Yummy Diet Journey Updates

I'm now on my fifth month of taking Yummy Diet and so far, it has been great. My workout journey has been really erratic; one moment I'm on, then I'll get sick, then work will come in like tidal wave, and I'll get sick again; in short, my journey was so-so for the last 6 months, but really, no really, thanks to Yummy Diet, it's been keeping me on track and helps keep me from gaining too much weight.

Last July, after coming back from a vacation- filled June, I decided to reset my fitness journey; I went back to boxing, introduced Muay Thai, and still kept doing strength training, but only to a minimum as I want to focus on circuit training; I began to eat strictly Yummy Diet Low Calorie meals only as they're controlled portions of food, thus helping me achieve my goal better.

It's been two months since that reset, and here's my result:

Left: June 2016 (12 1/2 in.)
Right: August 2016 (11 in.)

I'd like for you to pay attention to my arms. Left was the size of my Ramen- fed arms (lol) and I shrunk it with the help of boxing and Yummy Diet. Yay!

I'm still on my way to my target and that is I plan to lose 10-15 lbs. more (10 is actually okay, but I'm pushing for 15 lbs. so I'll be more inspired).

Let's do this! I gotta get fit for Cairns!

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12 Lovely Thoughts

  1. Good for you Ms. Martha :))) Hopefully I will be able to discipline myself and gain weight huhuhuhu. Hoping that there will be a food company like this that will cater foods for those who wanted to gain weight.

    1. Hehehe exactly! I also wanted to gain weight! Thumbs up for your consistent Ms. M!

  2. I do boxing and circuit training too for almost 2 months now. so happy that you also do the same. hopefully i can lose 10 lbs also. hehe!

  3. all I could say is.. its a fabulous result ms m!

  4. Way to go Ms.M, keep it up. I wanted to try the Yummy diet but I might end up not eating all of them because I am very picky when it comes to food. But believe me I wanted to, aside from the fact that I'll lose weight, I'd eat healthier by the day too.

  5. Very good Ms. Martha. Keep it on. Kaya yan. Go for your goal, lose some lbs pa.

  6. I always drool over your packed food posts on IG! They look really healthy but not enough for me to not try (because veggies are my worst enemy!). Can I ask about your boxing routine? I've been wanting to try it out as a regular exercise because I live near an accessible one, but I'm not quite sure where to start. Maybe you can do a separate post about your boxing journey! It'd be helpful for people like me who are interested but clueless and intimidated! :)

  7. Wow! I'm so inspired by this post!!! I've been meaning to try out boxing, but I've always hesitated because I wanted to have someone with me (sadly, all my friends aren't really athletic). This just gave me the push I needed :) I'm into circuit training, but I also want to explore other exercises because I always gain weight so fast. I'm conflicted with trying out those low calorie meal deliveries though, is it worth it? Or should I just learn how to make healthy home cooked meals? Thank you so much for this post :) It's a life-long journey with all my weight issues, and it's always great to find inspiring people like you!

  8. Nice lumiit tlga ung braso mo yan din gusto ko maachieve. Haha what i did is no rice/softdrinks diet tapos konting exercise but sometimes nagchecheat day.I stop for a while now, but i will get back asap.haha discipline lang talaga ang sagot para maachieve ung gustong body. My cousins and i wanna try boxing too. 😊

  9. I'm happy for you Ms.Martha. its not easy talaga na magpapayat or magwork out tapos ang daming yummy meals lagi na nakikita.Specially to someone like you na laging naiinvite sa mga events ang gathering.
    Im proud of you!!
    I was doing kick boxing before and plan ko uli magwork out ,mukha na along balyena . .hehehe!!
    Work out and balance diet talaga ang need.
    What lotion or cream ang ginagamit.mo Ms.Martha para magfirm yung braso mo.

  10. Go! go! go! Ms.M hope that I have your discipline exercising is easy for me but veering away from delicious food is the hardest part.

  11. your yummy diet doesn't look like diet :) I'll be looking forward to your achieved 15 lbs less body figure! ang sexy mo na nun! truly constant exercise paired with healthy food makes a lot of difference... one thing I've discovered, breastfeeding does magic in loosing weight.. nakaka-sexy without having to diet and exercise at all :D


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