You are gazing at one of the most iconic photographs the world has seen. In the 21st of October, 1967, at the height of the American-Vietnam war, a woman named Jan Rose Kamir mustered enough courage to protest against the war by offering peace in the form of a flower to soldiers by the gates of Pentagon; so simple yet so poetic, this photo reminds us that no matter who you are, it only takes a bold heart to change the world.

This photograph is the biggest source of inspiration for Kenzo Flower, which turned out to be one of the most successful pure floral fragrances; it continues to guide Kenzo Flower in its modern journey.

This 2015, a new, epic fragrance journey begins with Kenzo Flower; this time, it's bold, succulent, and militant.

Kenzo Flower L'Elixir; the boldest flower to date. Kenzo infused Flower L'Elixir with the militant heart of Kamir, giving birth to a striking, bright, gourmand floral fragrance.

A fresh, bright accord of Mandarin and Raspberry open up the fragrance. The heart of Bulgarian Rose and Orange Blossom Absolute create a complex heart. Finally, Bourbon Vanilla Absolute creates an aura of bold sensuality while Praline leaves an addictive, delicious trail. 

Unveil Kenzo Flower L'Elixir in this video

Kenzo Flower L'Elixir retails at P3,550.00 (30ml) and P5,050.00 (50ml); it is exclusively distributed in all Rustans department stores. Visit RUSTANS on Facebook for more information about this fragrance.

Estēe Lauder's holiday collections became one of the most anticipated collections for every gift giver, most especially the dressy limited edition compacts. This year, the compacts have gotten more whimsical and yes, you're seeing carousel and pineapple compacts! You can view EL's Holiday Collection this 2015 in all local counters. Visit ESTĒE LAUDER PHILIPPINES on Facebook for more information.

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  1. When they say floral scent first thing that comes to my mind is KENZO. :D

  2. That story of Kenzo is truly captivating. I haven't smelled Kenzo yet but from the looks of it, mukha talagang mabango. Sobrang cute naman niyang EL compacts. How much kaya yan. :)

  3. i wanna smell the Kenzo perfume. it also has cute bottle. :) very creative packaging for a compact powder, Kudos to EL. :)


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