FAN MAIL FRIDAYS: How To Prevent Concealer From Creasing

Howdy! It's April already and 2 weeks to go before my beach trip and two months to go before my out of the country vacays (yes! plural!). I'm soooo excited! :D

Now before I go to a meeting, here's a useful FMF for everyone! Question is from Ria:

Hi Martha,
I've been a long time reader (since 2010, I think) and I've left a comment here and there, but I don't think I've ever asked a question. Anyway, here is my question: how do you prevent under eye concealer from creasing? I have lines similar to yours on my under eye area and although I seldom use concealers, sometimes, my under eyes just become so dark (like nowadays) so I feel the need to conceal. The problem is that no matter what I do (moisturize before concealing; I've tried setting it with powder and not setting it), the concealer tends to crease and deposit in the lines; it's the same thing no matter what the consistency of the concealer is. Any tips?

Hi Ria!

Creasing is a common makeup problem, most especially of those who are living in the tropics just because we sweat and oil up often here due to the climate. I do experience creasing before, but when I employed these techniques, creasing occurred less and less; here's the tip list.


- Liquid is an ideal concealer consistency because it's sheer and melts naturally into the skin, therefore it's less likely to crease; in fact, it can even act as a sealant for fine lines.


- A rich eye cream with natural oil extracts will keep your concealer from creasing; it will provide whole day moisture and the natural oils will provide emollience longer.


- If you have obvious lines, the trick is to fill them in to prevent/conceal creasing; blend concealer inwards until those lines get filled in and seal properly with a matte powder.


- Sometimes, creasing is caused by excessive concealer. After applying a layer, either gently dab a facial tissue or swipe a clean concealer brush on your under eyes to remove excess concealer, and then set with matte powder.

I hope these techniques work for you, Ria; if they don't, then my last advice is you have to experiment with application, technique, products, and even formulas to find a way to combat creasing; this is how I came up with my set of techniques.

That's all folks! Happy Friday!

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  1. After reading this.. i immediately checked my undereye.. and since I seldom use concealer for my under eye because di naman sya pansinin because I wear prescription glasses plus my eyebags are more likely mas napapansin..

    my very first try of concealer is from revlon (it has doe-foot applicator) and the second one Mary Kay (in tube form) both good and I dont have any complaints regarding concealing my under eye.. siguro kung may icoconceal man ako when wearing makeup is my lower cheeks dahil sa visible veins

  2. An answer to one of the most common problems. I do have dark eyebags,too. I don't wear concealers on a daily basis but there are times that i need to even if i'll just be doing grocery shopping. I've experienced concealer creasing and the tips were really helpful.

  3. Thanks for sharing this Ms. M (I'll try applying concealer in inward stroke)!

  4. Great question Ria, And thanks for the answer Ms. Martha! I also experience this and now I will try your tips. Hopefully it can lessen the creasing. :)

  5. This is one of my problems too that I never knew the answer. Thank you Ms. Martha for the tips and advice.

  6. Bon voyage on your trip Ms. Martha. Thanks for the tip. Can you suggest a good liquid concealer brand we can use? Thanks

  7. Yeay. I seriously hate it when the concealer / powder settles on my lines 'cause it looks so horrible. Definitely experiment on working with this technique. Thank you!

  8. Heard that Bobbi Brown Concealer is AMAZING. Along with the MUFE concealer. They won't crease at all if set well.

    CJ | From Manila with Love : Beauty, Life & Feminism

  9. This is also one of my problem when i started putting makeup in college and it really annoys me to the point that i just don't put concealer anymore. Haha but then i tried using different brand of concealer and it works but maybe because i used eye cream every now and then or just putting it wrong. Thank you for the tips Ms. Martha & enjoy your trips. Hope you will blog about it too :)

  10. Thanks for the tips Ms. Martha! :) I also want to share some, to restore your concealer all the way through, a little dab of eye cream will bring it back to life. :)

  11. I think you missed to include one of the most important step which is set the under-eye with powder after concealing. :)


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