Soap And Glory Kick Ass Concealer in Medium Review + Swatches

Here's a review on Soap And Glory Kick Ass Concealer in Medium.

Price: Around 550-600 Baht (Approximately P630.00-P700.00)
From: Boots, Bangkok
Other Locations: Soap And Glory online


I've a super favorite concealer product before called Bobbi Brown Concealer Kit. It's a sleepless girl's secret weapon to looking gorgeous and well- rested with its moisturizing, pigmented concealer at the top and invisible setting powder at the compartment of the packaging. I loved it to bits and it's sad that BB had to discontinue it.

In my Bangkok trip, I frequented Boots a lot because of Soap And Glory. Funnily, instead of purchasing my favorite S&G bath products, I got this: Soap And Glory Kick Ass Concealer because it reminded me of my beloved Bobbi Brown Concealer Kit; the only difference is it features a complexion concealer so I thought cool, I got another product. Kick Ass Concealer is a handy, cool, and affordable way to concealing spots and circles in a flash!


This three- piece camouflage kit features the following products: Under eye concealer with PUFFEASE-8 Technology that helps de-puff baggy under eyes; Complexion concealer with SUPERWEAR light- scrambling technology that diffuses light on the surface for an even- looking complexion; Transparent setting powder with INSTA-FIX technology to weightlessly set both concealers. It comes in two shade combinations: Light and Medium.

The products come in a compact that's pretty compact as it can fit right in your palms; this is very good for traveling because it squeezes in three products in a small packaging. Packaging doesn't look at all cheap and feels quite solid.


Packaging is like a small version of a MAC Studio Fix Compact. At the top portion is the weightless setting powder that comes with a soft puff applicator; I still prefer using a brush with this product for a softer finish, but the thin width of the puff makes it useful in applying the powder on the tight corners of my under eye such as the lower lash line and tear duct.

Flip the setting powder pan and you'll be welcomed by two concealers at the bottom. To your left is the concealer for the under eyes and to your right is the concealer for the complexion.

The Under Eye concealer is a medium beige with a virtually neutral undertone. It has a smooth, whipped consistency. Coverage is light to medium.

The Complexion concealer is a warm beige shade with a yellow undertone. It has a slightly creamier consistency than the one for the under eyes. Coverage is medium to heavy.

The Setting Powder has a semi- creamy texture, which makes it ideal for those with dry skin on the under eye area.

The powder is unscented while the concealers have a slightly sweet, marzipan- ish scent. For a concealer, its fragrance is quite strong, but I can tolerate it. If you're sensitive to fragrances, better find a way to check out this product first in actual before making the purchase.


Bare under eye

One layer of the under eye concealer

The whipped consistency makes this product easy to blend without the tugging, but it isn't the friendliest consistency to dry skin. I find that when my under eyes are acting up and particularly dry, this concealer sinks into the creases and it's not a good sight, but I do get some good days with this concealer too. I also wish that this concealer has more pigment in it.

The facial concealer, I don't have an 'effect swatch' because my dark facial marks are virtually gone already (hurrah! After a 5 year battle!). I did try it on some of my marks and it does the job in camouflaging light to heavy marks; Its consistency doesn't make my facial skin dry, doesn't highlight dry patches, and it's so easy to even out.

TIP: If you need heavier concealing on the under eyes, combine the facial and under eye concealer. Similarly, combining the two concealers is also a great technique for dry under eye skin as the facial concealer's creamy consistency will provide a moisturizing action during wear.

One layer of the transparent setting powder

My most favorite part of this concealer kit is the transparent setting powder (and the setting powder is my favorite in BB's concealer kit as well). Look at it: it just disappeared into smooth nothingness onto my skin. I love that despite its creamy consistency, it doesn't leave white streaks and a white cast; It's pretty photo- friendly provided that you blend it properly onto the skin and you don't overdose on it, and doesn't leave the under eye skin feeling dry. I use this powder with all my concealers!

The concealers are oil- free so good news for those with combination oily-normal and very oily skin. It can work on dry skin as well just as long skin is moisturized. Definitely can work on normal skin types. Heck, I should've just said that it works for all skin types! :p

This is a pretty cool product and overall, useful. Concealer for the under eye can still be improved, but thankfully, there's the lovely complexion concealer to cover up for it. The setting power is LOVE and I'm happy I got this in the kit. I can't say that this is better than BB's Concealer Kit, but it's a pretty good alternative. Now where can I source this locally? :p


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12 Lovely Thoughts

  1. *Sighs* I want Soap and Glory to be locally available so badly! When I first saw this on one of your posts, I though Soap and Glory is finally available in the PH. Hindi pa pala! Huhu. Sadness.

    I adore their packaging. Makes you want to use the product. This looks really good. It's the complete package. If I ever come across this, I might just pick this one up. But another concealer has caught my attention. Smashbox's Camera-ready BB Cream Eyes looks promising. I tried it at Beauty Bar and it did not crease. I was really impressed. 😲

    1. Same. :( People should experience their bath products!

  2. you're right ms. m! the setting powder is wonderful, it disappears on your skin and it made your skin flawless. :) btw, i agree with the last line, haha, :D

  3. I noticed that you have used Soap and Glory Kick Ass concealer a couple of times these past few weeks on photos for your lipstick reviews. This seems to be so good in hiding flaws and the setting powder really does it's job.

  4. I saw some of their products from other vlogs and it looks super promising! Do they have stores her in PH or are ther online third party sellers you know of?

    1. I know some who used to sell Soap And Glory before, but when I checked them out lately in high hopes of purchasing this product, their stores don't exist anymore huhu. :(

  5. Wow! Definitely sulit with its price pooint, you get 3 product already! I hope they import them here, so we can also get to try them. i just wish when they do, the price difference isn't that big.

    1. Yup! I really like its quality; definitely one of my best finds in Boots!

  6. It reminds me of a concealer I had long ago from Shiseido. Same set-up: Lighter and darker concealers with a fine setting powder. It's convenient. I have to work on my concealer blending skills, but I don't think I'd shy away from duos (in this case, trios?) forever. Naaliw ako sa cheeky marketing ng Soap and Glory!

    1. Me too! Love the sexy vibe and cheeky names. Mother Pucker for a lipgloss? Brilliant! :D

  7. It's really good! Sayang sa Bangkok pa siya. Sana may magbenta locally, maybe from IG sellers? :D it's way cheaper than BB. Yet ang ganda ng effect. :) And yung packaging, medyo kagaya ng sa Snoe, so akala ko at first from Snoe siya. :)


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