Benefit Opens Their Biggest Store in Southeast Asia in Manila!

Benefit has just opened their biggest store in Southeast Asia and it's in Manila! Wow! That calls for pink balloons, overflowing cotton candy, sweets, makeup treats, and-ehem ehem-boys? Haha! These are what we exactly had at the launch of Benefit's biggest, pinkest store. Location? SM Megamall!

 Let me give you a quick tour of Benefit's new branch at SM Megamall.

But first, let me play! This Box Of Fortune gave us a chance to score deluxe samples of Benefit's best- sellers. I got a They're Real Push Up Liner! :D

The place is so spacious that I think Benefit can even squeeze in three more of the main cosmetic counter.

This branch has two of the Brow Bars. Drop by for brow grooming anytime. :)

This store is not only wide, but deep, too! I'm already thinking of workshops for TBJ readers to conduct in this space!

 With gorgeous Benebabes, Rima and Angela.

Lastly, here are Benefit's holiday collections for 2015:

Pret-A-Party featuring Total Moisture Prep Facial Cream, Moisture Prep Toning Lotion, Porefessional Sample, Instant Comeback Serum sample, and Dream Screen sample.

Pret-A-Party featuring Benetint, They're Real Mascara, Fake-Up Concealer sample, and Porefessional Sample.

My other job. Kidding!

Benefit Cosmetics boutique is located at SM Megamall A, Mandaluyong City. Visit BENEFIT COSMETICS PHILIPPINES on Facebook for more information.

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11 Lovely Thoughts

  1. A big big yes to a TBJ workshop!!! And congratulations to Benefit for another store here in the Philippines. I saw some of the pictures of the gorgeous models in that launch, I was so envious you got to see them eye to eye Ms.Martha. And btw, your other job, I love it LOL!

  2. I've first heard about the opening of benefit from their instagram account. I never thought that it will be the largest store in southeast asia. I want to visit their store, it looks very fun.

  3. nice store! so girly and pinkish. didn't know about their opening date, sayang, wasn't able to see you in person.. hehe. but did i read it right? a workshop for TBJ readers? crossing my fingers already. haha! :)

  4. I just don't like my experience in Benefit when I had my eyebrows wax done at their Rustan's branch. hnd naman arch ginawa nila eh.

    1. Hey Karen, thanks for sharing your concern. Will forward this to Benefit so they can improve their services. :)

  5. How hype the store. Go for the workshop!

  6. Thank you for sharing the news :) hihi. I saw your IG post and I'm super excited to see the actual store. Enjoy

  7. How much are the holiday kits? :) I so love the store and I'm glad it's in Megamall!! Very accessible to me. And that box of fortune, how can we score one? :)

  8. Thanks, ladies! Yes, will plan that workshop soon! :D


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