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God knows how much I love juice drinks; I have to have them everyday because to me, they enhance any meal and give your palate that needed break from a certain taste or flavor.

Right now, I’m trying to improve my lifestyle more by doing little tweaks in my daily lifestyle. For beverages, I thought of opting for juice drinks with health or beauty benefits so I started incorporating Beauti Drink in my routine. Why Beauti Drink? Because it’s a line of tasty (and cute!) refreshments loaded with ingredients that will help improve the skin and overall health; it’s a great way to maximize every drinking moment.

Sappe Beauti Drink comes in four yummy flavors:

Beauti Drink Collagen promises to help improve skin’s elasticity, smoothness and moisture levels with 1,000 mg of Collagen. I’m sure we all know that stress is one of the leading causes of aging and work is one of the leading sources of stress (I should know!); this Collagen drink is not only refreshing, but aids the skin in staying young as well despite daily stress.

Beauti Drink L-Glutathione promises to inhibit melanin production in the skin for fairer skin. Uneven skin tone is not fashionable and a daily dose of L-Glutathione, coupled with a good lightening skin care regimen, will help you get radiant, spotless skin.

Beauti Drink Berry Bright promises to help your eyesight with Lutein and Goji Berry.  Being in the Digital Age, we are exposed all the time to artificial rays from our smartphones, tablets, and laptops; this is bad news for our eyesight so we definitely need Lutein to keep our eyes healthy. I also like reading and glad to know that Berry Bright will help me enjoy this favorite activity of mine for a long time!

Beauti Drink Fiber and L-Carnitine promises to help the digestive system with 8,000 mg. of Fiber and aid you in burning fat. L-Carnitine is a great choice for weight watchers and fit, active individuals who want to double the effects of their workouts.

I replace my usual juice drinks with Beauti Drink; that’s like 3 days in a week; the two other days, I reserve to my other preferred juice drinks and the last two days, I drink mainly water as a way to detox. My favorites are Collagen because I’m digging the light, refreshing Apple taste and Fiber and L-Carnitine because the ingredients in this drink help increase the effect of my workouts. I actually don’t mind bringing these bottles with me to work, to dinner, or to the gym because they’re very cute!

With Beauti Drink, I feel good knowing that everything I am doing is helping me achieve my health goals. With the right diet, exercise, a stress free life, and with the help of Beauti Drink, you’ll maintain enviable, beautiful skin.

Visit BEAUTI DRINK PHILIPPINES on Facebook and BEAUTI DRINK OFFICIAL WEBSITE for more information. Follow them on Instagram at @beautidrinkph and on Twitter at @beautidrinkph.

Disclosure: This post was brought to you by Beauti Drink Philippines and The Beauty Junkee.

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8 Lovely Thoughts

  1. Interesting products Ms.Martha and I agree with the tagline though. I wanted to try the Berry Bright I hope it tastes good :)

  2. First time to heard about this Beauti Drink. Hmm, this makes me excited especially the Collagen. Glad that this taste good.Update please of the results after long term of drinking this. The bottle is cute nga:)

  3. I always see this in supermarkets but didn't dare try it because I'm afraid of the side effects. I hope it doesn't have one. :) I want to try the L- Carnitine and the L-Glutathione (for my uneven skintone in different parts of my body). I agree, the packaging is really cute

  4. i hope it's also effective. i'd like to try it sometime. :)

  5. I didn't know that they have different flavors! I've tried the one with collagen, it was quite refreshing.

  6. The 7/11 crew near my place gave me a nickname "Si Ateng Beauti Drink"! lol! (I love the berry bright variant)

  7. will try it out soon, ang galing kasi it has beauty and healthy benefits. :)

  8. Let me know how you like these, girls! :D


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