Happy Skin Glam Squad: The Make Up Artists of the Stars, Right At Your Fingertips + Q and A

Liza Soberano's always been known for her sweet look. Kathryn Bernardo's loved for her fresh look and for being one of the firsts to sport the Korean brow. Cheska Garcia's sultry, bold eyes has always stood out. Maine Mendoza's clean, camera- ready look is a hit among fans.

Their secret? Makeup Artists.

Happy Skin collaborates with four of the biggest, most sought after celebrity makeup artists of today and created Glam Squad, a new makeup collection to deliver looks, colors, and textures, straight from the masters themselves; quite literally, it's having the makeup artists of the stars right in your kikay kit!

Mickey See, Juan Sarte, Denise Go- Ochoa, and Jigs Mayuga lend their color and technique genius to create an 8- piece collection of complementing eye, complexion, and lip products for every woman who needs to glam up their look in an instant. The colors-as well as the textures-were handpicked by the artists themselves to represent their signature looks and favorite colors.

Mickey See's (for Liza Soberano) palette is made up of sweet pinks.
Juan Sarte's (for Maine Mendoza) collection is comprised of everyday nudes and rose
Denise Go- Ochoa's (for Kathryn Bernardo) makeup set features flattering peaches
Jigs Mayuga's (for Cheska Kramer) boudoir offers bold basics and nude

The main collection is accompanied by a brush set, eyebrow duo of pencil and brow mascara, and contouring + blush duo.

The products come in chic Rose Gold packaging; how flatlay worthy!

Here are swatches of the eye shadow duos. From left to right, we have Mickey See, Denise Ochoa, Jigs Mayuga, and Juan Sarte; Sarte and Jigs's palettes are my faves!

L-R: Juan Sarte, Sophie Uy, Mickey See, Beauty Bloggers Shen, Shebby, and Almira

I got the chance to interview makeup legends, Mickey and Sarte; from humble beginnings, makeup, work ethics, inspirations, and career tips, we talked about it:

How they both started...

Mickey has always loved makeup ever since he was young while Sarte started playing with his mom's makeup at a young age and both of them evolved from trying out products on themselves to actually putting on makeups on others; that's how the fire began. 

Mickey eventually pursued a career in makeup artistry by starting out with doing makeups (sometimes paid and sometimes for free) for magazine shoots. Unlike Mickey, Sarte, who began his career as a caster for an advertising agency, just fell into makeup as he was one of the people tasked to put makeup on the models before casting trials and he eventually embraced the it. Sarte has been in the industry for 22 years and Mickey, for 12 years.

Their makeup heroes...

Sarte started out with a book by Way Bandy, who, at one point, was the highest paid makeup artist in the world. Mickey See is the great Kevyn Aucoin. Locally, Mickey's makeup hero is Juan Sarte and Sarte's is Mila Garces, who, according to him, is one of the best Filipina makeup artists.

Their signature looks...

Juan Sarte's a specialist in the classic, clean look that's camera- ready. Mickey See is an expert in the sweet, bridal look.

If they could give you one career advice...

For Mickey, he believes that humility and kindness will take you far.

For Sarte, he advises that when you encounter unfortunate events or clients, don't spend too much time and effort fussing about them because at the end of the day, everything will pass.

P.S. I've been following Sarte and Mickey for the longest time already for makeup inspiration!

Totally loved the interview portions with these amazing artists and of course, the new collection as well. You gotta try the liquid lipsticks!

Glam Squad Price list:

Contour and Color Palette: P1,399.00
Liquid Matte Lipstick: P699.00
Glam Squad Custom Brush Set- P2,999.00
Eye Shadow Duo- P899.00
Arch Definer and Brow Mascara- P949.00

More reasons to support this collection: A portion of the sales from this collection will go to the makeup masters' chosen charities: Denise supports a home for the elderly, Jigs supports an LGBT organization, LAGABLAB, Juan supports a global food assistance program, and Mickey supports the orphanage White Cross Children's Home.

Happy Skin Glam Squad is available for pre-order from August 15-21, 2016 at zalora.com.ph and happyskincosmetics.com, and will be available on counter starting August 22, 2016 in select Plains 'N Prints, Beauty Bar, and Rustans stores.

Visit HAPPY SKIN on Facebook for more information about these products.

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  1. The packaging is so pretty. Knowing na may mga magbebenefit pag bumili ka is nakakatuwa talaga. Nabili mp na yung gusto mo and nakatulong ka pa in a small way.

  2. Wow! This is awesome. More of this so we can create make up lines that will soon become famous and we can proudly say it's FILIPINO!!!!. Yey! Thanks for sharing this to us. But is this the same with Heart's make up line if I am not mistaken it's in collaboration with happy skin as well.

  3. I love this collection, especially from Juan Sarte! gusto ko ng bilhin at yung lip brush but my wallet would not permit me from doing so, if i've known it earlier that this will be released, hay di ko muna binili yung ibang makeup na nabili ko na!

  4. Looking forward to your detailed review on them especially the lipsticks. They are I think and hopefully a great dupe for Kylie lippies :)

  5. Everything looks luxe and the packaging is comparable to imported brands. If it is Happy Skin for sure the quality is superb #prideofthePhilippines

  6. Grabe! These makeup artists are the best! Just this week na notice ko na Happy Skin is a Filipino brand. How amazing are Filipino is.

  7. I like the packaging, so classy. Level up na ang Happy Skin. After ng collab with Heart, 4 makeup artist naman. Gaganda pa ng shades. I would like to try their lipsticks.

  8. Everything looks so chic and classy! I love the nude and the mauve shades! Great job on the collaboration Happy Skin! 👏🏻💛

  9. Sobrang ganda ng packaging! lakas makasosyal hehe but happy skin has a nice packaging naman. Love all the shades especially ung kay Jigs na Lippie and eyeshadow (pede din pang brows ung color). It's really nice din kasi may magbebenefit when you buy the product. Time to save up for these Lippies 💛💛💛

  10. Bongga! Winner to! I've been following them since I created my IG Account. having one of these make up makes everyone feel extra confident since para ka na din minake-up-an ng sikat na Make up artist!

  11. Hi! Can you post also the list of ingredients for each product? And for the matte lipsticks, how many months from opening do they last? And how many ml per lipstick? I am so excited to try these! :)


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