5 Amazing Yummy Diet Freebies + Fitness Update

Ever since I started doing Yummy Diet, eating wholesomely has always been easy, plus they taught me how to eat Tofu; to be honest, I don't eat Tofu, but Yummy Diet's delish versions made me appreciate this protein- rich vegetable. Yummy Diet has made me realize that Tofu is actually tasty, thanks to their yummy recipes.

Aside from their tasty, healthy meals, what makes me look forward to every Yummy Diet bag that comes my way are the amazing surprise freebies that come with each one; here are my 5 most favorite Yummy Diet freebies to date!


- Celeteque was one of their featured brands before and this freebie came at the right time as I ran out of cleansing wipes then!


- This wellness center chain is one of their frequent sponsors and I received a month's worth of membership with their GCs. Amazing!


- What's better than a GC? A flexible GC that allows you to choose the services you prefer; I got the exact GCs from Bioessence in a couple of bags already.


- This great smelling body care range generously provides full- sized products; I even got a soap from them one time!


- I received twice a large pack of spaghetti from El Real and it made me giddy all over! Free food is free food!

So those are my favorite freebies from Yummy Diet so far; with these, I could say that the subscription is worth it!


As you all know, I've been in and out the country for the past two months; suffice to say, dieting has been hard because how can you say no to eating when traveling? I'm still working out, but I got sick sometime in April and May so I had to slow down for a bit and only did light workouts; sometimes, none at all. It was frustrating for someone who's passionate about resuming with her fitness journey, but thankfully, Yummy Diet has helped minimize the damage; when I get back from a vacation or trip, I get back on track with Yummy Diet; I haven't lost any significant amount of pounds due to my circumstances, but I never gained anything because Yummy Diet has been keeping my calories in check on normal days. Whew!

The last half of the year is here; let's make it count. :)

Can't wait to resume my fitness journey!

For more information and to order, visit YUMMY DIET on Facebook.

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7 Lovely Thoughts

  1. yay.. thank you for sharing your fave from the box (i thought i saw it on your IG post) that celeteque facial wipes is familiar to me (think I saw one from watsons)

    the fitness journal you sent me will be used for making notes on preparing healthy food (more of baon for me and my little one)

    i would love to be like you in terms of being cautious on having a healthy mind and body. i would love to do workouts too but in my case lifting heavy objects is a no-no (i do have mild scolio) so i prefer lighter exercise.

    i miss your recipe posts ms m!


  2. Hi Ms. M thank you for sharing your fitness journey as if to date. How I wish I can be like you when it comes to determination. Ang tanging bisyo ko sa buhay ay kumain. I love to eat promise! I hope I can go back to working out. I used to go to the gym and attend aero classes. I think that's all for now. Ingatz po lagi! =)

  3. I wish you could vlog about your work out routine.

  4. Your subscription from Yummy Diet is really worthy. You eat healthy foods na plus may freebies pa. Stay fit Ms. Martha

  5. Super worth it yung subscription dyan sa Yummy diet Ms. Martha! Thanks din for reminding me na magwork out na huhu. Since tumigil na ako mag work. I gained weight ng bongga bongga. Syempre 2 years na akong Higa kain higa kain, minsan i'm trying not to eat sweets like chocolates, chuckie drink, cakes, icecream, cookies..at ang lakas ko pa mag soft drinks lol haha. Pano naman ako makakapagdiet if kasama ko na ata buong buhay ko anh sweets kasi i'm baking cookies, cookie pizzas, brownies and etc. and sa bahay namin palagi may stock biyanan ko pang meryenda ko 😭😭😭 pero grabe gusto ko na talaga pumayat. From 50-61kg na ako ngayon. Ansabe. Ms. Martha i hope maishare mo din samin ang work out routine mo.. And if ever, sasabayan kita so sabay tayo mag lose ng weight at para din may guide and alam ko gagawin ko. Kasi seriously idk kung pano ang tamang diet. *hoping* *for a change* lol hahaha nice blog Ms. Martha ❤️

  6. Can they also make a diet plan for persons who want to gain weight such as me? Hihihihi. I am so picky kasi with foods that's why I don't gain that much. I wanted something that is not just delicious but extraordinary. Plus I love that they're giving away freebies that is a reinforcement as well to continue with their product :)))

  7. Hope you can also share your favorite diet foods recipes Ms. M. It's nice to know that they are collaborating with other companies in order to provide different freebies for the loyal customers :)

    Wannderzel by Hazel


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