It is no secret that Filipinos are bread people - it's 'quick food'; something that you can grab, insert in your pocket, and take anywhere without worrying that you'll get hungry; bread shops are becoming a common thing nowadays because life's becoming faster and faster, and the need for on-the-go food is getting higher.

Boulangerie 22 is one of the newest pastry shops that specializes in bread; tasty bread that comes in all shapes, textures, flavors, and sizes, perfect for every person who's looking for a satisfying quick bite.

PRICE RANGE: P50- P200 for bread and macarons; P500- P800 for cakes

Boulangerie 22 is a local brand with French- influenced interior and French + Asian bread and pastry offerings; they have shops almost in every corner of the metro to cater to the satiety needs of everyone, from students, families, and employees; drop by and grab bread and pastries whenever you're hungry and you need something to fill you up instantly and deliciously; their breads are individually- packed for freshness, hygiene, and convenience.

I tried a couple of their bread offerings at the newest branch at One Legaspi Condominium and I must say, they're soft, nice, and flavorful; according to Boulangerie 22, the secret to their recipe are imported, high quality ingredients such as Normandy Butter from France, meticulous crafting and baking methods, and dedication to creating the tastiest bread and pastry recipes.

Here are some of my favorites:

Madeleines- they're soft yet have the right of chewiness, and tastes buttery good; my most favorite at Boulangerie 22, especially the original flavor!

Fonacier (?)- The chocolate one is divine; it's like a chocolate bar turned into bread; no skimping of ingredients here!

Chocolate Bread with Caramel filling- If you're a fan of bread dipped in dulce de leche, this is an on- the-go option; I suggest nuke this in the microwave for a couple of seconds and voila! You have an instant molten caramel bread. :D

White Chocolate Chip Cookie- generously- sized cookies with the right crisp and thickness, making it a good snack; I love this flavor.

Japanese Bread with Cream Cheese- a sweet-savory bread that's great with coffee; 'tis my favorite bread by Boulangerie 22.

They have toasted mini bread with burnt sugar and chocolate, a classic Filipino treat and Floss breads too.

Boulangerie 22 is your one- stop bread place for on-the-go food for school, travel, work, and basically for the household. I'd definitely go back again to grab my faves and before my upcoming Ilocos trip to stock up on munchies for me and my friends; a 12 hour trip is no joke!

Visit BOULANGERIE 22 on Facebook for more information about this shop.

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13 Lovely Thoughts

  1. Wow. Those bread really looks scrumptious. You're making us crave Ms. Martha. 😊

  2. Wow ms m.. this is heaven for me and my family who loves breads.. biscuits and cakes.. hope they could expand their branches near south!

    I love your picks too.. looks delish and yummy!

  3. Their interior looks so cute and I could see myself coming again and again here if only it is near us which is not. HAHA. Hope that they'll try to open branches at malls.

  4. Got hungry while reading this! I visited their branch at SM San Lazaro and I adores the cute designs they have for their cakes! I also bought some pastries and my parents loved them when I brought it home. Definitely a must try! :)

  5. Thanks for this, Martha!! I was so busy attending to the guests that I wasn't able to try most of the pastries in your photos!!! :)) Balik tayo!!!!

  6. I hope there is a Boulangerie 22 near my place. I love breads and pastries and those White Chocolate Chip cookie and Fonacier are calling me!

  7. Whoa carbs but, my siblings and I are bread lovers ;)

  8. I love bread so this store is definitely a must-visit for me! Hehe

  9. This store reminds me of Tous Les Jours! I known this store because of Etude House, sometimes they're giving away Boulangerie 22's cakes. Too bad, there's no store near in my place. I want to try them! :3

  10. I'm a bread person.I always buy bread for snacks.I love the Boulangeri Floss Bread,so yummy!

  11. Hi Martha! I think the fonacier you're referring to is actually the Financier. It's a funny French name for bread, for sure, and does remind one of businessmen.

    1. Yeah, that's it! Financier. :D LOL. Madeleine is the only French pastry I know because it's my favorite. :) Thanks!

  12. Thank you for sharing your thoughts, guys!


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