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Céleteque provides quality, hardworking skin care products that are effective yet aren't too pricey and are definitely accessible, thus it has become one of the staple skin care brands of many Filipinos; As a user of Hydration and Acne Control skin care lines, I could attest that Céleteque stays true to their commitment.

Céleteque's taking their commitment up a notch with the introduction of Céleteque Dermocosmetics, the first local dermoceutical makeup range in the Philippines. My, this calls for a celebration!

Céleteque DermoCosmetics is an 8-piece makeup collection; it's targeted to the daily, modern woman who wants more out of her cosmetics and knows that great skin is a result of making great, informed skin care choices. A staple-on-staple collection, Céleteque combined essential makeups and their trusted skin care formulas to come up with a collection that not only colors, but care for the skin so you will be #2XBeautiful.

This start- up collection is pretty impressive as it wows us with a pretty extensive range. Have a look at the products in detail:

1. Céleteque DermoCosmetics Dual CC Matte Powder (P749.00)- promises to keep oil at bay for up to 12 hours. Contains Mulberry, Arbutin, and Glutathione extracts that help lighten skin with continued use, Tocopheryl Acetate for hydration, and Collagen Peptide that helps bring back skin firmness. SPF 30 protects skin from harmful UV rays and color- correcting pigments conceal imperfections.

2. Céleteque DermoCosmetics 24- Hour Photoready Foundation (P795.00)- claims to yield an airbrushed finish that smooths skin and conceals marks that lasts for up to 24 hours. Micro pigments and silicone elastomers hide blemishes and dark marks. Phytocelltec from plant cell culture technology imparts anti-aging properties, while SPF 30 shields the skin from the sun. Studies have shown that wrinkles have been significantly reduced by 41.31% at the fourth week of use.

3. Céleteque DermoCosmetics Dark Spot Concealer Stick (P595.00)- offers customizable, superior coverage to conceal light to dark marks. Infused with Glycolic Acid that lightens uneven dark spots from blemishes, sun spots, and age spots. Cytobiol Lumin-Eye reduces puffy eyebags within 15 days; It also contains Tocopheryl Acetate to keep under eye skin moisturized.

4. Céleteque DermoCosmetics Blush And Face Contour Kit (P845.00)- a cheek sculpting, illuminating, and shading trio that contains mineral gems (Diamond, Tourmaline, and Sapphire), and Mica that exfoliate the skin gently to reveal its true glow while Vitamins A, E, F, H, B, and Castor Oil keep skin healthy.

5. Céleteque DermoCosmetics Cheek Color Stick (P645.00)- a handy multitasking color stick that adds a pop of color on your complexion. It has Bisabolol that helps reduce skin flaking, Vitamin  E, and Sweet Almond Oil. It is also proven to reduce fine lines up to 49.89% on the fourth week of usage.

6. Céleteque DermoCosmetics 24-Hour Volumizer Mascara (P645.00)- promises to give fuller, longer lashes that last for up to 24 hours. Acrylates Copolymer holds lashes longer and prevents clumps and smudges. Aloe Barbadensis Juice extract offers antibacterial protection. An innovative, retractable brush offers customizable length and volume, and promises to reach even the tiniest of lashes.

7. Céleteque DermoCosmetics Eyebrow Nourishing Serum (P595.00)- Has Biotinyl Tripeptide-1, which makes brows stronger and healthier. Panthenol and Pro-Vitamin B5 nourish hair follicles and softens and smooths skin.

8. Céleteque Dermocosmetics Matte Lipstick (P595.00)- a light, nourishing, moisturizing lipstick with Vitamin E and Bisabolol.

I was one of the first ones to try out this exciting makeup range. Céleteque DermoCosmetics was officially launched in the market last week.

In this photo, I am wearing the Photoready Foundation and Dual CC Matte Powder. I like how the foundation sits on the skin and its superb, smoothing finish. The powder is pretty lightweight and feels silky on the skin.

Just a sneak peek of what I'll be swatching for everyone in the next few days: You're gazing at the shades of the Photoready Foundation. Left is Beige, Top, right is Light and Bottom, right is Natural. Hallelujah for Beige, a shade for morena skin tone!

Céleteque DermoCosmetics is dermatologist- tested, hypoallergenic, and clinically- tested; it's now available in select Watsons Beauty Stores. Just visit CÉLETEQUE PHILIPPINES on Facebook for more information about this brand.

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16 Lovely Thoughts

  1. I'm excited that Celeteque has launched a makeup line! Their skin care products are really good so I have high hopes for their makeup. Congrats Celeteque! :)

  2. I saw their cosmetics at Watsons Annex last Saturday since then, I am curious about it and I hope (if your are not busy though) you could write an in-depth review on it. :D

  3. The same thoughts I've had when I heard they will be having their make up line. I can't wait for your reviews on these amazing products. I know you can trust these make ups because it came from a product line for skin care, I have high hopes for them. Excited for your reviews!!!

  4. I love Celeteque facial wash so i was excited when i have read on IG that Celeteque will come up with a cosmetic line. I was wishing that they would be affordable. And yes, the prices weren't that steep compared to other brands with good reputation but for me, they are quite expensive. huhuhu! But since this line combines skincare and makeup, i'm sure all the products would be great! This will be on my birthday wishlist, hehe!

  5. Nice! This is where I've first discovered Celeteque makeups. I'm pretty sure this will hit since Celeteque had already proven their worth.

  6. Its not as cheap as I expected it to be but well, let's see the wuality :) Curious about the shading palette :D

  7. I hope being Celeteque-branded means that it'll be less likely to cause breakouts! Shame though that most of their skin shades lean toward orange

  8. wow! they also have make ups na! i hope it's like their celeteque skin care line that have good quality and effective. :)

  9. I swatched the blush and contour kit and it's not so bad at all! It's a bit pricey but I think this makeup line is promising. Who knew Celeteque would come up with their own make up line? Consider me curious!

  10. I was impressed for every product claims that made it all seems promising and worth it to try. I've been a fan of Celeteque skincare that's why I am really curious of this new cosmetics line. Every product offers great benefits that makes me excited the most to try if it really true to what it claims. My top3 on my list are the CC powder, concealer stick and the eyebrow serum:)

  11. Wow! I've been using Celeteque for months now and I'm really loving its results. When I saw this entry I immediately read it out of excitement for what Celeteque has to offer. It's a bit pricey, but I guess it's because of the quality of their products. Please do a review soon ms. martha :)

  12. The Celeteque makeup line looks promising. Love the fact that it's hypoallergenic. Hope they can expand their makeup line further by adding more shades to the lipstick, and eye make up.

  13. Lovely! I'm def going to try the foundation and the powder! :)

  14. Celeteque really works on me very well. So upon knowing they now have makeup, I'm so excited! The makeup line looks promising and it's actually enough for a starting line up. :) I'm most interested in the eyebrow serum and the lippies! The blush and contour set looks too bright for me though.

  15. Where can I buy these cosmetics? Thank you! ��


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