I Am Part of Guerlain's Beauty Council + A special surprise to my readers

A week ago, I was invited by Guerlain to be part of their Beauty Council; it's selected group of Filipina Beauty enthusiasts from influencers, artists, editors, and bloggers. I feel so happy to be part of Guerlain Philippines' core group of women; I can't wait to tell the brand's story to each and every Filipina who loves luxury and beauty.

As part of the Beauty Council, Guerlain Philippines and I have an amazing surprise to all TBJ readers and fans.

From today until June 30, 2016, use The Beauty Junkee's unique code at Guerlain Greenbelt 5 to avail of the special surprise:


Now that I got you interested, care for some recommendations?

Guerlain is globally known for effective, luxurious skin care; for Millenials like me, we'll love Abeille Royale, a regenerating skin care range made with the goodness of Royal Jelly.

For makeups, of course, there's the cult favorite Guerlain Meteorites, Guerlain Rouge G, and La Petite Robe Noire Lipstick range.

When shopping Guerlain, the fragrances are a must; my favorites from Guerlain are La Petite Robe Noire EDT and this: Aqua Allegoria Limon Verde; it's fresh, but totally chic.

There are a lot more beautiful Guerlain products to discover so be sure to drop by Guerlain Greenbelt 5 (in front of Balenciaga). Again, here are the details of the offer:

1. Guerlain-The Beauty Junkee code is available from today until June 30,2016.
2. Code is: marthasb006
3. The code entitles users to a special surprise; drop by the pop- up to find out.
4. Look for Beauty Consultants Bevs or Joralyn at the pop- up store.
5. The code can be used at Guerlain Greenbelt 5 pop- up store only.

Enjoy shopping! Don't forget to tag me your purchases; would love to see your hauls! :)

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17 Lovely Thoughts

  1. Whoa what's your lippie here Ms. M? You look chic and I love your choker!

  2. Woohhh near my workplace♥
    That's A lovely offer for those TBJ reader who loves Guerlain products...

  3. Indeed a massive discount! What are you waiting for ladies?😘 A woman of class should not miss to have Guerlain perfume in her closet

  4. Super love your look!

  5. CONGRATULATIONS! Love your lipstick. Yeah, I visited a pop up Guerlain store too in Glorietta, I think two years ago where my school mate, jewelry designer Joyce Makitalo had a project with them.

  6. awww congrats on being part of their beauty council Ms M! and the look you got here super ROCK! i love the lipstick you used here (is it MAC or from pink sugar?)

    sobrang bongga ng discount! 25%!

  7. Wow! Such a big discount for TBJ Readers. Thanks Ms Martha and Guerlain.

  8. Congratulations Ms. M! Sad though kasi di ako makaka avail ng discount na 'to. Luzon is too far haha

  9. Unfortunately, my aunt just went to Guerlain a while ago and texted me that she bought a new perfume... and unfortunately, our internet connection sucks and I didn't read this. Such a shame! But, anyway, congratulations, Ms. Martha! I love your outfit here plus that lipstick is sleek.

    1. Awwww...it's until June 30 so she can take advantage of the code until that date! :D

  10. Oooh, the products are oozing with class and beauty. :)


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