me the Powerpoint file of their  Media Kit. Good thing my mom raised me well and I don't tamper with things that are not mine. You don't want others messing up your hard work and your reputation so make sure before hitting SEND, check if your Media Kit is in PDF!

Of course you can still create a Media Kit even if you've just started. It's better to start a good habit early.

Hope you learned from this blog post. ;) What other Business Blogging topics that you want me to cover?

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  1. Very informative. Thank you for sharing! Your media kit is absolute. You really got it.

    Miss Princess Diaries

  2. Wow, I learned something new today. I know that some people earn money from blogging. Not only are you a blogger, but also you are involved on the marketing side of your blog. I am someone who is so clueless on how people earn from this but this gives me a glimpse of how they do it. Thank you for sharing this, Martha! My question though, would be: How do you come up with the rates that you offer? Is there a market price for the services bloggers offer?

  3. impressive media kit ms. m! na-amaze ako pagbasa nung article, you are really excelling in your chosen path/hobby. More power to you because you can inspire people and you also teach us everything we need to know about beauty products, love life, go-to restaurants, and many moooooore! God bless always Ms. M! :)

  4. Wow! You've really worked hard to get to where you are now. Very inspiring. I did tell you once that me and my sister wanted to start a blog so this one will be helpful! Oh my goodness. First question pa lang, bagsak na ako. Ahaha. I don't know what a media kit is. Thank you for walking us through. If I were a potential client, I would really hire you because you went over and beyond your media kit. Very informative. It's as if you've thought all possible questions that a potential client would ask of you. Great post!

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  11. Now I want to work on one but I feel like I don't have anything to put there yet. And I actually didn't know what a media kit is before XD Good thing I saw this and I am so bookmarking this page :D

  12. Very inspiring especially to those who really wants to be a blogger also. Plus this tips came from a famous but still very humble ms.martha:) You are really an inspiration to all of us! I admire you with all my heart and I'm wishing you all the best in life because you deserve it. Thanks for making my everyday a "learning new" day:)

  13. Thank for sharing this. Will start making one ASAP so i'll be prepared if someone requested me to send a media kit.

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  19. Thanks for an excellent guide! I finally have my own media kit and this was a tremendous help!

  20. Hi Martha! Thank you for this post! Question here! I'd like to list out the brands I've worked with but most of them reached me via PR Agency. Is it right to mention I've worked with those brands, or should I mention the PR agency?


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