Make Up For Ever's Sexiest and Most Rebellious Collections Yet

If you've got a round face like moi, you'll know that sculpting is basically LIFE; they say I'm blessed because a round face signifies youth, but sometimes, this prevents me from entering facilities for grown- ups peacefully without the guards asking for my ID to prove I ain't a minor; sculpting comes handy all the time for me because it gives my face a chiseled, tad bit mature look so no one will ask me ever again which high school I currently go to. :p

Make Up For Ever's new collection for Spring-Summer, Pro Sculpting, is perhaps the only MUFE collection that I'm deathly excited about (well, I'm always excited whenever MUFE releases a collection because I'm a fan of this brand, but this one's DIFF) because I feel that it's made for me; it's a makeup series that's all about sculpting, sculpting, a bit of highlighting, and sculpting some more! Ah, I couldn't wait to get to know more about this collection!

Pro Sculpting collection is as straightforward as straightforward can get; it's a 3- piece collection to sculpt, shape, and highlight your facial features, brows, and lips, the professional way.

There's a lip color + powder highlighter for an ombre look or to lift your lips, a brow duo that shapes and lifts your brows and features, and that stunning sculpt-it-all palette with a highlighter, contouring cream, blush, and shimmer; what a sexy collection!

But wait, there's more...

Spring and Summer are seasons that spark creativity simply because they symbolize life after a harsh, gloomy Autumn and Winter; Dany imagined Spring and Summer as a glorious return of life and colors, and turned this idea into Make Up For Ever Rebellious Flowers, an explosion of colors inspired by a psychedelic flower garden.

Rebellious Flowers Collection consists of the following:

Artist Shadow 3 (P2,500.00)- a brilliant eye shadow palette of 8 with a universal blush shade in the middle that ties all the colors

Aqua Liner #8 (P1,550.00)- An electric purple that yields the right pop of spring- worthy color on the eyes.

Smoky Stretch Mascara (P1,650.00)- Elongates the lashes to give the colors on your lids a pretty fringe accent.

Artist Plexi-Gloss #209 (P1,200.00)- Shine + Pure color in a shade that intensifies the rest of the Rebellious Flowers products.

The launch was held at Sip And Gogh where our painting skills were enhanced and for some, challenged (aye! aye!). You must be wondering, why did MUFE engage us in a painting activity? It is because Dany Sanz, founder of MUFE, is originally a painter by profession before she founded the brand; this activity brought us closer to MUFE and its principles!

Me trying to look like I know what I'm doing here haha!

A Sip and Gogh instructor guided us throughout the painting process; it was stressing me out at first as painting was never my strongest suit, but I got the hang of it eventually.

Now here's my creation. What do you think of it? :)

Make Up For Ever Pro Sculpt and Rebellious Flower collections will be available in mid-Feb 2016. Visit MAKE UP FOR EVER PHILIPPINES on Facebook for more information and follow them for official updates. Spot anything you fancy? Let me know!

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14 Lovely Thoughts

  1. Your artwork is very good indeed, I love it! MUFE's new collections looks awesome especially that sculpt-it-all palette:)

  2. You're artistic pala! Nice concept in your artwork there! Like the colors too! How I wish I could join you with those kind of events. Hehe. Or even meet you. Looked like it's fun to befriend with you eh.

  3. I like to try the pro sculpt. Though, I'm not really good on contouring. Still want to enhance and learn those tricks! Whew! Looks like everything is so easy for you Ms. M!

  4. I like to try the pro sculpt. Though, I'm not really good on contouring. Still want to enhance and learn those tricks! Whew! Looks like everything is so easy for you Ms. M!

  5. Wow! Makeup Forever galore! Love your painting too!

  6. Love your painting! To mean it confidence and being in your true color. :)

  7. make up forever is forever love. my favorite brand. i wanted to try it all.the eyeshadows was catchy and i cant wait to have it. your creation painting is great although you tell that painting doesn't suits you.

  8. Your painting looks awesome! :D Can't wait for your reviews

  9. I would love attend such event like this! Haven't tried MUFE because its way too much for my budget, but hopefully one day I could get to try one. Love your painting Ms. Martha!

  10. nice painting indeed. and hooray for new sculpting make up from MUFE. :)

  11. Love the artwork!
    Please do MUFE swatches

  12. Love your creation, Ms. Martha! You've got an eye for good art. Anyway, that model's face for the Pro-Sculpt line is #goals. Haha <3

  13. With my square face and flat chest I always mistaken as a dude whenever I wore a cap hahaha.

  14. Love the eyeshadow palette, the colors are so pretty. :) I really suck at painting, or any art related generally. So I really envy you for doing a very good painting! I wish I can do that. :/ Can't wait for the rebellious flower collection to be available. :)


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