Sumptuous Sundays: Beefalo

In the time when Culture Club was all the rage, Hotrocks was one of the highly favored restaurants for post- clubbing grub or anyone who's in for a hefty, affordable meal. Huge steaks at an affordable price, why not? Hotrocks was well- loved during its time due to their affordable food, hidden location, and raw, al fresco dining setting that would put a lot of present hole-in-the-wall diners to shame.

Times have changed, areas have been revamped, buildings have been torn; along with the fizzling out of the culture of Culture Club and the sophistication of hole-in-the-walls, Hotrocks disappeared.

I was invited to try out this new restaurant called Beefalo somewhere in Marikina. I'm not the type who'll travel the extra mile for a food event, but when I learned that it's by the same owners of Hotrocks, without thinking twice, I picked up my bag and went!

Beefalo by Hotrocks (or should I say, the new Hotrocks) is situated in Marikina, one of the known yet relatively small food destinations in the metro; It's just 10- 15 minutes on a good day from Katipunan; the location contributed to that authentic hole-in-the-wall feel of the place; hopefully, this place won't get too crowded in the next few months.

Beefalo has this backyard barbecue concept; you get that feel of home. The al fresco area is a great place to chill out in on a cloudy day with a plate of wings and cold beer in hand; they're building a grilling gazebo in the space for their grill-to-order service.

Prefer al fresco dining with shade? There's one too!

Interior boasts of a country style, homey atmosphere.

Come and drool over their food!

Buffalo Wings

- Sweet and a tad bit spicy. The sweetness reminds me so much of homemade Buffalo Wings. The  accompanying Sour Cream sauce proved to be its perfect partner!

Margherita Biscuit Pizza

- Biscuit is a nice, new way to call thin crust pizza. This pizza is so thin, you can even treat it as appetizer; That's good most especially if you're on cheat mode; Don't expect artisan- tasting pizza though, but homemade pizza.

Pork Liempo With Java Rice

- Good ol' sweet grilled Pork slabs with Java Rice. I appreciated the side salad on this one!

Porterhouse Steak

- It would be a crime if you miss Beefalo's steaks in your visit; it's what they're known for. Steak is grilled well: it's not too gummy and pretty tender. There are two sizes for the steaks: 250g and 450g; this one is 250g and can feed 1- 2 people, depending on the eating capacity. The savory mashed potato side went very well with the steak!

Brazo De Mercedes

- Soft Brazo with a really, rich middle. I suggest eating this with a friend because it's very sweet.

I'm happy to know that Beefalo has maintained the homestyle cooking of Hotrocks; The feel of the place, warmth of the service, and taste of the food makes Beefalo by Hotrocks home away from home.

Beefalo by Hotrocks is located at Gil Fernando Ext., Marikina City. Visit BEEFALO BY HOTROCKS on Facebook for more information about this restaurant.

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12 Lovely Thoughts

  1. I just ate dinner but your blog makes me wanna eat again! And the Brazo de mercedes, I want 'em now!!!

  2. The cow decor is too cute. Everything looks so yummy!

  3. ooh!! will definitely visit Beefalo! The boyfriend loves steak and I'm sure he'll appreciate the home-y feel of the place. Plus, it's another chance to visit the cookie shots place in Marikina too! :)

  4. The food makes me hungry now! Eveything looks delicious that makes me want to eat them all:)

  5. will try out Beefalo soon! it looks yummy. :)

  6. The buffalo wings look really good. I'm into buffalo wings lately. Too bad medyo malayo yung place. I hope they would open other branches soon. :) How much is the price range btw? :)

  7. Yummy! dika lugi sa price! Para sa akin panalo ang java rice at pork liempo!!!


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