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When I was younger, I used to love reading. I loved reading so much that I can finish two novels a day (most especially if I'm reading the Goosebumps series). And then smartphones, tablets, and laptops took over-no, social media took over me and my books were left in oblivion.

Something weird (but good) is happening to me lately and that is I feel that I'm reconnecting with my old self: I've been leaving my phone in my bag, not caring if I have Internet or not and I've started reading again; It's such a good change in my routine and I'm beginning to rediscover my good ol' self.

So these are my current reads. Yeah, I'm weird because I'm reading five books all at once. That, or I just missed reading so much!

I digress. Here they are:

1.The Little Prince

- To be happy is to be like a child again, as they say. Being a grown- up makes me frustrated, angry, and competitive most of the time so I reach for this book every now and then to get in touch with my inner Little Prince, that inner child who's just gentle, pure, loving, and happy.

2. Stupid Is Forever

- I dislike her now for the recent decision she's made, but I have to admit that this woman's got a really fat brain. In this book, Miriam brings to perspective our current social and political problems in a light, laughable way through her witty jokes and quotes.

3. The Kindness Pact

- I admit, I tend to be get mad at people whenever they falter or fail to deliver most especially at work. I'm not really a bad person, but just like everyone else, I lose my cool and become unkind. The Kindness Pact helps me remember to always choose to be kind no matter the situation and the person because kindness doesn't only go a long way, it returns to you tenfold as well.

4. Life Of Pi

- I know, I suck. This novel has been turned into a movie already and I haven't even finished the book yet. It's one of the fictions that I'd love to finish before the year ends.

5. Wonder Woman

- Something for work. Wonder Woman explores the different ways to market to Women. I've had this book for 2 years now and I'm re-reading since most of the brands that my company is handling are for women.

So those are my current reads. What are yours? Any recommendations?

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11 Lovely Thoughts

  1. Wow I feel that we have another thing in common now Ms.Martha, I also love reading too. I always find time to read especially before going to sleep but I prefer using my ebook reader, well aside from the not so blinding light it provides, it's also light weight and I can bring a library in just one gadget. It also helps me to sleep right away. I just finished the Life and Death: Twilight Re imagined by Stephenie Meyer, I finished reading and watching the whole series and this book is a game changer for me but in a good way.

  2. I love reading too! Been reading since I was in grade school. I used to borrow books in our library during high school and hoarded books from Booksale in college (first hand books are expensive, yow!)
    Now, I can't bring books anytime I go out so I downloaded an ebook reader in my phone so I can read anytime. I usually love fictions, and always drawn to mystery and chick lits. I always love a good book that makes you think about it even days after and won't stop talking about it with friends.
    I'm also glad that I have friends who love reading because I have someone to talk to, i also discover they are more open minded than someone who doesn't read. I feel readers have more insights in life too.. :)

  3. Good choices! I read Life of Pi and really liked it. It's a good read. I read The Little Prince when I was in HS, but am planning to reread it soon. Happy reading! :)

  4. Ako naman, I almost always have my phone in hand...because I'm reading ebooks in it. Haha! I have been a voracious reader since childhood. Since my bag is always heavy, I lighten the load by bringing ebooks instead of print books. But I still scour Booksale occasionally for bargain finds. Try it one time--you might find something you like!

  5. I don't know if its is just me but I am always moved when reading the little prince as if I found something that is missing. Anyway, Miriam has a book II: Stupid Is Forever more a must read too!

  6. I recommend a million little pieces by james frey. It's nonfiction though :D But I like it

  7. Finished that stupid is forever, I have the next one which is stupid is forevermore. My current book that I love is Confess by Colleen Hover. So far, I'm enjoying reading it. I wanna read that the kindness pact and wonder woman:) thanks for sharing this.

  8. I love reading too. From your current reads, I've read two of them- Life of Pi and Stupid is Forever. When I have a book to keep me busy, I totally forget about everything else. Book coma, I must say ^-^

  9. if you love fiction book, i would love to recommend "Everyday" by David Levithan. :)

  10. I have read the Little Prince but seeing it here made me want to read it again. I have watched the Life of Pi but i wasn't able to read the book. Sayang. I love reading, too. In fact, i read all the labels and instructions on everything that i get my hands on such as cornstarch cartons, bottled medicines even cooking oil. Pati pinagbalutan na dyaryo ng tinapa at daing, haha!

  11. I used to read a lot of books when I was in high school. Parang ang dami kong time. But when I started college, I read more readings than leisure books. I miss it. Now that I'm working, I read sometimes. I actually have a lot of pending books to read. I love that Little Prince. It's full of lessons. :)


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