How To Beat Exposome with Lancome

There is a new discovery in skin care and the environment that is important for us to know so we can curate a more effective, sophisticated skin care regimen.

The EXPOSOME - According to Lancome, science has recently coined this term to describe the collective environmental aggressors that damage skin every single day; Exposome refers to pollution, stress, and light radiation, the usual daily enemies of the skin, but what's interesting about this concept is it reveals a groundbreaking information on how the sun affects us in many ways. To understand this concept better, we have to know first that the sun produces three kinds of rays: ultraviolet, infrared, and visible; the invisible rays, UV and infrared, are dubbed as the most harmful, therefore beauty products are targeted towards preventing them from creating massive damage (e.g. aging, unevenness, and hyper pigmentation) on the skin, but recent studies reveal that visible rays can cause equally significant damage as well; visible rays are mostly blue in color (also called Blue Light) and these are the rays that you see, enjoy basking in, and capture in stills; not a lot of sun protection products are formulated to protect skin from visible rays.

Lancome saw the discovery of Exposome as an opportunity to better their commitment in delivering flawless, great skin to their users by launching UV Expert XL-Shield CCCover SPF 50 PA++++, a soft, lightweight base that provides tough protection from Exposome.

UV Expert CCCover, a new Lancome product, is designed to protect skin from Exposomes and that includes visible rays or blue light; Blue Light Shield absorbs blue light and prevents it from causing hyper pigmentation; filter system comprised of Mexoryl SX and XL offer broad UV spectrum and provides a 12- hour protection; Moringa extract provides an anti-pollution effect to keep skin radiant and healthy- looking. Together, these ingredients and technologies work hand in hand to protect and defend so you can always sport radiant, dewy, rosy skin. UV Expert CCCover was put to the test and in an in vivo study, subjects who wore the product on one part of their faces before being exposed to Blue Light exhibited a moderate development of hyper pigmentation compared to the areas that didn't have the product on.

Set UV Expert CCCover with the improved Blanc Expert Brightening Compact Foundation, a Lancome cult favorite; this anti-dullness powder formula is now enriched with Lively Color Pigments that impart an immediate bright, rosy finish, Rose extract prevents Melagenosis, and Perlite to control oil; it has SPF 35 PA+++; Lancome recently came out with two new shades in this powder series: PO2 (a fair rosy beige) and P03 (a medium rosy beige).

Meanwhile, Blanc Expert compact has just received a makeover; it now comes in a sleek, rectangular shape trimmed with silver and features a magnetic closure; totally chic, totally Lancome.

UV Expert XL-Shield CCCover SPF 50 PA++++ comes in two shades: Fresh Rosy and Natural Nude, and retails at P2,100.00; Blanc Expert Compact retails at P700.00 and Brightening Compact Foundation refill is at P2,150.00; both lines are now available at Lancome Greenbelt 5, Rustan's Makati, Rustan's Shangri-La Mall, and Robinsons Magnolia.

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10 Lovely Thoughts

  1. I didn't know about that! Thank you for sharing us this wonderful beauty tip, at least we now have an idea on how to better protect our skin from damaging.

    1. You're welcome; glad you learned something new today. :)

  2. Now more than ever we are so much exposed to this harmful blue light because of our smartphones and tablets. I have not tried Lancome makeup to be honest but this is just a reminder to me that I should try it. I like the rosy finish better because too warm a shade could wash out my complexion.

    On a lighter note, I like Lily Collins and her lush eyebrows and eyelashes😍😍😍

  3. Again, beauty comes with a price hehe. These are quite expensive for me, but I appreciate how beauty products constantly create innovative products that protect our skin from harmful entities. Hopefully I'd be able to afford these soon :)

  4. Hope you could review them Ms. M I want them though they're quite pricey for my pocket (yeah I'm broke because May is my Birth month) lol!

  5. A must try skin care from Lancome even if its pricey, your skin will be much protected against pollution, stress and sun.

  6. wow another new line from Lancome! i have tried this brand after receiving samples from loot received on your 3rd yr anniversary giveaway.. it was love at first use (sample foundation)

    they're bit pricey for me but after trying it out,, worth it pala para sa halaga. =)

    1. Awww...you remembered! Agree, they have pretty good foundation products; I'm excited to try the powder foundation :)


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