Origins GinZing Peel Off Mask Review + Swatch + Price

Here's a review on Origins Ginzing Peel-Off Mask.

PRICE: P1,650.00
FROM: Free
OTHER LOCATIONS: Available at Origins, SM Makati


I recall, when I was beginning beauty blogging, peel- off masks were all the rage then and Saizen's Black Charcoal Mask was the peel- off mask of choice. They said it was nice, but I found it a bit harsh for my skin. :p

Peel Off masks are ideal for those who always get oil plugs in the pores; the peeling action helps take away the plugs, helping clean skin and letting it breathe at the same time. Peel off masks, depending on the variant and brand, can be awfully painful, but Origins Ginzing Peel Off mask is the gentlest one I have tried.


This peel- off mask peels away dullness by refreshing, rejuvenating, and energizing the skin; contains Caffeine to energize, Panax Ginseng to refresh, and Lemon/Apple/Orange fruit extracts to rejuvenate.


First off, it has a really cool hue; reminds me of Kylie Jenner's metallic lip kits. The hue is due to the orange extracts; it gives the product its distinct tangerine color. It smells like orange peel; definitely energizing and uplifting. Product yields a nice, cooling sensation. The product is a smooth, rich mask that goes on quite evenly and spreads well. This one dries up pretty quickly so you need to spread it out fast before it sets. The thing is, if you want to peel off the entire thing in one go, you have to apply the product very evenly on the skin, with zero bald or sheer patches.In other words, you have to use a lot. Otherwise you'd have to peel it off by parts like this:

It could be a little time consuming so I just wash it all off when I'm tired from all that peeling already. I could choose to apply a very thick layer for that one shot peeling, but that would mean a significant waste of product and the tube won't last me that long. It depends on your preference, actually, and this is mine.

Ginzing Peel Off Mask leaves my skin nice, smooth, refreshed, and looking radiant. My skin feels clean after usage too and I didn't get any breakout. And oh, when you peel off the mask, it doesn't feel as if you're peeling your skin.

This product has a nice concept, actually, because it's convenient and can be used anywhere even without water. Consistency is just tricky to use so you have to use it for a couple of times to get the hang of it.

This one's nice to use if you've had a particularly hectic day or you skin's looking really dull after drinking too much and partying hard the other night. Bottomline, it's for the times when your skin is looking gloomy.


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12 Lovely Thoughts

  1. In my eyes, the mask looks rose gold! I told my sister we should buy this after we finish up our rose clay mask (also from Origins) but my sister thinks that the concept is a bit gimmicky. I'm really liking the rose clay one and the clear improvements charcoal one so I don't know if this is worth trying... Hmmm! Decisions, decisions. Thank you for this post!

  2. Parang may gold ka sa face mo. I like to try this Origins Ginzing Peel Off Mask kaso mejo mahal pra sa tulad kong full time mom, tsaka aabot kaya to ng ilang gamitan? I like it also because it's travel friendly and you can use even without water.

  3. I've never use a mask, I'm excited to try nga... Still don't know what to use.. any recommendations? I have combination skin - oily on some parts and dry on the other... this one from Origins seems nice but at a hefty price!

  4. Origins Peel off Mask nakakatuwa yyng color nya pero naisip ko na page ganyn no buy namin do tatagal masyado sa amin ,makapal kase kami maglagay.
    Before gumamit kami ng Peel Off Mask,tawa ako ng tawa kase aray ng aray so Mike nung tinatangal ko na.Nung ako naman,napapatigil ako kase ang sakit lalo na yung part na may bandang noo and cheeks. .hhaha! Pero sbi ni mike mukhang OK naman saw mga peel off mask kase kumikinis face nya.

  5. Woah! I like the color it's like gold for me. But even the price is gold. Haha. Do you think how many times can you use the product? To know if the price is worthy but well if it's nice to the skin well then I think it's just fine if you can afford it

  6. cool mask ever! love the color. I want to try this but so pricey.

  7. This mask really reminds of GlamGlow ones because they share the same metallic and peel-off characteristics! I think those are more expensive, so this GinZing mask from origins is already quite a steal for its price. By the time I finish my tub of bentonite clay, I might have a job already which will let me invest in more expensive skin care items, and this one is along the upper part of my list! You looked like a golden statue from ancient Greece in your picture with a full face of the mask on! :) I'm really curiouse about these kinds of masks which have metallic hues, I hope our trusty, more affordable brands start riding this wave! :)

  8. One thing about peel off masks is that they can be so messy! I have the Innisfree volcanic clay mask and up until now, it's still 3/4 full because using them is so hassle. This is why I've been using sheet masks instead. :)

  9. The color when applied to face looks "sosyal" though the price....

  10. I love using face mask (all kinds, especially charcoal and sheet masks) but this is too pricey for me. Would you recommend other mask for combi skin that's not that expensive. Thank you 😀

  11. This soo nice.. also, you're looking like a goddess TBJ!

  12. Woooooahhhh! At first,I wanna try this one. Kaso yung ratings mo Miss Martha parang ayoko na pala. Hahaha. Pero medyo inlove ako ngayon sa paglalagay ng peel off masks yeahhh masakit nga grabe! pero maganda naman effect especially saken I have an oily skin :+


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