Went Shopping For The Holidays!

Aaaaaand I'm done shopping for gifts for my loved ones for this holiday season. I've been spending the latter part of the year chilling, planning for next year, still working (I have to!), and accomplishing my gift list before the craziest part of December arrives, which is the 3rd week; don't wanna get stressed shopping for gifts!

I just realized, it's been a while since I wrote about hauls. Happy to write this one. Starting with my man hauls:

My BF's birthday falls on the 18th, which is 7 days shy of Christmas Day. Some say that being born in December is a con when it comes to gifting because they almost always receive one gift for their birthday and Christmas, but I always try to make it special for the BF; it's always one gift for his birthday and one as his Christmas present! :D This Adidas pair is for his birthday!

For Christmas, I'm giving him Nike Flywire 5.0. Cute- looking shoe, but I wish Nike had more darker colors in their collection for this year.

Shirts for the cousins and uncles!

Now let's go to my kid hauls:

 A cute version of Spiderman, dolls, and a Triceratops for my godchildren. :)

As for my friends and fam haul...

An exchange gift for my annual gathering with my best friends from college.

Cute, useful stuff for our beloved househelpers.

Beautiful, Preserved Roses by Te Amo Floristeria; such a great and precious Christmas gift!

Now time for my me hauls:

A Batwing top from Forever 21. I like how this thing drapes over my body!

Charming Charlie bling and L'Protect, a coating that protects your skin from fancy jewelry; good thing I chanced upon this; it might make accessory- wearing more bearable for me. Btw, Charming Charlie is one of Rustan's newest brands and they opened a boutique at Central Square, Bonifacio Global City.

Turtlenecks! I can't get enough of them; I'm glad they're once 'in'! I got this one from Forever21 yesterday.

 And another one from Stradivarius!

Also digging Culottes nowadays. I got this one from Stradivarius; they have perfect sizes for women with big bum!

Snagged this one from Uniqlo for my BF, who's a Star Wars fan. We're watching this Friday! How about you guys? :)

Finally, a new setting powder for me. Will finally get to try Anti-Shine Powder by Kryolan. I actually missed using this brand so I'm excited for this!

How about you? What did you get for the holiday season? Are you done with your Christmas shopping list already?

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12 Lovely Thoughts

  1. you're such a wonderful and thoughtful person Ms. M. Happy holidays to you and to your family as well. :)

  2. I love your hauls! You've got great stuff. That was a pretty turtlenecks, children dolls and jewelries. I survived my holiday shopping list too. I just bought shoes for my husband also but its not Nike. Hehe. Watsons gift sets for my sisters and for my mama. Bought star wars toy for my son and toys for my godchildren. It's so fun to shop especially those gift set:) I did not buy any for myself, just waiting to receive gifts too:D

  3. I didn't know that there is a coating you could apply to your fancy jewelry to protect your skin from allergic reaction. Naiingit ako dun sa preserved rose! Wish ko rin yun! Your gifts to the kiddos were so cute. I'm sure they will love those. It's nice that you are giving your house helpers useful gifts. Those rubber shoes were good choices. I wonder what's your bf's gift to you? Ako naman wala pa nabibili for hubby. Si daughter naman asks for a Baby Alive doll.

  4. do geminis love turtlenecks? (I DO!!!) great hauls ms m!!! i think that doll is perfect gift for little ladies (inaanaks) but most of my inaanaks were.. little gentlemens (can you suggest more to give for kiddos ms m?)

    i would love to give that rose to my mother.. (she's doing great ms m!)

    i really missed reading/seeing hauls from bloggers posts.. i'm not yet done on doing shopping for this season.. because some on their wishlist were hard to find and mostly out of stock!

    i get some brow warriors for myself from etude and i love their current promo =)

  5. Great hauls Ms. Martha :) i like the star wars shirt hehe

  6. We have the same turtle necks from stradivarius! Only I bouht a different color but I wanted to buy all the colors they have for that turtle neck 😊

  7. I remember your post about Kryolan way back 2010? I am an incoming college freshman at that time.

  8. I still remember you using a lot of Kryolans from your college days. Lol
    It's always fun shopping for the little kids since they're easier to please but I always struggle shopping for the adults since they have a specific taste, so i always go for the generic ones unless I know what they really want. Hehe

  9. It's my first time to hear about charming charlie

  10. Wow! Awesome Christmas gifts!! Love the Star Wars shirt.Want to watch the old episodes again to refresh my memory Merry Christmas!

  11. Never heard of the Kryolan brand, so lame. :/ I love turtlenecks too, pero saktong turtleneck lang. Di kasi bagay sakin yung full cover ng neck. Love the shoes you bought for your bf. My bf naman prefers merrell shoes over adidas and nike. :) I also got presents from Bench and Watsons. Super cute ng gift sets


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