Project Huawei P9 Photodiary: 9 Things that Inspire Beauty in Me

I think one of the primary reasons why I became a Beauty Blogger is because I’ve always loved beautiful things, souls, and places – I love being surrounded by beauty and beauty is the source of my inspiration.

Today, I captured 9 things that inspire beauty in me and make me feel beautiful with my new Huawei P9. With lens that’s co-created with Leica, the world leader in cameras, finding beauty has never been this crisp and amazing.

Huawei P9, the latest from Huawei, reinvents smartphone photography by partnering with Leica to create even better, more stunning images, thus changing the way you take smartphone photos. Camera features two sensors: one RGB and one Monochrome; these sensors intelligently merge to capture more light, thus revealing more colors and crisper, brighter details, photography signatures that Leica has been known for. Back camera features 12MP and front camera features 8MP for stunning selfies. Professional camera features allow for a more personalized photograph – all encapsulated in a sleek, elegant body with a 5.2 FHD display.

I’ve been going around lately, testing out Huawei P9’s camera and I’m amazed at its camera features.
Here are the 9 things that inspire beauty in me, as told by Huawei P9.

1.  Looking good inspires me to create beauty

2. Beautiful things help me appreciate beauty around me more.

3. Happiness brings out the beauty in me.

4. Nature is my number one source of beauty.

5. Eating well helps me feel beautiful about myself.

6. I find beauty in strength.

 7. Bringing out beauty in others is beautiful for me.

8. He makes me feel beautiful
9. Knowledge is beauty.

How about you? What inspires beauty in you?

And if you want to capture beauty at its brightest, boldest, and truest, a great smartphone camera such as Huawei P9 can give that to you.

For more information about this smartphone, visit HUAWEI PHILIPPINES on Facebook.

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13 Lovely Thoughts

  1. Huhuhu! I really want to try this phone! Perfect for taking selfies haha. This phone seems similar to Iphone tho.

  2. I think this is one of the best smartphone when it comes to taking photos. Have you tried the taking videos using Huawei P9 Ms.Martha? Ok po ba?

  3. Wow this is really amazing!!!!! Who wouldn't want to capture beautiful memories especially with something that will capture it so vivid and so colorful, it will make each memory captured forever. What ispires beauty in me? Well, 1 of all is God, as he is so great and powerful he created the world and each one of us so unique and beautiful. And of course my family as I see myself through them that because of them I am who I am today. Another source of my beauty will be my boyfriend as I am the apple to his eyes and saw me beautiful even before I think myself that I am not. But above all, it's within ourselves to see the beauty in ourselves and others as well.

  4. lovely post... my beauty radiates because of my family! they inspire me so much especially my husband, who sees my beauty even without makeup!

  5. Positive vibes make me beauty. When I'm happy, I feel beauty. And I feel beauty with my husband and kids around me.

  6. I love this post! It really gives us an insight about what beauty truly means, and it's definitely something more than the superficial. :) In my case, words inspire beauty in me. I see beauty in people who can express themselvesd creatively through words and other medium. I feel beautiful when I say words that make people feel good about themselves. Another one would be food! Sometimes food is more powerful that words because it can make you taste a sensation you wouldn't otherwise feel through hearing or seeing alone. :) Anyway, Huawei's newest flagship phone looks very promising! I'm a big fan because all my phones from the past few years have been from Huawei and I'm not replacing them because they're breakable, but just to keep up with technology. :) I'm currently using a Huawei GR5 and so far, the camera is also one of my favorite parts! :)

  7. I am inspired and in tears reading this blog. You've gone a long way with it, Ms Martha. Love that it's also a review for Huawei P9.Love the photos you took with it. Keep on blogging and inspiring women to be the best version of themselves. Arigato! 🎎😊😊

  8. Kinilig naman ako sa number 8! Cheeseballs Ms. M! you do boxing din Ms. Martha? recently ko lang na try but sweating out makes me feel good. I think for me, its being happy kasi lumalabas talga sa aura kapag masaya ka :) kaya i lvoe surrounding my self with positive and happy people <3

  9. This phones camera is soo nice. :)What inspires beauty in me is travelling. whenever i see nature/beaches here in our country it's refreshing to see the beauty of nature. Food is also one that inspire beauty in me especially when i feel stressed. And seeing my family healthy/happy makes me really beautiful :D

  10. Dang right about eating :D Learning new set of skill inspires the beauty in me it makes me feel good that I have more to share to those who have same set of interest like me :D

  11. I love this post because it really says and show the real beauty. Not those artificial beauty. Keep inspiring people especially woman in the world of beauty and exploring it! And for the phone I want it so much. But my mom doesn't want me to invest so much on material things since i'm still depending to her and a student. But my phone right now is a Huawei, and I really love the camera.

  12. A phone captured everything? Not only the photos, per se, but the emotions, elements and all? Wow.
    I'm such a lame blogger, in comparison to everybody else. Still, seeing these photos awakened something in me. Something that might be closer to what my heart calls out for. Hihi. Photo, travel, beauty and lifestyle blogs! Oh man I badly want to to do it na! ��☺️

    Hopefully after my academic endeavor this year...

  13. This is a very beautiful and emotional post Miss Martha. This inspired me even more to continue with my blog, and Instagram, and photos. I love beautiful things too. My beautiful things list are of course makeup, good true blue friends, nature, my ichiban na suki, good food and beautiful places. Hope to add more to this list. Thanks for the inspiration!


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