10 Promising Newcomer Beauty Brands of 2016

2016 paved the way for a lot of new local and international beauty brands to show us what they've got and why they deserve a spot in our makeup kits and dressers. Since 2016 is about to close in 2 months' time (can you believe it!?!), I've rounded up the 10 most promising newcomer beauty brands of 2016 for you to try (if you haven't yet!).

- Cathy Doll is a popular Thai beauty brand inspired by the Korean spirit and beauty trends. They have pretty amazing moisturizers and should consider trying them as an introduction to the brand.


- Another popular Thai brand, Malissa Kiss is well known for their White Me Up Sleeping Pack, but my most favorite is their waterproof eyeliner that doesn't budge, for real!


- This affordable Korean skin care brand is steadily gaining popularity among women aged 30's and up due to their range of hardworking skin care with the most interesting ingredients. Spider Web essence, anyone?


- This American skin care brand is inspired by Hollywood beauty secrets. I live for the Illuminating Face Polish!


- When SPF and moisturizer meets, out comes S.Co. This SPF range for the face and body protects skin from the sun and hydrates at the same time. It's hypoallergenic too plus features certain benefits such as skin lightening.


- This Malaysian hair and skin care brand comes in 'for family' sizes and is generous with potent natural extracts.


- Japan's number 1 DIY hair color brand has hit the Philippines and a lot love it for its super easy to use and smoothing formula; no dry locks after coloring!


- Canada's 20- year old professional makeup brand has just hit the Philippines and has brought along with it the super long- wearing blushes, the must- try products from the brand.


- This popular Korean beauty brand has landed this year and has been making waves ever since with the cult favorite Clean It Zero balm.


- Riot is a locally- made brush brand that boasts of high quality material. Their core set consists of elegant, unique brushes that aren't only there to impress, but to perform as well.

Have you tried any of these? What are your favorites? What are your best newcomer discoveries in beauty for 2015?

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19 Lovely Thoughts

  1. Banila Co. has been making rounds across the blog-o-sphere, and it's earning a lot of praise. Definitely excited to check their items out! I'd probably get the Prime Primer powder or the Clean It Zero Balm! :) I own one of their melting tint balms and I'm loving it! The staining power is amazing and it really moisturizes my lips. :) I have samples from Cathy Doll but I haven't gotten around to trying them. What I do know is that they feature very unique ingredients! I'm saving up for Cargo blush tins because they are gorgeous and gigantic! Really happy to see such an amazing pool of newcomers to the PH beauty scene this 2016! Looking forward to more of them in 2017!!! :) Thank you for always giving us the scoop on the newest things to look out for in the market, Ms. Martha :)

  2. I've tried the liese hair color in tea rose brown. It really works wonders because the color is enough for my thick hair and it leaves my hair ends soft and shiny. Plus, it smells really good right after! :)

  3. I want to have those riot brushes it looks similar to zoeva.

  4. very nice article. This have some really good informaion.
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  5. Agree on the Cathy Doll products! I love the packaging and I love their price range. Affordable but hey it works!

  6. I wanna try Cathy Doll products... A friend of mine recommended me that.

  7. I like to try Liese, Cathy Doll, Banila Co and Cargo Cosmetics.

  8. woah where did the time goes? i'd only knew banila co and cathy doll. this post wanted me to try the riot brushes and liese. thanks for this post Ms M!

  9. Banila Co products looks refreshing to my eyes. Oh my! But I barely know these brands well aside from the Cathy Doll and the bare which you mentioned already in your previous blog.

  10. I just purchased Cathy Doll using my points in Sample Room, and I'm stoked you mentioned them! I'm looking forward to trying it and seeing this "Magic Cream" in action! Where would one be able to buy Malissa Kiss? I have oily lids and my eyeliner and mascara always make me look like a panda at the end of the night, I 'd like to try their eyeliners out to see if it would work its wonders on me too.

  11. Haven't tried anything from the list :( but I'm eying on the Riot brushes and Cargo Cosmetics :D

  12. oh dear those RIOT brushes!!! i am most excited with the Cargo brand!

  13. Malissa Kiss ❤ I've been eyeing on their products for a long time now. Their skin care products have a lot of great feedback. Thank you for this post. By far this is one of my favorites :)

  14. Riot brushes! I wanna have them! Wanna have them all! Gotta catch them all like a pokemon! <3

  15. I have seen Bare before in a store. It seems promising, and so does deoproce. I can't wait to get my hands on one. Koreans know skin care well, their actresses are ageless

  16. Abigail Dela VictoriaOctober 15, 2016 at 3:51 PM

    Wow. I've only heard banila co and cargo brand out of ten that you listed 😭😭 I pity myself. Hahaha but I wanna try the doll face brand.I love the packaging because it's simple but so cute hahaha. Thank you for this review Ms. Martha! Reading your blog really helps me to know great brands that I haven't heard of. More power!

  17. Hello TBJ, maganda sa skin ko yung very light cc ng Cathy Doll na yan I bought from Boots BKK :)

  18. Maybe you can also indicate where the brands will be made available.

  19. I'm currently using some of Cathy Doll's products so far I'm liking it. I've tried Liese and I'm loving the color of my hair plus it's easier to use..no strong smell of amonia. Still on my line up is Bare..I won a trial size of the lotion and body wash I'm looking forward to it.
    And the RIOT brush looks promising..where can we purchase it?


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