MiLi Pure Skin Moisture Detector Review + Price

Here's a review on MiLi Pure Skin Moisture Detector.

PRICE: Around P1,000+
FROM: Free
OTHER LOCATIONS: Please inquire at MiLi Philippines on Facebook


I've discovered a pretty cool gadget lately and it's MiLi Pure Skin Moisture Detector. When skin is getting dry, it sometimes goes unnoticed and this is where skin problems develop. Before dryness gets out of hand, you could use a little help from this little fella!


Designed to be travel- friendly, this handy moisture detector detects moisture on four areas of the skin (neck, hands, face, eyes) in as little as five seconds, plus helps keep track of your skin's moisture level and provides skin type- specific tips to combat dryness.

This is the MiLi Pure when it is new. I don't know if there's a fake version of this, but just so you know, these are the contents of an original package.

This hand held device fits the palm and is very light; you can pop it in your makeup kit and bring it everyday. The blue crystal in the middle is an authentic Swarovski Crystal; as for its actual use? I don't really know.


When you twist the cap to the side, a round button- like head with two metal balls are revealed. The head goes down when you push the product on your skin; it activates the entire device.

In order to get this thing working, you have to download the MiLi Pure app; it works both on Android and Apple ios. 

When the app is finally installed, turn on your smartphone's bluetooth, turn on the detector by pushing the button at its bottom, and when the blue crystal lights up, that means it's up and running (oh that's the use of the crystal!).

Pair your smartphone with MiLi Pure Skin Moisture Detector at least once to start using it; you don't have to keep on pairing both devices with each other every single time, but this depends on your smartphone. In my experience, I only had to pair both devices once and they automatically connect to each other when I open the app and the detector.

The app is pretty simple: it just helps you detect your face, neck, eye, and feet's moisture levels; there are also skin tips in the app, but it's all basic information that you can easily Google.

This is one cool device. I wouldn't say that you should go out and buy it, but it's nice to have; I can see that this is very handy for those with very dry skin - at least you'll know when it's time to fix your skin with moisture if it starts showing signs of dryness. It's also great to bring with you when traveling when it's very easy to ignore skin care and your skin because you're enjoying sightseeing - just stick the device onto your skin and it will tell you upfront whether your skin is still doing great or it's time to moisturize already. Also great for those who live in cold places.


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11 Lovely Thoughts

  1. Wow! I need this I have dry skin. I reLly need to moisturize my skin every now and then

  2. This is really cool. Small but terrible. Hihihihihi. Can I sell the swarovski? Hahahaha. Kidding la. But I like it because it has tips for the skin. Technology really change the world na. Woooooo. Basta hoping for more inventions for the betterment of our lives :)

  3. I hope they hit major malls to see how it works personally. Anyway this is a perfect Christmas gift for my dry skinned brother :D

  4. wow this is amazing! for my case, i always do have dry tzone.. i dunno what to do with it.. i do tone and moisturize day and night but still the same.. *sigh*

  5. What a very nice and cute device! Though I'm not sure if I can maximize it because we live in a tropical country LOL. But if I get it for free, I would be more than happy to use it though :)

  6. great innovation! this gadget will help us further assess what kind of product we must use since it can detect dryness and oiliness of the skin.

  7. Wow. Cool gadget. Great help to know when you need to moisturize your skin.

  8. This is an awesome gadget to keep track of your skin hydration level! :) I got to try something like this to have my skin analyzed in Watsons a few years ago, and it's great to see that something portable and user-friendly is already available in the market. This is helpful in assessing how to adjust your skincare routine according to your skin health, especially now that weather changes are unpredictable! :)

  9. This is nice! Helping you track your skin dryness why not and handy pa you can bring to travels. Coz i always feel oily but i can see that it's dry on some areas on my face.

  10. A new cool gadget for the skin 😊

  11. this is so cool... truly a promising gadget :)You can now monitor your skin from time to time...


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