A few years ago, a lot of people were pushing me to do workshops and even become a makeup artist because they said I have the gift of gab and I'm such a storyteller, makeup demos won't be boring and corny with me; but it wasn't what I wanted; I thought workshops are too time- consuming and tiring, not to mention I thought they won't really pay me well.

But somewhere along the way, I felt something; I've been wanting to be of service to my community, but I didn't want to be pretentious and engage in something like tree planting or doing feeding programs because clearly, these aren't the things I'm interested in; I've been wanting to share a part of me for the betterment of the community while still doing what I love and makeup is the obvious choice. This feeling of wanting to be of service, it must be aging!

Makeup workshops, all of a sudden, felt kinda' right.

And an opportunity was presented to me right away!

A colleague of mine, Mica, who's now a professor in our alma mater, UP Diliman, invited me over to hold a makeup and imaging workshop for her project with DSCTA (Department of Speech Communication and Theatre Arts; I'm a CAL girl, btw). Without hesitation, I just said "Sure, I'll do it." I curated a topic for the group (I asked what their makeup concerns are and it's Job Interview makeup), built a module, packed my PRO makeup products and tools, and whipped up a Basic Makeup + Job Interview Makeup for my class for the day.

Even though the masterclass was announce a couple of days before the date, a good number of people had attended, still. I handled 9 girls from various departments at CAL, each having their own personality and story.

I started with skin care because I really believe that it is a pre-requisite for great makeup. I taught the girls various techniques on how to find the skin care of their choice and the important foundations of skin care; here are the highlights:

Right products for your skin type + Great products= important foundations of skin care

Cleanse + Tone + Moisturize + Protect + Exfoliate twice a week= a good basic skin care regimen

Next, I proceeded to makeup; I discussed basic makeup with the three pillars of job interview makeup: Foundation/Concealer, Contour/Blush, Eyeshadow, and Brows; I also taught them the importance of finding their skin type, skin tone, undertone, face shape, and brow shape. This pretty lady, Lian, who's a Theatre Arts sophomore was my model for the day.

Some important takeaways from this segment:

1. Get to know your skin type and skin tone; this is vital to finding the right makeup products for you.
2. Use only the makeup that you need; if you don't feel you need concealer, then don't use one.
3. Stick to mattes and neutrals; they're the easiest to use, friendliest on all skin tones, and generally job interview safe
4. For job interview makeup, remember this: K.I.S.S.; Keep It Sweet And Simple

I also breezed through Job Interview clothes styling because we only had 2 hrs. and 30 mis. for the workshop.

 Guests materializing what I taught on the face charts.

Voila! This is Job Interview makeup. :)

The ladies were very eager to listen and learn from my workshop; some were game to put makeup on their faces and the others worked the colors on the face charts; there was Mia, the eldest in the group who's a makeup lover (as evident in her Urban Decay palettes and decently blended eyeshadow!) and The Beauty Junkee reader, Crizel, a lovely morena who's embracing her skin tone, and JY, a cute, little lady whose story struck me: she asked me in class about my brow advice on women who were naturally born with eyes and brows that are far apart; when I got the chance to get close to her, I saw what she was talking about and also noticed a stitched line on her forehead, which was magnifying the gap between her brows and eyes; I asked her about it and she muttered in passing "I was bullied." Hearing that made me feel terrible so I promised that I'll do her brows after the workshop; after giving her thicker, neater brows that made the gap on her forehead look narrower, she was very ecstatic and exclaimed "OMG! I finally have brows!" That made me realize why I've been having the urge to teach through workshops: it's because of women like JY who are always seeking for the best version of themselves no matter their situation; I realized that makeup, more than a beautifying tool, is a silver lining; it's hope to start anew and become more beautiful.

Thank you, ladies for this opportunity; I've learned something about myself too.

Thank you for the opportunity and the takeaways!

There are some many interesting things that I said in the workshop and they're too many to mention here! I'd love to bring this workshop to other institutions and share what I know about makeup; let's see if this is another evolution for The Beauty Junkee!

STAY TUNED: I'm announcing the deets of TBJ Turns 7 Thanksgiving MEGA Party. Who wants in? Be sure to visit my blog on March 28, 2016 for the full deets!

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17 Lovely Thoughts

  1. Ohhhh I'm sooo inggit with those that were able to attend your workshop. I surely hope to be there or to be a part of the next one you'd be doing.
    I will always remember K.I.S.S.; Keep It Sweet And Simple, I think I also need to practice this for my upcoming interviews. :))))

  2. OMG! May TitaFeels ka na rin! I thought ako lang may tita feels at 27! Hahahaha
    Anyway, I love what you did to the model's makeup, she looks fresh and the makeup is age appropriate. And I love her brow makeup! Can you do mine too? Hehe

  3. awww.. another makeup workshop by ms m! kahit ako ang magseat in sa workshop ms m hindi ako mabobore.. i learned a lot just by reading your posts as in ang dami kong natutunan.. from skincare.. right foundation.. type ng concealer.. lahat na ata halos nabook marked ko..

    more workshops po ms m! -- thank you for sharing your knowledge about makeup and skincare..

  4. Aaw. I'm happy for JY. I'm happy that she met you. I'm sure after the workshop, she'll be doing her brows like how you did and has gained more self confidence. I hope one day i can also meet you and see you in person, Ms. Martha. I just can't attend parties like the one that you'll be having because i have a young child to look after. Hopefully, when my daughter gets a little older, we will both come to your parties and workshops. She's a kikay and i'm sure she would love to learn the billion dollar brows technique,too! Congratulations for a succesful workshop!

  5. Oh my! It seems the classrooms in CAL haven't changed at all :)

    1. Yes! They look a bit worn already, but ahhh...I love this place! :)

  6. You really did an awesome thing Ms.Martha.Sharing your passion to everyone is really nice.
    It's hard to share or do something that we are not really interested.For sure they really enjoyed your workshop.

  7. I've always wanted to attend workshops like this 'cause I only leaned how to put on makeup on youtube tutorials. It looks so fun and btw, congratulations! Hope you'll have more successful workshops and I could attend one too. yeay!

  8. Wow .Tteaching is really a two-way process you learn and they learn. 😊

    BTW. I'm been learning a lot of things from you since I started reading your blog.

  9. Omg! I didn't know that you were gonna do a workshop! Pumunta sana ako :(

    1. It was announced to the DSCTA students lang. Wish to have a bigger one soon and by that time, more people from other departments! :)

  10. OMG. I live a few kembots away from UP Diliman. These girls are sooo lucky :)

    Can't wait for the deets your mega parteeeey :D

  11. owww, i hope someday i can also attend one of your make up tutorials. :)


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