Starmobile Knight Spectra: Tell Your Story. Live Your Story + Specs + Price

This year has been pretty amazing for me and my blog because it's all about expansion and growth: First, I put up my own business and am slowly understanding the true meaning of adulthood and second, I'm diversifying as a Blogger; I've started writing about gadgets this year, specifically mobile phones, and it's a new challenge that I'm enjoying. I tip my hat to all tech Bloggers out there; your job ain't easy!

Speaking of Mobile Phones, this year was my first time to partake in Starmobile's event and lucky me, it was the launch of their brightest, most premium mobile phone yet. Friends, get ready for Starmobile's new phone or shall I say, your Christmas gift for yourself this year: STARMOBILE KNIGHT SPECTRA.

Starmobile Knight Spectra is a Digital storyteller's dream come true. We live in an age where documentation is necessary because it's our new way of telling stories and sharing our piece to the world; Knight Spectra doesn't only let you tell, but live your story as well with features that let you customize your photos and videos further!

"It is our most advanced camera smartphone to date" says Michael Chen, Chief Operating Officer for Starmobile; aside from this, Knight Spectra also marks a new milestone in the local phone industry: it is the first local smartphone to have two built- in cameras.

Knight Spectra's Dual Cam feature lets you take photos quickly, smartly, and quickly. One camera is the "thinking" camera, meaning it's the one that focuses and locks in the subject while the other camera is the one that takes the photos. How is this useful? Well, that means less blurred photos, sharper images, and more capture moments!

Some notable features of the camera are: 

1. Super ReFocus- Dual Rear Camera takes photos at 10 varying lengths and compresses them in a single file.
2. Chroma Flash- takes photos with the right amount of exposure and two kinds of photos: with flash and without flash in rapid succession and combines them in a single file.
3. Opti Zoom- shoots multiple photos simultaneously at an angle so you can choose the right one to share.

Other key features of Knight Spectra are its sleek, luxe glass- like body that puts Cinderella's precious Glass Slipper to shame, 5.5 inch, full AMOLED display for superior viewing, Digital TV or DTV feature that resembles cable quality T.V. Qualcomm Octacore CPU, 3GB of RAM, LTE Connectivity, expandable 32GB internal storage, and a micro SD card.

Further specs can be seen below:

Starmobile Knight Spectra retails at P14,990.00 , comes in Black only, and will be available in two weeks in all Starmobile stores and authorized dealers.

Oh, did you know that I also won my very own Knight Spectra through a contest held in the event? Awesome, right? How cool for my very first event with them! I'll be sharing my thoughts on the smartphone once I get my hands on it.

I end this post with Starmobile's new TVC!

For more information about Knight Spectra, please visit STARMOBILE on Facebook.

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12 Lovely Thoughts

  1. Kudos to Star Mobile! What a great phone to end this year :)

    1. It's my first time to encounter Starmobile. This one's looking good!

  2. Congratulations to you Ms. Martha! I am heading this weekend at Annex to check whether it is already available (and also to personally check its camera)!

  3. Wow!!! Congratulations! Lucky girl! The phone looks awesome. My sister did work for the Tech portion of Manila Times before, and she was lucky too, for she won a laptop and a camera from the events she was invited to, and she attended. Good luck on your endeavors of becoming a Tech blogger. Technology and beauty go hand in hand!

  4. That's awesome that you've won, you can use that indeed to share with us your thoughts about it. This would be a great phone as for its price.

    1. It feels really luxe; I can't wait to use it. :)

  5. A bit expensive I think for the brand. But I hope it will be worth it. Will wait for your review about it. :D Super galing that you've won a unit.

    1. Probably because Starmobile has always been the affordable mobile phone brand, right? But this one feels really luxurious! I have to check out the features for myself to know if it's worth the price. :)

  6. you're so lucky naman Ms. M. :) will wait for the smartphone review soon. :)


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