I'd Wear These To NYFW

If I were given a chance to go to NYFW with Maybelline, I'd wear these. I know that fashion weeks are all about being stylish and all that, but I'd still go for my personal style, which is comfy chic, because I truly believe that comfortable is fashionable. 

I'm into white lately; I've finally appreciated how chic and crisp this color is so I think I'll be wearing white- themed outfits for NYFW!

Daytime Hipster

- I like walking around when I'm in another country so I'll wear this breezy, stylish outfit as I go shopping, visiting various landmarks, exploring local stores, and trying out various restaurants and cafes.

Runway Spectacle

- Come night time for the runway shows, I will slip into this white jersey number, step into a chic pair of wedges, and cover up with this favorite jacket of mine. The jacket made all the difference!

NY Weekends

- Come weekends, I'll visit markets and deviate a little from my itinerary for a little adventure; there'll be a lot of walking for sure so I'd wear this vintage feminine lace dress and top it with a denim blazer to give it a little edge.

Now that I've already planned my outfits for NYFW, all I need is a ticket! You can actually score a trip to New York for NYFW with Maybelline #MakeItHappen contest. Just go to your nearest Maybelline counter to inquire about the contest.

How about you? If you were given a chance to attend NYFW, what will you wear?

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11 Lovely Thoughts

  1. I love all of them! Especially the daytime hipster. Flaunt those georgous legs and curves. Goodluck Ms.Martha,I hope you win!

  2. Great outfits! You really rock them all:) Hoping you win because you really deserve it.

  3. I love your burger shirt. So cute!

  4. I'd choose daytime hipster...you look cool and effortless!

  5. I do not know what to wear! I need to see a couple of fashion inspirations first before i can decide what to wear if i'd be given a chance to attend the NYFW. My closet is filled with casual tees and jeans and NYFW calls for edgy, chic, modish outfits. Though i got comfortable ones, they are just the basics. No, definitely not for NYFW. I like all your chosen outfits especially the Daytime Hipster. It's cool and stylish!

  6. I will wear a long sleeve white jumpsuit paired with a burgundy lipstick ala Kylie Jenner :-)

  7. I like your daytime hipster look. Wish I could pull off a maxi skirt too!

  8. bagay lahat sayo Ms. M. i super love you Daytime Hipster outfit. pak na pak! :)

  9. Nice outfits! White is really a good color in terms of clothes. But I prefer black ones kasi white is so high maintenance. Haha. Madaling madumihan. :) Anyway, ako I would wear a bodycon dress with blazer. :)


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