FAN MAIL FRIDAYS: How To Apply Skin Care In Order

Hello! It's the BF's birthday today and we're going to spend it in Stockton Place (giant steak, here we come!) followed by Star Wars. What are your plans tonight? Are you joining the force or do yo have to go someplace else?

Our FMF for today is from one of my avid readers, Charm. She asks about the right order of applying skin care products; what a timely question especially now that the new year is almost here and we need to rejuvenate so we can face 2016 with more confidence!

Hi Ms. Martha,

I would like to ask if I am doing my skin care routine right. After I wash my face, I use a toner and then face sheet mask (once or twice a week), and then serum, oil, and lastly, moisturizer. Am I doing it correctly? If not, what's the proper way?

Hey Charm!

Wow, you're learning from my blog! You've got all the essential products in your skin care routine and in terms of application, you're doing it quite correctly, except that face mask is ideally used at the end of the routine because it's the extra seal for all your products, plus the sheet acts as a barrier, keeping the products from evaporating right before your skin drinks 'em up. Also, just a tip, if you're using a moisturizer, no need for oil. Otherwise, it will be too heavy for your skin. I would suggest a thick night cream instead so you'll get the feel of moisturizer and oil in one product.

Is there really a right way to apply products? Not really right, but OPTIMAL way to apply beauty products; When you say right, it's like saying there's a right way of parenting when we all know for a fact that it all depends on circumstances; it's the same with your skin. Go ahead apply your beauty products in whatever order you prefer, but if you want a more strategic way to do it, then check out my list below. P.S. This is my order.


1. Facial Cleanser

2. Toner/Moisturizing Water

3. Moisturizer/Essence- allow to get absorbed before applying sunblock

4. Sunblock- this should be applied last because for sunblock to be effective, it should not be mixed with other skin care products to maintain its SPF strength.

HACK: Don't have much time? Opt for moisturizers with SPF!


1. Cleansing Milk/Oil

2. Facial Cleanser

3. Toner/Moisturizing Water

4. Serum- should be applied on hydrated, damp skin so it won't evaporate quickly.

5. Moisturizer/Night Cream- to seal the serum

Insert twice weekly in your P.M. routine:

- Facial Scrub: Right after Cleansing Milk/Oil; Right before Facial Cleanser (so your skin won't be too slippery, making exfoliation more effective)

- Wash-Off Mask (Clay or Gel): Apply right after Facial Scrub and Facial Cleanser

- Facial Sheet Mask: Use last in your routine as the mask will prevent the products from evaporating quickly from your skin while the extra hydration helps soothe the skin and support your other skin care products.

Hope this helps! Have a great weekend! Christmas is coming! :)

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13 Lovely Thoughts

  1. i always tend to have flaky skin on my tzone.. but after using cetaphil it disappeared!

    my am routine goes: facial wash, toner and moisturizer then sunblock
    my pm routine goes: cleansing cream, facial wash, toner, then moisturizer, when lazy in me attacks.. after washing my face i used mask sheets =)

    i could say i learned a lot from reading your blog since 2009!

  2. Enjoy your celebration/date with the birthday boy! I agree with you that each of us needs to find the routine that works for us but ofcourse, there are still things to consider so you'll be able to get the optimum results from the products you are using. Thanks for enlightening us on this matter.

  3. I was right about sheet mask yey! Are you using sleeping pack?

  4. Hmmm moisturizers with SPF? I should get that one!
    I just noticed my moisturizers do not have any SPF at all. Thanks for the skin care tip :D

    A Beauty Bella

  5. Happy Birthday to your BF Ms.Martha!!! Oh I need how to use the faciasl mask now lol!

  6. I think this is the one that the Jenners follow as per their derma.

  7. So happy to know that half of your routine I did in optimal way. Except that when I use sheet mask on Sundays, I skip other products in my routine. Hehe. I also use facial scrub every other day because I really love scrubbing:D Me too, I've learned so much from your reviews, recommendations and especially from your tips and tricks:D
    We're going to watch Star Wars tomorrow. No plans for tonight. Hehe. Have a great weekend too ms.martha.

  8. I knew there was something wrong with my routine, and thank you so much for enlightening me Miss Martha. Reading your posts makes me all the more knowledgeable especially in skin care and make up. I now take better care of my skin and it starts paying off, thanks to you! God bless and again, thank you.

  9. Thank you so much, Ms. Martha, I need this so bad. Thank you for sharing the detailed cleanse, tone, moisturize routine for both AM and Night time.

  10. Wow! I didn't know you can put sheet mask after your routine! I just put them at night then skip my usual routine since the formula would make up for it. I'll definitely do this moving forward!

  11. Wow! That really helps a lot! Thanks miss martha

  12. thank you for the tips Ms. M. how can i have smooth skin? i tend to have dry/flaky skin sometimes. :/

  13. I almost have the same skincare routine as you! I'm so happy. haha. I've been spending more time with skincare rather than makeup. :)


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