OOTD: Utilitarian

I read on the Internet one time Pope Francis' letter about Utilitarian Friendships. In that letter, he strongly urged everyone to assess their relationships with people. He picks our brains by asking: Why does it always have to be 'I have to be friends with this person because I need something from them'? Why can't it be you just want to be friends for the sake of friendship?

I loved that letter. It urged me to assess all my friendships at the moment and consider which ones to toss or keep now, tomorrow, in the next few weeks, months, or prolly, years. To be honest, I don't know why I'm still friends with some of my friends.

TOP: Details; SKIRT: Uniqlo; Jacket: Forever21

Learn when to let go of people who no longer respect you, uplift you, support you, or make time for you; Don't be afraid to let go of them just because of sentimental value, attachment of any kind, or you just don't want the friendship to go to waste-there's no point in keeping something that's more of a burden than joy. Remember that your happiness is your responsibility.

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At least, keep a utilitarian jacket. :D

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5 Lovely Thoughts

  1. Interesting posts ms.Martha. It also makes me wonder the same thing after reading your posts. And I think I did toss some unhealthy friendship over the years not because I don't need something from them anymore but because they don't support, uplift and make time for me. Well I guess it's part of growing up - as an adult, you'll learn a lot from these friendships. And I agree that don't be sentimental over things you can't control, you'll know if it's time to let go.

    And if only Philippines has a winter season Utilitarian Jackets is a must! It looks good on you though!

    1. Agree! I'd rather have a utilitarian jacket (Even if it's not fit for our season) than a utilitarian friendship! :D

  2. Keep the best, toss the worst. Sometimes you have to let go of some things, in this case, some friends. I'm just so lucky to have a few, trusted friends that had been my friends for a long time. We may not talk or see each other very often but i know that they value our friendship as much as i do.

  3. ohhh, about friendship. if people don't make time for you even if you reach out for them, what's the point of still having them. just a thought. hihihi. :)

  4. Such a good thing to ponder upon. I really do think that we have friends that we keep because of personal reasons/advantages (which I am guilty of), and friends that we want to keep for the rest of our lives. I just don't want to unfriend people kasi people would think negative against it. Anyway, love your look and the shoes! :)


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