Maybelline V-Face Collection + Review + Swatch + Price

Here's a review on Maybelline V-Contour Collection.

PRICE: Blush Contour- P399.00; Contouring Stick- P499.00; Contour Duo Powder- P499.00
FROM: Free
OTHER LOCATIONS: Available in all leading department stores, drugstores, and supermarkets.


Are you looking for good contouring products or would you like to try the latest in contouring, but as much as possible, wouldn't want to spend an arm and leg for products? Maybelline has brought to us the latest in contouring through V-Face. Shape, sculpt, and highlight your features - do whatever floats your boat with this collection!


V-Face features three multitasking products that either highlight/contour or contour/highlight/color in one travel- friendly compact. Products come in the shades Light/Medium and Medium/Dark.

These are the products: V-Face Contouring stick is one of the latest trends in contouring nowadays;
the products have a cream formula and come in a convenient, dual ended packaging. V-Face Blush Contour is the bargain among the three because it features three products in a slim palette; however, I'm having a hard time getting my brush into the highlighter and contouring powders because the pans' width is so narrow. V-Face Duo Powder is a contouring and highlighting kit to give you an ala-Kardashian contour.

Maybelline Blush Contour (L-R: Highlight blush, blush, contour powder)

The powders have a nice, soft, easy to blend texture with minimal fall out; pigmentation is medium to heavy. The contouring stick has light to medium pigmentation and feels soft, a lil' creamy, and dries into a semi- matte finish. My problem with the contouring stick is the undertone of the contouring product is a tad bit orange/red; I wish it were neutral or taupe so as to imitate the natural shadows on the face.

Generally, the products yield moderate color payoff so for Filipinas (even for the fair ones), it's best to go for the Medium/Dark shade selection to get more color on your skin.


 I used the contouring stick all over my face. Be mindful of the application points; this is a cheat sheet for ya!

 Contour on my cheeks and jaw line.

 Contouring stick blended on the skin

I prefer blending the products on my skin either with my bare fingers or a wedge sponge. The products look pretty natural on the skin.

Here's the contouring stick when set with powder. It looks pretty decent, but the redness of the contouring stick is standing out. :p To remedy this, I correct it with one of the V-Face products, specifically the Duo Powder.

Here's me wearing the Blush Contour set. I like this product next to the Duo Powder.

This is the Duo Powder on my cheeks. The highlighter has very faint shimmer and it lifts the skin without making it appear oily so I use it on the center of my nose as well. The contouring powder is a nice, decent shade of neutral brown. I use this to tone down the red undertone of the Contouring Stick.

The powder products hold up pretty well on almost all skin types; the contouring stick is best worn by those with normal and dry skin.

Overall, despite the slight boo boos in the shades, it's generally a pretty good contouring collection for its price; it's a great and affordable way to catch up with contouring trends, plus how nice of Maybelline to offer a contouring collection to cater to beauty addicts on a budget!


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11 Lovely Thoughts

  1. Lurve! I want to try the Contour stick! Its now easy to contour OMG! Will definitely buy one! Thanks Miss Martha

  2. I would love to know how to contour so I can always create an illusion that my nose is pointed. Hahahahahahaha. That's what my gay friends in theater arts do when we have a play so when the light strike woah, it creates an illusion of a pointed nose or even abs for the boys and girls as well. Hihihihi.

  3. Been eyeing on these items lately! Heard a lot of good reviews on the duo stick and promised myself to get it! ☺️ Thanks for the review Ms. M! 💛

  4. If i will choose among the three, I will pick the Duo powder since like you I might have a hard time getting products/swatched from the blush contour set. I hope Maybelline will improve the undertone color of the Duo Stick

  5. Maybelline is truly one of the most versatile drugstore make-up brands because they have everything you might need! And they don't just have an item, they make great items for every make up category you can think of! I'm really happy to see a contour collection from them because the ones available in the drugstore as of late are either too so-so or too expensive for my beginner needs. And I love how they came out with a variety of products because it can cater to a lot more people who have different preferences according to their skin type! :) I'm digging the V-Face Duo Stick because it looks really convenient to use! I also might have mentioned this before, but the highlighter part is supposedly a dupe for Becca's Opal! :) It's a tad bit too warm for my liking, but I think that could be a plus on some points because a little warmth would be helpful given how gloomy the weather has been the past few weeks. :) AAAAND THE LEATHER CASE THEY CAME IN IS REALLY CLASSY! Hoping they would sell those too! :(

  6. Nabili ko ng Contour Blush for 299 lang Ms.Martha,nung nagpynta kase ako naka 100.00 off Maybelline V- Face Countour..

  7. The blush contour set seems nice, will be swatching these on the counter this weekend!

  8. Because of the affordability, this is a nice contouring kit especially for those who is a newbie or want to try how to contour. Thanks for this Ms. Martha

  9. Being a noob in contouring, I think I'd go with the duo powder first. Thanks Miss M for the tip on how to properly contour!

  10. Needed this, my sister and i wants to try contouring & this affordable kit is perfect for us starting or wants to learn. Thank you for the cheat sheet. hehe I really love maybelline products :)

  11. thanks for the review! i am forever on a tight budget and could only get one of these. i've swatched them sa Maybelline counter pero i was torn between the stick and the powder. now i've made up my mind what to get. super salamat!


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