FAN MAIL FRIDAYS: 4 Ways to Better Your Skin Care Routine

I know, I haven't been Blogging as frequently as I used to. Why? Because I'm swamped with work! Gotta work hard because it's the Christmas season and before I declare "It's a wrap for 2015!"

Today's FMF couldn't be any more apt since 2016 is already here and we're all about changes. Speaking of 2016, I can't wait for 2016 to come!

Our question today is from Kat and she wants to change up her routine:

Hi Ms. Martha!

I'm curious as to how I can better my skin care routine? As of now, I have the basics: the facial wash, toner, sunblock, moisturizer, and a zit gel. Is it good enough or is there something else I can add? Thank you and God Bless!


Hi Kat!

I salute you for taking the initiative to better your skin. That is how one achieves great skin. :)

Your routine looks good; that's pretty much my routine because I am a firm believer of 'Use only what you need', but I do some tweaks to my routine every now and then to shock my skin (in a good way) and induce favorable changes. Here are my techniques:

1. Switch it Up

- Your skin is one, intelligent piece of tissue and it gets used to certain formulas and ingredients. Switching up to a new brand and set of ingredients will give skin the revival it needs for it to react positively to your regimen again.

2. Assess Your Skin

- Overtime, your skin changes as well as your skin type. Knowing if you're now dry, oily, or combination- skinned is a very important insight as it will give you the key to the next products/ingredients that you must use or add to your existing routine.

3. Use Serum (If you're not using one)

- Call me bias, but I am the biggest fan of Serum because it really helps the skin recuperate better with its concentrated formula. Try it!

4. Keep Track Of Your Skin Concerns

- Have you been having dry, flaky skin lately? Have you been breaking out more frequently than ever? Are you developing redness on the sides of your nose? Keep track of your concerns because they will tell you if you need to add or subtract products from your routine, or change or revert back to your old skin care products.

Hope this helps! Happy weekend! :)

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17 Lovely Thoughts

  1. Oh I knew it, you were busy. I am always waiting for your blogs twice a day and I am heartbroken sometimes if there are no new blogs in the afternoon LOL! Anyways as always thanks for the great advice Ms.Martha. And I think all of us can agree that prevention is better than cure, so we better start taking care of our skin as early as possible.

    1. Haha, awww, that's sweet! I try my best all the time, but life just happens and it happens more frequently for me nowadays because of my biz haha!

  2. I agree to your informative tips. I'm a certified skin care products user, I even have a notepad to write down products I have used, currently use and what I want to try next. I even have my mini review of my experience on them too:D
    Skin care routine is very important.Knowing what products works well together sometimes is the hardest one. Serum is must have and for me a sunblock too.We shoud be aware of how they benefit our skin in a long run.

    1. That's great! It really helps to have a journal so you won't forget everything and so that it will be easier for you to track your progress. Thanks for sharing this tip. :)

  3. You are right about keeping track of your skin it is still the best way!

  4. Miss Kat we have the same problem thanks for asking it to Miss Martha.. very helpful tips Miss Martha thank you.. double thumbs up!!!...

  5. Now that miss martha mention to switch up.. I also feel like sometimes my skincare routine is not enough, I should need to switch up my skincare right away.. Thanks moss martha it's really a big help

  6. I agree with the serum. Although I was only introduced to it lately, it has done miracles on my skin already! And if I may add, a sleeping mask and/or a face sheet mask would also help. ^-^

    1. Oh, I agree with the sheet mask! Extra hydration always helps!

  7. HI Ms. Martha. You're endorsing lots of products, in which I know are all effective depending on someone's skin type. But I am curious on what product do you really use on a daily basis? What is your facial wash? toner? zit gel?

    1. Hi Veronica, good question. I use these products on a daily basis:

      Makeup Remover (Cream or Oil)
      Eye Cream
      Moisturizer/Night Cream
      Spot Treatment (if I have existing zits)

      I add these twice a week:

      Face Scrub
      Nose Patch
      Clay Mask
      Sheet Mask

  8. i hope i could also find time to do this routine because i know we should really take care of our skin. thanks for sharing your insights Ms. M. :)

  9. Failure to assess my skintype was one of the biggest mistake that i have done. Since i have oily nose, i thought i have oily skin. I used products made for oily skin until i realized parts of my face became too dry, up to the point of being flaky. Only then i figured out that i have combination skin. I should have known earlier.
    I agree with using serums since the formulation is more potent so it can show dramatical results.

    1. Agree. Serums are very concentrated and they actually help preserve your skin's health and beauty so I would really recommend it. :)

  10. Ever since I started using a serum, I didn't stop. It really helped my skin. I also don't mind using more skincare products as it made my skin healthier. Talagang you need to test products out first before continually using them. Not all products will work on your skin. :)


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