Heya! Did you miss me and my blog posts? Had to shut down myself from modernity and the internet last week for that much- needed relaxation and break; I went to Ilocos for a vacation and I'll be musing about my adventure this week. In the meantime, check out these Summer skin care goodies that kept me fresh and dry (and protected too!) the entire trip.

Going around Ilocos required tons of walking under the intense summer heat; suffice to say, I perspired A LOT during my vacation; thankfully, there's Rexona Invisible Dry Black + White that kept me smelling fresh the whole trip; what's nice about this is it features Motion Sense Technology that responds directly to movement; the more you move, the more fresh it will make you smell and feel; another great thing about this product is it prevents staining on white and black clothes; my white shirts thanked me for this!

Rexona Invisible Dry Women Roll- On retails at P82.00 and Women Deo Spray retails at P165.00. Visit REXONA PHILIPPINES on Facebook for more information about this product.

Neutrogena has gotten in touch with me recently and introduced me to some of their best- sellers; these came just in time for my Ilocos trip! Ultra Sheer Waterlight Lotion and Ultra Sheer Dry- Touch Sunscreen are some of my family's staples when it comes to sunscreen; I've been using the latter ever since I was in high school so it's a familiar product that's why this time around, I decided to try the former and I really liked it; even my BF, who's iffy about sunscreen usage because he breaks out from any sunscreen in the market, loved it and never broke out with it! Meanwhile, Neutrogena Hydro Boost, a gel- based hydrating range of moisturizers, is quickly becoming one of my favorite lightweight moisturizers for combination oily/normal skin; I will review it soon! In the meantime, visit NEUTROGENA PHILIPPINES on Facebook for more information about this product.

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7 Lovely Thoughts

  1. Whoa I miss you Ms. M (hope I could join you on your blogsary). I've been eyeing those Neutrogena range last Saturday but, I'm hoping you could do a review before I purchase (I'm that dependent on your opinion hahaha I don't have a sister so that's why).

  2. it was great and nice to hear that you enjoyed your trip to ilocos! sobrang init ng panahon ms m.. at sobrang need talaga ng anti-perspirant! the best yung rexona lalo na yung lotion/cream type na deo nila (sachet type) sana may bigger size na!

  3. I miss your post Miss Martha.I thought you're not feeling well.Glad your fine and had your vacation.I know how much you wanted a little break and time for relaxation(^_^)
    Excited for the review of Neutrogena products.


  4. Would love to read your review about the Nuetrogena.

  5. I also use this rexona deo though it doesn't keep me dry all throughout the day ('cause I sweat a ton), it does keep me fresh. It doesn't stain my clothes and I like its smell. I haven't tried Neutrogena's sunscreen yet, I am currently using Nivea's.

  6. I've been thinking of purchasing the Rexona deo, but I still need a little convincing to buy it. hehe. Cant wait to hear about your trip soon tbj! :)

  7. I missed your blog posts Ms. Martha! :) But I'm so happy for your Ilocos trip. I never use deodorant and sunscreen at all. I just use tawas and umbrella hehe.


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