Lash EM All Eyes On You Lash And Brow Enhancing Serum Review + Price

Here's a review on Lash EM All Eyes on You Lash And Brow Enhancing Serum.

PRICE: P3,599.00
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I've used a couple of lash enhancing and growth serums in my life, and I don't recall using anything as gentle and effective as Lash EM All Eyes on You Lash and Brow Enhancing Serum; sure, there were some that gave me pretty long and kinda' thick lashes, but with this product, I really saw and AMAZING difference with the length and thickness of my lashes; hallelujah!


This premium brand of lash serum features Sympeptide that thickens, fortifies, and lengthens hair, plant extracts that fight free radical damage, and Natural Flower Distillate that nourishes hair; it also features the proprietary QuSome technology that allows for a time release delivery of the products for whole day nourishment and care. Ophthalmologist tested. Safe for sensitive skin.

I really like the metallic silver look of Lash EM; it's so striking, looks luxe, and it stands out in my dresser. The box has a matte look and feel, similar to NARS' packaging.

The serum comes with a thin nylon brush that goes into every corner of my lower lash line; the bristles have rounded tips to prevent piercing and scratching. Lash EM is a clear, unscented liquid that gets absorbed quickly into the lashes.

The serums I have tried in the past, they stung my eyes so I ended up discontinuing the journey halfway; there were some that made my eyes itch and I ditched the tube right away; this one is very gentle; absolutely no stinging sensation at all; I accidentally inserted the product- drenched applicator into my eyes and the product did not sting, but my eye kinda' hurt from the accident haha. 

According to the distributors of Lash EM in the Philippines, there are some lash serums that can cause discoloration on the skin and Sclera with prolonged usage and Lash EM addressed the issue by using all- natural ingredients only; I've been using this serum for at least a month now and I have not observed any discoloration whatsoever; the owner of the distributing company of Lash EM in the Philippines, Kim, has been using it for years already and her eyes are still looking mighty fine.


Product used for one month; daily, night usage

Lash EM said that it yields results in 4-6 weeks of religious usage; I saw staggering effects in just 1 month; check out the photo on top; I observed improvement in length and volume; there were baby hair strands growing on top of my existing lashes and some bald spots began growing hair; my lower lashes exhibited improvement in terms of hair density as well, but sucks that my camera can't capture them properly. :p Btw, you can use this product during daytime, right before applying mascara to prep and protect your lashes; it gets absorbed real quick in a minute or two.

I didn't take a BEFORE photo of my right eye in this angle, but I wanna say that my lashes here used to be sparse; I've never seen my lashes THIS thick; there are virtually no bald spots and I even thought one time that I didn't remove my mascara properly, but turned out it was real hair already! UH-MA-ZING!

I used this serum on my brows, but result was pretty insignificant though.

I've Blogger friends who have been using this product as well and all of them reported positive results!

Is it safe for pregnant women? It didn't say, but even if it did, I'd still recommend to consult your physician first and get a GO signal. Is it okay for sensitive skin? Depends on your level of sensitivity; formula is gentle, but you know, you could be allergic to a non-allergen (it's possible!) so consult with your doctor first; is it safe for contact lens wearers? Yes, according to the manufacturer. Will it keep on lengthening and inducing hair growth with continued usage? Depends on your body's reaction to the product, but I believe that our body has a limit on everything that it does; after some time, your body may stop responding to the lash enhancing actives in the serum and that's the natural course of life, but you can make it a skin care staple because aside from encouraging growth, it is also designed to keep your lashes resilient and healthy (btw, I noticed that lash fall has been infrequent when I started using this product!).

If sparse, bald lashes have been plaguing you, give Lash EM a try and you might just see an amazing difference; I did; or if you already have thick, long lashes, this serum will still come handy to you as a skin care product. I'm pretty happy with this product and I'm definitely repurchasing when I run out! Yes, price is a little steep, but fyi, this is not the most expensive lash serum in the market and cost is justified because it delivers!

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9 Lovely Thoughts

  1. I like your hallelujah! This product is amazing, I will recommend this to my friends who have thin and short lashes. Thanks Ms. Martha

  2. The price kid of killed it for me. The difference is pretty obvious but for that price I need to think again before buying it because hell, that will hurt my wallet. I've tried oils to grow my lashes and brows and some of it did work but like what you've said, sometimes it stings A LOT. I've once accidentally poke my eyes with it and the redness is real for the whole entire day so I stopped using it for good.

  3. Wow maybe I'll try this one I'm tired of sticky castor oil (though it works too:D).

  4. Aww so expensivE!!! Is there other cheaper brand for lengthening lashes? and also as effective as this one??? Like me who can't afford this one I probably use na lang fake falsies heheheh:)

  5. Wow, I'd do anything for thicker brows and lashes....thanks for sharing your experience, Ms. Martha!

  6. Hair growth slows when we reach late 20s onwards. One time I really plucked my eyebrows very thinly it hardly grew back. It was very quick to grow in the past. I can tell the difference from your before and after. Hallelujia to luscious eyelashes and eyebrows!!

  7. Uuuggghh it's soooo pricey. But I think most lash growth serums are like that.

    CJ | From Manila with Love : Beauty, Life & Feminism

  8. Naduling ako sa price Ms M! hahaha but after reading the whole article, I must agree this is REAL worth it maraming online seller and nagbebenta ng lash serum though there are testimonials given pero I am still confused na baka may side effect or may cause blindness but since it claims na safe sya (Ophthalmologist tested. Safe for sensitive skin)then this product is good to try.

    Thank you for the detailed review Ms M looking forward for more EFFECTIVE PRODUCT REVIEWS from TBJ!

  9. The price is wowzah, but anything for beauty right? hehehe :)


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