OOTD: Kill Em With Kindness

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The title has literally no relation to this OOTD post; it's just that there's too much negativity on social media nowadays; I feel that as a country, we are growing apart more than ever; it's black and white. Compassion has become passe and ridiculing those who don't share our beliefs has become a past time online. Facebook justice rules the land. I thought we're a progressing nation?

I have to admit, many times, dismay and disappointment consume me that I am tempted to answer back to keyboard warriors in their language. But then again, what makes me different from them? There is always, always a nice way to fix things.

I just want to say something to everyone; a reminder, a knock on the heart and heads not only for you, but for myself as well.

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Dear Everyone,

Please be kind.

We all have to understand that we don't share the same opinions, aspirations, and beliefs all the time. And that's okay. And if you feel the need to correct someone or enlighten them, then do so, but no need to shout. No need to humiliate. No need to curse. No need to pick on them. But know that they may not respond to you with the same kindness that you gave.

So just kill them with kindness. 

Remember that if you let things, situations, behaviors, and people change you, you're only hurting yourself.

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I wore green today because according to the Green Lantern movie, it's the color of life and positivity. I need it.

May you all meet the kindest people today. :)

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14 Lovely Thoughts

  1. What an inspiring post Ms. M! Everyone should be sensitive enough and to be kind to everyone because we don't know what are their struggles. 👏🏻 PS: lovely ootd!

  2. Super lurve your OOTD! Good for you!

  3. i love your top Ms. M! yes I agree super powerful na ng Social Media lalo na Facebook. dami din nag she share ng mga articles na hindi totoo.

  4. Wow! I love your dress so unique and refreshing. Regarding social media, it's really now polluted with negativities. Haaaaay. Pero we can do this. Naaalala ko yung sermon ng pari nung nagsimba kami ng friend ko sa Caloocan. A man asked Jesus, repeatedly decreasing the number of people na mabait parang does it make him end the world parang ganun but Jesus keeps on saying no kasi there are still people na mabait at believe in Him. Kaya with all the bad things happening let's still see the good side and make it even larger na matatakpan na nya at mababago yung lahat ng negativities.

  5. This look is very "Madam" hahahaha! Really love the powerful vibe this outfit conveys! I thought you were only wearing a dress, and I was confused to see you mention top and skirt until I scrolled further down. :) This shade of green is definitely your color! :) Thank you for the advice about social media trends right now. Facebook comment sections are frightening because you see how much people can demean someone or something just to prove their point. I avoid checking comment sections in FB altogether lately, that's why I usually lurk around beauty blogs instead because they're filled with so much inspiration and empowerment! People need to be more kind, indeed, but because of current events some people have been ready to throwaway their values in support of what they think is the best for the society. I hope it doesn't come to a point where life and respect are totally thought of as disposable. I hope the people don't get swayed into thinking that the end always justifies the means. I don't want to raise a generation of people with no regard for morality because they are made to believe and choose from false dichotomies. I hope people come to their senses and think for themselves instead of trusting the bandwagon. :(

  6. This post is very timely. I'm sharing this. Thanks! :)

  7. I love this post so much. Actually I was planning to send you a message and ask you Ms.Martha on how you handle haters,basher and hate comments and what advice will you give to them . .eto na agad yung answer :)
    Have a great weekend Ms.Martha!

  8. Super love the white skirt you nailed the look!

  9. I agree Miss Martha, grabe ung negativity especially sa facebook when i read some comments sa ibang page. nakakalungkot lang din na others don't understand that everyone have different opinions.

    i just wanna share this qoute i saw. SMALL ACT OF KINDNESS RESTORE HOPE IN TIMES OF DARKNESS. <3

    BTW, love the OOTD!

  10. I love your OOTD, green and white, perfect. Social Media is so powerful. Everyone of us has a right to comment or post anything you like. But please be sensitive to others.

  11. Really love the combo!

  12. Love the skirt!
    as they say we cant please everyone so we should not let them ruin us.. we just continue to be ourselves, at the end of the day.. we are not liable to them but to ourselves only! if we are happy then ignore them!

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