Happy Birthday Zen Zest + Zen Zest Cult Favorites

15 years ago, perfume lover Michelle Ascence took her passion to a different level by formulating her own perfumes; she then decided to join bazaars to offer her creations, hopping from one bazaar to the other, dragging boxes and boxes of perfumes to sell.

15 years after and with all that sheer passion, enthusiasm, and hardwork, not to mention heartaches and failures in between, Michelle built a local fragrance empire: ZEN ZEST; from its humble beginnings in bazaars, Zen Zest went on to be one of the most successful consumer fragrance brands with products ranging from fragrance (home and body), body care, aromatherapy, and home.

Zen Zest celebrates this 2016 this year and here's a throwback featuring their classic products and customer favorites!

So here are the top customer favorites from Zen Zest: Tangerine EDT, a classic citrus sent, Aromatherapy roller ball oils for that zen feeling everywhere, luxuriously rich and perfumed body scrubs, and home fragrances.

Those are my favorites too and on top of that, I also love their aromatherapy home sprays (most especially sleep!), Indigo and Coral EDT, and hand wash.

If you're new to the brand, take this list with you before you go shopping!

Congratulations, Michelle and to the team of Zen Zest; please continue making amazing fragrances and inspiring a lot of entrepreneurs like me to just keep on going; here's to more fragrant years ahead! :)

Show Zen Zest some love and list down your favorites at the comment section. :)

For more information about Zen Zest's products, please visit ZEN ZEST on Facebook.

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13 Lovely Thoughts

  1. Di pa ako nakakatry ng mga perfumes nila but my mom loves zen zest. Idk whenever na makakita sya ng zen zest store bumibili sya ng perfume. She told me na mabango daw perfumes nila, habang ako hindi ko manlang naiisipang itry yung perfume ni mama. Hahaha. Later we'll see kung magugustuhan ko sya 😁

  2. I never have any Zen Zest perfumes. Maybe it's time to try this brand na.

  3. I finished up countless bottles of their tea tree oil and lately they've launch their own tea tree soap...too bad they discontinued their VCO (I super love it but it breaks my heart). Mom also uses their linen spray.

  4. Zen Zest is awesome. Their products are affordable, available everywhere, packaged nicely, and do not smell cheap at all.

  5. I love Magenta EDT! Smells like Clinique Happy. =)

  6. Zen Zest is one the constants in every establishment ever. Every place I've ever known has a Zen Zest counter. I'm a little shocked to know that I'm only a few years older than this brand, but I'm not surprised about how long they've kept their share in the market because of their quality and affordable items. :) Congratulations, Zen Zest! :)

  7. i have stocked of zen zest hand wash at my office and it is good.definitely will try their perfume line.

  8. My favorite scent in ZEN ZENT is their Tangerine♥ Very affordable

  9. hmm.. curious about Aromatherapy roller balls..

  10. My mom loves their home fragrances. She even bought all of its scents. HAHAHA.

  11. i like the their VCO (spray type) it replaced my ordinary lotion and it is not sticky at all it even helped my skin more moisturized and soft.

    i first tried the cabinet atomizer as i received one from your beauty loot received years ago.

  12. Thanks for sharing your faves! Will check out some of them soon. :D


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