My Main Christmas Gifts Have Arrived!

Well, technically, two main gifts for the holidays because the other main gift, which is an iPhone 6, I already got last December; the last two just arrived at the last weekend of January, just in time for CNY! January's been good so far and it has ended with a bang with the arrival of these gifts!

First is the simply classy laptop called ACER Aspire, which I got form YiLinker. The thing is, I originally purchased a Pink ASUS laptop and was only informed that it was out of stock when the amount was credited to by credit card, even if the website didn't have any notification that there's not stock; that should never be the case and I hope this won't happen again; thankfully, YiLinker assisted me every step of the way in finding a replacement laptop to make up for their mistake; they chose the closest model in terms of size, price, and specs to the ASUS one I liked, and it's ACER Aspire; it's got a nice brushed metal look and is pretty lightweight.

Oh my, when was the last time I used Windows?! I can't even remember and it reflects in the way I use the laptop lol! At least I'm getting the hang of it now!

Look! I got a free laptop bag too.

Last but not the least, my shoe lust for the year: Adidas Stan Smith, Green; this iconic shoe is back again in the spotlight and I couldn't be any happier!

At least sneaks and rubber shoes are becoming an in thin nowadays; I've waited for this moment to arrive because I'm a rubber shoes kind of gal!

While these are my hauls from Kryolan when I passed by their boutique at Greenhills; I picked up the Applicator Sponge, a unique sponge that most professional makeup artists use on foundation (and it's not readily available anywhere!) and ARTNET brushes, really wonderful brushes that are great even for professional use; the brushes are on a 30% off sale!

That concludes my holiday hauls and gifts! :D

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13 Lovely Thoughts

  1. hahaha we are opposite I can't get the hang of Mac and I'm tossing or perhaps swap it with good windows laptop.

  2. awesome haul! :D It's great that sneakers are a thing now. I'm too lazy to wear heels!

  3. where did you buy your Adidas Stan Smith? pero i prefer the Superstar. hehehe. and great catch for the brushes! :)

  4. pink laptop is always on my wishlist.. hihi (but in Sony brand) i love that adidas shoes! sa totoo lang ms m.. yung original design ng adidas na naiisip ko e yung white + green.

  5. Wow great gifts! You deserve the best after the hard work.

  6. Hello Martha! May I know why did you choose that laptop model? I have a feeling my laptop would give up on me any day now and I'm already looking for a replacement. I really don't understand tech language and I just get overwhelmed with tech blogs. Help, please? :)

  7. Finally it arrived! That was a very pretty sneakers:) My husband just bought Acer Aspire also last month, I agree that its very lightweight. Your Kryolan's haul was a great deal.

  8. Maaaaarts!
    Where did you buy those Stan's? :D

    Mcee x

  9. I really want to have a pair of Stans but i can't afford it now. We will wait for your OOTD's wearing your new shoes.

  10. Stans! <3 Looking forward to your OOTD post with them on Ms. M :D

  11. Wow, super nice gifts. I hope I can give myself those in the future. Haha. But for now, I can settle with a few makeup products and shoes. :)


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