POP Beauty Contour Kit in Matte Effect Review + Swatch

Here's a review on POP Beauty Contour Kit in Matte Effect.

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Contouring is essential to my everyday makeup routine; if you will raid the blush compartment of my makeup cabinet, you'll find a bunch of contouring products and palettes; I'm addicted! :D

For my contouring products (okay let's include blushing and highlighting in the bunch because the three always go together), I prefer 'em matte for better color coverage and for a truer au naturel look; I think matte is really the way to go if you want an au naturel look because humans weren't naturally born with shimmer and a streak of champagne on the cheeks to begin with LOL.

POP Beauty Contouring 101 is one of my best finds from the brand (and in the contouring/highlighting/blushing world in general) because it features three, universal MATTE cheek products; it's rare to find the three in a matte finish together in a palette so I dub this one a real, cool find, plus it isn't only cute, it performs absolutely well too!


This cheek palette features three complementing highlighter, blush, and contour products to give face dimension, create the illusion of a slimmer face, and to warm up the facial features. It comes in two combinations: Matte Effect and Luminous Effect (with shimmer). Paraben- free, fragrance- free, and not tested on animals.


The palette is made from high quality carton paper and almost as thin as a wafer; it's very light, but doesn't feel flimsy. The pans are huge, products yield medium to heavy coverage, and methinks they will last for more than a year even if used on a daily basis.

Highlight- cream
Blush- dusty peach
Contour- medium, nutty brown with a neutral undertone

The powders, despite their matte formula, yield little fallout only and are fairly easy to blend on the skin; I don't get matte powder streaks and patches on my skin with this one!


One layer of the contouring powder

The sculpting powder doesn't turn orange or bronze on my skin; it's true to the pan and sculpts my features naturally!

One layer of the blush

The blush is a muted, warm peach that's best for warm skin tones. On fair skin tones, this shade will warm it up.

One layer of the highlighter on the side of my under eyes to the temple

Hallelujah! Thank God somebody thought of putting a matte highlighter in a cheek palette. I'm more fond of matte highlighters and POP Beauty's version is a wonderful one: it's got the right shade to give my skin a natural lift.

Staying power for the three shades is great at 4-6 hours before they fade. That said, with this product's decent performance and finish, it can even transcend to the PRO makeup realm even if it's made for everyday makeup use.

POP Beauty Contour 101 is a great cheek makeup line; the quality of the products are great, performance is great, and I like the simple idea of introducing two, targeted palettes with universal shades; they pretty much address the major needs of women when it comes to the cheek department, which is the matte effect and luminous effect. Also, I didn't expect that POP Beauty, despite its cutesy nature, produces pro products like this one!

I'm happy with this find and I use it everyday ever since I got it a month ago. Is it too early to say and am I overreacting when I say that I need to get backups ASAP? haha!


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23 Lovely Thoughts

  1. Wow another great product! And this one is more natural looking. Makes us morena girls stand out too! And I think the price is just fair because you'll get three amazing product in one palette.

  2. I have the same ques: a decent matte highlighter! Maybe this the answer :D Hope they could have a physical store near North EDSA so I could do a swatch galore (I never bought products that I haven't personally swatch)

  3. i want to have one contouring kit and learn how to apply it. :)

    1. This one is perfect for you then because it comes with a cheat sheet!

  4. So expensive for a contouring kit. :( I am not yet into contouring as I still don't know how to. So I'm not really inclined to buying a set. But it looks pretty on you. :)

    1. I actually find it more affordable than most contouring kits because of its quality and the size of the pans. :D

  5. The shade on this popbeauty contour kit is really a perfect match to you. I love how it gives your face the most natural effect. Rating it perfect 5 in quality, performance and experience means that this is awesome!:)

    1. It is really good! :D I found the perfect contouring kit in this one. :D

  6. I never tried any countour product because I still don't know how to(^.^) but now, I'm inspired to learn and surely when that day comes I'll go to these POP Beauty contour kit *pagiipunan ko 'to*(^~^) I really LOVE how it looks in your face. I believe this would be perfect on my skin tone also. I can't wait to see myself to achieve the way it naturally sculpt your face. Great to know that it can lasts for a year so totally worth the price~(^з^)-♡

    1. I have a contouring tutorial that you might like! :D

      Thanks for your thoughts :D

  7. that eyebrows Ms. Martha always on fleek! contouring and highlighting are trends for the year of 2015 in the make up world. such a pretty palette quite expensive though but I think the quality is superb!! :) would love to see your contour palette collection. hihi :D

  8. omg you're so beautiful.

    This is a very expensive palette ha. Great to know that it delivers.

  9. I'm really dying to learn how to contour. (Nope, I'm actually dying to learn how to do make up!). I'm such a rookie on make ups. I don't fully understand the cosmetics language but thank goodness for beauty bloggers like you, I'm slowly learning! :)

    1. You're welcome! I have tutorials; just browse my site all the way to the footer and click the BEGINNER MAKEUP photo;it will redirect you to the list of my tutorials. Enjoy! :D

  10. I love products like these with guides on them! It's so makeup beginner-friendly. I feel like I'm a little kid again; so excited to learn!


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